Friday, 28 November 2014

Endart manips: SMS spankings

We all know kids spend far too much time on their cellphones these days, but you have to admit that SMS text messaging provides a great way for our darling wives and daughters to earn stinging spankings! So let's all give Thanks (and Spanks) for incriminating text messages!

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Let's face it, spanking is now very much seen as a sexual thing rather than the disciplinary method it was viewed as even 20 years ago. Even so, it's still fun to think what would happen in modern scenarios if the cane, paddle and prison strap hadn't moved to the nations' bedrooms and instead were used with even more vigor than before. So would the spate of student plagiarism using the internet (i.e. cheating!) be met with a severe paddling campaign? Would the rising divorce rate lead to middle-class couples being required to attend spanking therapy? Would bosses unfairly punish their underlings for their companies struggles through the recession - and then later those same underlings would be made scapegoats for the whole thing and publically whipped? And let's not forget the merciless leatherings the likes of Justin Bieber and Lindsey Lohan would receive on their many visits to jail!


  1. when news Nate's drawings ?

    1. I wish I knew! Things have all gone quiet since the burst of new drawings a few years ago.
      But I may be working on something to help satisfy fellow fans of Nate's work, so stay tuned...