Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Game set and spank!

What is it about tennis players that makes them so spankable? Is the arrogance that is required in such an individual sport? Their firm athletic bottoms? The fact that these are so easily accessed by pulling up short skirts or pulling down tight shorts? The undercurrent of simmering middle class sexual tension that pervades the game? Whatever it is, male and female tennis players are ripe for spanking, and with Wimbledon, that most evocative of tennis tournaments, starting soon I thought I'd serve up some of the best tennis spanking art
Whether it's a stroppy starlet getting spurred on through her matches by her coach's cane:

A suburban housewife's trainer spanking her buns redder than the strawberries at Wimbledon (with cream to come later ;)

Tensions boiling over between two bratty ladies:


or the ladies half of a doubles partnership receving an 'aid to perfomance' from their male partners:

Of course, these strong athletic ladies with powerful forearms also make terrific spankers:

This great pic by Sardax shows what happens at Wimbledon when a lady's partner misses too many balls. Or is it a line judge who's missed too many calls?

I love the idea of worshipping between a woman's thighs just after she's come off court...

...and these drawings by Namio perfectly picture the allure of powerful ladies in skimpy tennis attire, glistening with sweat, grinding their ripe pussies and asses into male mouths:



Perhaps my favorite tennis femdom piece is this drawing by Sardax, showing the ball boys at Wimbledon  used as slaves by the female participants, bathing their sweaty feet with their mouths and tongues. No doubt they feel the power of the ladies' forearms if they slack off!

And with tennis being the most middle class of sports, all those simmering homoerotic tendencies are bound to come to the surface sooner or later...