Friday, 2 September 2016

FM Office Boys - putting the ass in assistant!

We all know how sexy secretaries are. The heels, the glasses, the short skirts and silken blouses. Just waiting to be left strewn across a hotel room floor by an alpha-male chauvinist boss.
But what about all the uber-successful power-dressed ladies who are shattering the glass ceiling and becoming the bosses? What is there for them?
Why Office Boys of course!

Glad To See Ya

Be they eager interns, grovelling graduate trainees or good old fashioned subordinates; where male bosses have secretaries, females have assistants. Emphasis on ass - you sure better have a pair of nice pert buns in those tailored trousers if you want to get on in the realm of the ladyboss.

These sadistic ladies just love lording it over the beleaguered males under their high and expensive heels.

Richard Awaits

Guiding Him

If the intern ever wants to get paid, or the graduate wants to pass his probation, or the office boys want to keep being able to afford those sharp suits and fancy cars, they're all going to have to subject themselves to humiliatingly painful spanking discipline if they make the slightest mistake or are even a minute late.

Executive In Training



Bad News For John
Lunch Hour With The Boss
She Warms Him Up


In such a matriarchal environment it's inevitable that female coworkers will start to feel superior and qualified to dish out humiliation and punishment.

Even the cleaning ladies are in on it!

All this spanking will make your lady boss really horny. Expect to be ordered to stay after hours so she can sit on your face...

Or have you attending between her legs during a long conference call...

Or (if you're suitably endowed) just ride you roughly across her desk for a few hours until she's satisfied.

And if you're really unlucky she might decide to combine your fucking with your anal punishment...

Not that your wife will be happy about you being late all the time...

Even if they're not the boss at work, most men would expect to be when they got home. But what if your ladyboss decides to introduce your wife and all the other women in your life to the joys of keeping you in endless, red-bottomed submission?

Of course, the thing about all these pert-bottomed young men running round the office in their tight slacks (or not) is that it's not just the ladies who appreciate them...


  1. Since I'm not gay it's nice to see some hetero spanking drawings on here.
    I went to mixed boarding schools during the 50's and 60's where discipline was strict and I experienced humiliating bare bottom spankings mostly in front of the class of both boys and girls. Often made to stand with pants down and hands on head so that we'd be humiliated as an example
    I love to see such drawings that make all those memories come flooding back or that are food for fantasy
    I'm always on the lookout for such drawings or for others who like to share and discuss

    1. Well I do like to create manips of boys being spanked and humiliated in front of others (usually wives) so hope you find something you enjoy :)