Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Spanking Santas (Jonathan art manips)

Over the years Santa Claus has developed into one of my sexual fantasy figures (hardly surprising really, considering he is an older Daddy-type, with a distinctive outfit featuring a big leather belt, who likes to sneak into helpless boys' houses late at night to give them what they REALLY want for Christmas...)
So here are some dominant Santas spanking away (and more) in some of my favourite fantasy scenarios...

First off, there's a cuckolding scene, with a pair of ballbusting skinheads straight out of prison thrown in for good measure. Yet more decent middle-class people at the mercy of merciless criminals... once again I just can't help but get hard as these cruel, callous convicts have their way with innocent, well-bred bottoms. Maybe this young couple were looking forward to their first Christmas alone together after scraping and saving for their own place... and now he's begging and pleading and telling these two men they can do anything they want! I like the idea that he is getting spanked with one of the expensive leather slippers he insisted on being bought for Christmas (of course the Bad Santas will have had a good old early rummage through the couple's heartfelt Christmas gifts!)
At least the wife doesn't seem too upset by the change to their holiday plans. We all know how much middle-class ladies love to watch their husbands getting spanked and abused by dominant lower-class men, never mind having their own fun with their thick lower-class cocks! I like the idea of her obediently holding the leash between her lips, ready to do her duty as Bad Santa's slutty little reindeer. The idea of a sub having to talk with something in their mouth, giving them a deliciously submissive lisp, first became attractive to me after I read Desod's seminal prison porn comic, 'Black Master, White Slaves':

Boy have I spent many a night jerking off my slim middle-class dick to the idea of being in this sissy sex slave's place, meekly offering no resistance at all to my Prison Daddy as he describes how he fucked my wife and will have me taste her juices on his black dick!
Speaking of sex slaves, maybe the Bad Santas will take the wife with them when they finally leave (or the husband... I guess it depends how much of a taste they got for tight male butts in jail!)...

The second manip is inspired by various European traditions. Basically, the idea is that Santa has a helper. And while Santa leaves gifts for the good children, the helper leaves birch rods to be used on the naughty ones! Some traditions have the helpers carrying out the birchings, and there is more of a hint of the modern naughty list/nice list idea. So it's not too much of a jump to imagine a big strong Santa birching the bare bottoms of all the naughty boys!
Perhaps this pic takes place in a glorious alternative reality where corporal punishment and buggery are held up as inalienable traditions... perhaps protected in the same way as freedom of speech is in the USA...
With this background, the sadistic older male could certainly have much fun around Christmastime! The Santas haven't even made much effort with their costumes... clearly they are just in it for the birching and buggering!
And if the father seems rather blase about the roasting and reaming that is going on across his dinner table, it's probably because he is looking forward to donning his own Santa outfit and heading out into the neighbourhood with a sack of coal in one hand and a birch rod in the other! Sacrificing his sons' scorched, suffering sphincters is a small price to pay if he gets to stick his big Daddy dick in the unfortunate buttholes of many of the other neighbourhood boys... After all, traditions like this require a bit of give and take... except that the Daddies do most of the giving, and the boys do ALL of the taking!
I certainly would have liked to have grown up in a community built around these values – the erotic possibilities are endless! Imagine a world where parents actually use neighbourly buttfuckings as a punishment... 'If you don't tidy your room I'll send you to old Mr Henderson to be bound, birched and buggered!'

And of course the third manip features a personal favourite fantasy of mine, that of randy Stepdads who can't keep their hands off (or cocks out of) their stepsons' smooth submissive butts! This scenario is probably the most realistic of the three. I'll wager that over this Christmas period plenty of stepsons will be hauled pleading from their warm beds in the middle of the night, their pyjama bottoms pulled down as their Stepdads' firm hands soundly spank their bare bottoms for being such naughty, naughty boys during the year!
Maybe the poor boys only suck their Stepdads' cocks to spare their bottoms any more burning agony. Or maybe it's what always happens whenever Stepdaddy pays them a visit in the middle of the night...
Maybe this is a regular occurrence, or maybe it only happens during special occasions (Christmas, birthdays, whenever Stepdad's sports team wins or loses, that kind of thing...) Or maybe this only happens at Christmas, and they associate the taste of their Stepdaddy's cock with the festive season as much as the taste of eggnog! Whatever the scenario, it's certainly a way I would have liked to have spent my childhood!

