Sunday, 25 September 2016

School uniform spanking party

Goodness, I really am getting very tardy with writing up these real-life experiences! I really should be punished... and to tell you the truth I have been (and more besides), but that's another experience I haven't got round to writing about yet!
A few months after my first spanking party, I once again I found myself in the living room of the lovely Danielle, ready to redden the bottoms of her and raunchy Rebecca, both very fetchingly attired as naughty schoolgirls. I wasn't alone of course: two of the 'senior school governors' had also been called in to deal with these serial miscreants.

After a short governors' meeting we decided that both girls needed a good hard spanking...for starters. Danielle was playing the supposedly 'good' schoolgirl in blouse, gymslips and heels, while Rebecca had been cast in the 'naughty' role with school shirt, tie, much-too-short skirt, stockings and heels. Of course pain is a great leveller and both were soon blaming each other for their various misdemeanours as their delectable bare bottoms squirmed under our palms.

Cheering Warmth
Degree In Sass

Stacy and the Professor

Mr Burns' Office 
It was also an interesting (and enjoyable!) experience to spectate when it wasn't my turn.

After that it was time for the girls to suffer the misery of school tests...and boy did they suffer. First up was English, and they flouted the 'no-conferring' rule so blatantly that they ended up on minus points and earned themselves 6 strokes from each of us. I picked a nice medium-sized red paddle to use from Danielle's extensive collection of implements.

Lexan For Lee

Then after some corner time we let them take the same test again, but again their answers were woeful so it was time for more punishment. And as it was their second attempt they would get twice the punishment: two implements, with a dozen strokes of each, from each of us, for 72 sizzling strokes!

I used a very slappy leather heart paddle which was almost a strap and made a great sound when it connected right. Having not learnt my lesson from the last party with the flogger, I also picked a short martinet. Won't be doing that again. The other men seemed to have picked better: one was a real demon with a beastly looking tawse, and Robbie almost brought the girls to tears with 'mother's hairbrush'.

Soon To Be Sore

As there was one more man than woman, when I was waiting my turn I got to appreciate little things like how the arms of the tawse  wrapped around Rebecca's butt cheeks, or how the hairbrush left cruel white scorch marks on Danielle's flesh!
Then it was time for more testing and therefore more punishment. Although the girls at least scored positive marks in geography they were still so low (including Danielle's mark for remembering to write her own name!) that we had no hesitation in subjecting them to another triple double-dozen, with me picking a spade-shaped paddle I'd used before and a fetching Betty Page-emblazoned paddle.

Although the girls did improve in their history test, to their dismay it wasn't enough, and their attitude throughout that had earned them extra smacks for unauthorized bottom rubbings and backtalk and the like meant we now had to get serious: three implements from each of us, and a dozen strokes of each!

Backtalk Penalty

I brought the red paddle back into service, along with a far-too-cute pink hugs-and-kisses paddle that was actually really fun to spank with, and a big black leather paddle that easily covered both cheeks with one whack.

We made things mentally harder too (it was a school spanking party after all!) by making the girls count their strokes backwards or count in French. Danielle was certainly better at French than the last time I made her do this. But poor Rebecca got nine and cinq mixed up and so got an extra half dozen with the big paddle, and then she got an extra six with the hairbrush after she didn't thank Sir properly. She was certainly ready for her dinner after that!

She Hates That Paddle
Tiff Takes Twelve

Danielle is an excellent hostess and laid on an great roast dinner, and as always there were plenty of interludes throughout the day to eat, drink and share stories of other spanking parties, spanking other men's wives etc :)
After dinner it was time for the one-to ones. I found a riding crop and a studded strap in Danielle's pile of implements, and took them upstairs wishing I'd found them earlier. My needs as a spanker had been catered for lately, so I was keen to try out the role of spankee.
I had been at work that morning and was still in my office attire, and I certainly felt like a naughty office boy as Rebecca took me across her knee to spank me over my trousers and then bare bottomed, before bringing out the implements. I'd agree with Cassie that the riding crop is more for funthan punishment, but a dozen strokes with the strap made me whimper, and then Rebecca used the crop to redden the bits she'd missed until our time was up and it was time to hand me over to Danielle.

Sue Strikes Back

Danielle also gave my bare behind a good walloping across her lap before whipping me good with the riding crop. Then she had me kneel on the bed for a dozen not just with the strap but also with a thick old belt. The leathering really took my breath away and had me wriggling like a naughty schoolboy, and I was almost relieved to go back across her lap for a spanking to round out the session, with her assuring me that she was working out plenty of stress on my bottom!

