Friday, 13 December 2019

The Headmaster and the Headmistress (A Romance ebook)

In British boarding schools of the early 1960s, the sexual revolution seems very far away. But a headmaster and headmistress are drawn together by their mutual craving for the cane...

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As you can tell from the subtitle, my latest ebook is more of a 'romance' than pure erotica, but there are still plenty of steamy spanking and sex scenes to keep you and your loved ones warm this Christmas season!
Headmistress Penelope Wraxton is trying to give the pupils of Hazelmere School for Girls a chance at a better life, battling against reactionary pressures, conservative governors and lecherous groundsmen. But this is still the 1960s, and while she is a modern and forward-thinking educator, when one of the Hazelmere girls is caught in a compromising position with a boy from the nearby Carlton College, severe discipline is called for!
While punishing the miscreants, Penelope encounters the Carlton headmaster, Mr George Stanton, who she finds staid, uncompromising... and rather alluring...
The headmaster and headmistress are utterly devoted to their establishments, and both claim to have no time at all for intimacy or romance...
But both have a deep, irresistible urge to re-live the harsh, unyielding discipline of their own schooldays. Can their craving for the cane bring them together? Will they refuse to abandon their insecurities and continue to hide behind their duty? Or can they embrace their desires and give each other what they need...


While this is a romance, it is set in British boarding schools of the early 1960s, and so there are plenty of references more similar to scenes from the great British spanking magazines.
When she became headmistress, Penelope received advice from her predecessor similar to that given in The Punishment Book:

'You have four hundred and fifty girls in your charge... I hope you will love them as I have done — but never be afraid to be firm. Just because they are girls, don't think that they should be treated softly. You must drive them on all the time. And if they step out of line, cane them, and cane them hard. The girls expect it, their parents expect it, and the rest of your staff expect it — don't disappoint them!'

The lovely Miss Wraxton is partly inspired by the title character from another classic British spanking story, Miss Johns, a young teacher who is respected by her charges despite (or maybe because of) her insistence on strict discipline.
Well Penelope certainly takes her predecessor's advice to heart! In the opening to the book, when Miss Wraxton is finished dealing with the disobedient senior sixth-former Susan Richards, the poor girl will certainly be spending the next few nights sleeping on her tummy!

However, the romance between Penelope and George is complicated by the presence of the Carlton school secretary Mrs Perkins, a well-dressed, mature, churchgoing widow who despite outward appearances is rather 'well known' among the men in the area. A former educator herself, she is quite willing to cater for her stern headmaster's hidden taste for a well-smacked bottom...

And that's without considering the presence of Keeper, the brutish Hazelmere groundsman. He is all-too-willing to satisfy Penelope's needs, re-enacting the blistering belt whippings she received from her father!

In true cuckolding fashion, George finds the working man's actions with his beloved to be both unbearably humiliating and highly arousing!

Perhaps this all sounds a bit too 'romantic' for you this Christmas (although perhaps your wife or partner would appreciate the gift of a steamy erotic ebook)?
In which case, you may prefer to treat yourself to Ian Hamilton's latest emag collection. I have bought most of his work over the years, and I can safely say that this latest collection is his best yet. Email him at
Two highlights from Ian's latest release are below, and with a bit of imagination you could almost imagine that these are illustrations of the opening chapter of my ebook!


  1. This sounds like another masterpiece. When a person in authority, a headmistress, gets more of the same it is so hot! Love the end-art pic, who wouldn't? The Hamilton work is brilliant, but, I think he cheapens it by sexualizing the event with the extended boner. Of course the man is excited thrashing a young woman's exposed behind, who wouldn't be? The boner makes it crass. Just my take!

    I finally located my kindle and look forward to purchasing several of your books, maybe for myself for Christmas? Heck, I've been very good this year. I deserve it! Maybe for my wife! She needs some eye-opening in various areas of the sexual world. Yes, my dear, real men get raped, etc.. Maybe I'll try one from each genre? See what she likes!

    Anyways, thanks for all you do and share. Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks but I have to disagree about the extended boner... I think that's a must-have for a dominant male :D

      I think you should definitely put a few of my books in your wife's Christmas stocking (along with some actual stockings...) Maybe start with the spanking stories and move on to the cuckolding and bi stuff...

  2. I can assure you that an extended boner is not only a must-have for a dominant male but the only thing these just-one-hole-down-there little bitches worship with a good slap on their pouty lips swollen with botox.

    1. I'm sure the schoolgirl will soon be worshipping the schoolmaster's extended boner with her pouty lips, while her boyfriend's protests are muffled between the schoolmistress's legs!

  3. I agree with the comments above.
    In Ian Hamilton's drawings, the obvious of the cocks STRETCHING THE FABRIC of all men's pants (a feeling that only males know) is the emblem of their centrifugal desire. While the boys have something salient and vibrant that just begs to show off, girls have only their puckered asshole and pink opened cunt to exhibit as an invitation.
    The sweat trickles from Georges's bald skull which suffocates with his desire to the point that he has to loosen his collar. But, if you follow his gaze, it gets stuck in the opened asscheeks and on the dangling balls of the punished boy slut that two girls are staring at also with lechery.
    While rivers of tears flow on the cheeks of the boy, Penelope conceals under her long skirt her certainly soaking wet panties.
    For us, the spectacle is reserved for the erected cock throbbing under the naked belly of the whipped schoolboy.

  4. I see where you all are "coming" from (sorry), but I like to keep the obvious a little less "obvious"! The honesty of the pic, in effect, is the demise of the pic in the future. Once people (well women) put the sexual element into discipline scenes, well, there goes the discipline scenes. All I'm saying is a little less said, may preserve the integrity of what's going on. Not buying it? Yeah, I guess you're right! Everyone knows what is truly going on anyways!

    1. Do you mean that you advocate for scenes of corporal punishment where the sexual element remains silent? Why not. But when the sexual element is exposed and even magnified, it's fun too. Masters and mistresses enjoy indulging in obscene grimaces.

    2. I think I enjoy those fabric-stretching erections because they further emphasise the dominance of the spankers and the helplessness of the spankees, unable to prevent their tormentors extracting sadistic satisfaction from their suffering (and perhaps hinting at what is to come afterwards...)
      But I can appreciate the other side too. The unspoken sexual element bubbling away between EVERY spanking scene, hidden but very much there. After all, none (or at least very few) look at these pictures and read these stories because we believe corporal punishment as a purely disciplinary tool... so a sexual element is perhaps always there even if it isn't explicit.

  5. I was wondering, in a binary (imaginary) society (Alpha = 1, beta = 0), there are two kinds of pants for men (underwear does not exist) :
    One with an opening in front.
    Another with a hole behind.
    What kind of pants would you choose ?
    (then describe how the women are dressed around you)

    1. In such a society I'm sure I'd be sissy beta boy who gets buggered regularly by big strong alpha males... so I guess it'll have to be the hole behind :D
      And of course the women would be dressed as sluttily as possible to attract the alphas and torment the betas.