Saturday, 1 November 2014

The joy of prison sex Part 2

A two-man cell is a guideline, not a rule! Thanks to prison overcrowding, you might end up with two prison daddies, you lucky, lucky boy...




And maybe there'll even be another whiteboy in your cell so that you can share your daddies and have lots of hot and sweaty threesomes and foursomes (and of course cute middle-class black guys often become prison bitches, which is also extremely hot, even if us whiteboys are the ones who are really wired towards getting our asses filled!):

But let's face it, middle-class, innocent types like you are at a premium in jail, so during your sentence you'll experience every dick in the prison several times over - except for the ones belonging to other middle-class whiteboys - unless your prison daddies want you to put on a show!

With prison overcrowding the way it is, you'll soon be offering up your tight little hole for at least three hardened criminals at a time, who will waste no time spanking and fucking your sissy white ass...

And as a skinny whiteboy like me, you're naturally going to love being the bitch to all these hardened criminals. I fantasize about being dominated by all kinds of men in prison - black or white, old or young, muscular or overweight - as long as they can treat me rough and have a hard dick to tickle my tonsils and pound my kidneys, I'm in!

Prison is where I base all my darkest fantasies - like stinky cocks and sweaty asses that need to be sucked and licked clean. 'Tossing the salad' is a daily duty in prison:

As is cleaning a cock that's just shot a big black load up your ass, knowing full well your soft white mouth is just getting it ready for round 2!

And you know that when a real man has finally finished fucking ass, he always likes to sit back, relax,  and listen to the moans of smooth-skinned middle-class inmates resound around the prison blocks as their tight asses receive the thick convict cocks that they've been secretly longing for all their lives... And then he takes a nice long piss...

Of course, while you're inside, your wife is home alone and horny. Perhaps the guards will be visiting her to keep her company eh? But of course there's always visiting day. Though, as a skinny white bitch, you soon find out that visiting day is where the guards and inmates reveal your predicament in all its glory:

And those bi-monthly conjugal visits you were promised? You'll soon find out they are for your wife, but not for you! After all, what does a middle-class lady always want after she's found out that her husband is a sissy slut for big black cocks?... Why, those same big black cocks of course!

After a few years inside you'll probably be released with an extremely sore ass and a dazed smile as you think about how all your fantasies have been fulfilled and you can move on with your comfortable middle-class life with your loving wife. But the thing is, experienced, muscular convicts get parole too, and you know what they say... once a prison bitch, always a prison bitch!

So did I cover all the ways that gay prison scenarios are hot? Do you have your own dirty prison fantasy that I missed out? Or perhaps you long to be the dominant prison daddy rather than the submissive bitchboy? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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