Rule Breaker

Because of the male:female ratio, we each had to spend some time waiting downstairs, and it was certainly fun to hear the cracks and whacks echoing through the house. It must have been interesting in the good old days when a spouse or sibling was taken upstairs for a supposedly private punishment!
You can see photos of the girls getting spanked at Danielle's site (
Afterwards I had to get back in dominant mode for the cane finale. We each gave both girls 12 of the best. I used the dreaded smoked dragon cane for 6 of Rebecca's, then tried out the birch (just several canes taped together really). For Danielle's dozen I gave her six with a twisted carpet-beater style cane, then a traditional rattan for her final half-dozen. A good time was had by all and by the end the girls had some traditional  cane tramlines across their pink and blushing bottoms...well it was a schoolgirl themed party after all! :)

Friday, 16 September 2016

Spanking on a first date

While chatting with spankees I've met over the last few months, it certainly seems that a lot of people who love spanking are in a relationship where the other person isn't into being spanked, or they can't find someone who is. Well, I think that might be changing, perhaps thanks to 50 Shades Of Grey, and almost definitely because the kinky (and also highly abusive and unrealistic) relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn seems to have captured the mainstream imagination.
So perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised when on a supposedly 'Vanilla' date a few months ago a lady confessed she liked being spanked. But she probably was a bit surprised when she gave me a bit too much cheek on the drive home, so I immediately pulled into a side road and ordered her to get out. Then I had her stand outside the car and bend over her seat so her gorgeous bottom was tight to her jeans and ripe for some good hard smacks, which I duly delivered. It was dark by then, so I'm sure nobody in the passing cars saw anything ;)

Unfortunately my tardiness in blogging about my real life experiences means we are no longer dating at the time of writing, but we certainly had some spanking fun during our time together!
Once she realised I was serious about spanking her, she got into it and enjoyed herself very much. Needless to say there was a second date, and I've spanked her on pretty much every date we had. She definitely falls into the bracket of the professional lady who busts balls at work all day and so wants to be submissive when she's at home. Classic!

After Hours

As well as my bare hand, she also enjoyed being paddled, and being tied up and gagged. And she regularly got sent to work with a red hot bottom, to give her something to think about while she was bossing her subordinates around!

Miss Russell

Like most naughty ladies though, she really didn't like my London Tanners slipper paddle, or the hairbrush, or my belt for that matter. So I had to save that for when she was really naughty...

Paddled Buns
Sorry She Pushed His Buttons

Earning the Belt
Tasting the Belt

Friday, 9 September 2016

MM Office Boys - putting cock in the ass of assistants!

There's something about having people in your power that brings out the worst in everyone. So if every year your office takes on a fresh batch of cute male interns desperate for a job and eager to please, of course you're going to punish their every minor mistake by stripping them naked and spanking them in front of the entire office.


But the interns shouldn't be surprised really. If you think about it, the normal attire for an Office Boy is very similar to a senior schoolboy: shirt, trousers, shiny shoes, flash watch. Throw in a less-stripey tie and a suit jacket instead of a blazer and the transformation is complete. Especially if they still live at home and are still subject to dad's trusted methods of discipline.

Office politics, overcomplicated forms and overconfident target-setters - all seem specifically designed to trip up fresh-faced young graduates.

Like any situation where a large group of men are thrown together, the males are quickly assigned roles as either the bullies or the bullied (see also jocks and nerds, tops and bottoms, punks and daddies). Of course these well-educated interns probably went to finishing school and so know something about how the world works - but until one of their well-connected coworkers is given permission to spank them and brings along a bag of 'toys' to use afterwards, they probably didn't think the rest if their life would be quite so like their time at school.

If you want to get on in the world of world you need to suck up to the boss. And suck off the boss. And bounce up and down on the boss's cock.

And if you thought it was just the boss you'll be pleasuring, think again. Society may now frown on secretaries being loaned out to board members, protection racketeers and visiting dignitaries, but there's no taboo on the bosses' male assistants taking their place!

And it's not just the high and mighties who'll be having their fun with you. Your tight butt will have attracted a lot of attention during your many public punishments, and your more muscular coworkers need a way to break up their monotonous hours of overtime...

You'll no doubt find that you attract attention elsewhere too. Like on the subway...

Or in a public toilet...