Jonathan draws an excellent spanking Santa scene, and the decidedly seedy Santas in these manips are inspired by the dodgy-looking Santa in this pic:

Perhaps the obvious interpretation is that this is a low-paid mall Santa returning home on Christmas Eve and unwinding after work by giving his disobedient son a good walloping. But is there an even more erotic interpretation? Could he, like in the first manip, be a burglar with a spanking fetish and the perfect Christmas Eve disguise? Is he a crooked mall Santa who keeps track of all the rich, spoiled brats who sit on his knee, following them home to rob their obviously well-stocked houses? And if he happens to come across these brats alone during his housebreaking, he is free to have some fun with their firm, well-bred bottoms...
As with so many of Jonathan's pictures, there are multiple possibilties. For a start, does anyone know what the text on his suit says? (Besides the word 'Santa' of course...)


  1. hey,im very interested Johnathans spanking art,do you have any Johnathans original comics or art that i can have ?!?

    1. You should be able to find all of Jonathan's art on blogs like this one or Jock Spank, or with an internet search. I don't think there's a single place that holds it all anymore though

  2. The scenario of a couple of convicts taking over a home is so full of possibilities. They bang the husband in front of the wife, tie him up and take turns with the wife, who, remarkably, is having the best sex of her entire life and she begs the robbers to take her with them leaving hubby, ass-raped, wifeless, and ripped-off! Sounds like a perfect holiday to me!!

    I shy away from the whole "step" fantasy because I find the whole reality so depressing that fantasy is out of the question. But, that's just me. Not judging,

    The "nasty Santa Claus" , mall santa, thief, that all works. I think I lived my whole life wishing for a Krampus, not the red-faced, laughing, jolly fat-man that coddles kids! I wished Santa really gave people what they needed, and deserved, sound spankings, mouth soapings, strap-oil! I would love to see Santa take one of these Divas, on national television, across his knees and give a "Jolly Good Spanking" on her ever-reddening cheeks for the world to see. If that same Santa has a man to deal with, perhaps that may best take place in private, maybe with the wife and kids listening in the next room. They don't need to know why daddy's squealing like a schoolgirl, they just need to know daddy is getting what's coming to him! Although, when the daughters come home from college and find their daddy across the knee of an intruder getting a pre-ass-drilling spanking to loosen him up and put him in the right submissive state of mind, they might enjoy the show! Heaven forbid they interfere! When that show is over, they can watch act two as their daddy becomes a missy! Well, when mom and daughters get a lesson in prison sex, they'll have a whole new way of looking at the "head of their household"!

    Jonathan's pics truly are worth a thousand words, in many ways, countless words depending on what fantasy is yours. I've taken many of his pics and slightly altered them to fit my way of seeing things, my fantasies. I love the pics of strong men being soundly spanked in front of smirking women, witness to their humiliation. The jocks getting paddled or spanked in front of smirking coeds and classmates are wonderful.

    There is a wonderful story on Literotica called "My wife's Reunion" about a man that goes to his wife's reunion post-party only to be humiliated and soundly spanked in front of everyone by the jock who always liked his wife! There is a point where the jock offers to stop spanking the husband and her if she will join him in the house to see how a real man would have sex with her. Sadly, she declines and he does not press his advantage. I have re-written this story dozens of times taking it in many directions. None are good for the humiliated husband!

    If you've read it, let me know what you thought about it! Maybe I'll send you some of my re-writes! Anyways, enough from me. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

    1. Happy Holidays Father! Yes Krampus is the legend I was thinking of, think I prefer the idea of being birched by a big strong Santa-daddy though :D
      I heartily approve of female divas getting soundly strapped in public, but in that case I think the males should as well. I'm sure the wives and mothers-in-law would enjoy that show!
      Your intruder fantasies are extremely arousing... I'd love to see the wife and daughters get a lesson in prison sex... perhaps a college-aged brother too, to give the intruders some younger, fresh male 'meat' to play with...
      I think I might have read that 'My Wife's Reunion' story... it certainly sounds familiar!

    2. I spank my wife when ever she needs it

      over my knee on her bare bum



      we are both school teachers we spank the naughty girls on their bare bums


    3. Sounds like an excellent domestic setup... not so sure about your work life though ;)

    4. Nice to know I'm not the only one thinking of lots of alternate endings for 'My Wife's Reunion', or who is disappointed the wife didn't take her old boyfriend up on his offer! After all, her poor hubby has been so explicitly 'demoted' from his adult status for behaving like a child, and getting the ultimate childish punishment - in front of all her friends! And he had to admit to everyone he deserved it, and was paraded around with this tiny endowment for everyone's amusement. Time for her to get it on with her old boyfriend, a jock and an 'adult'!

    5. Indeed, femdom spanking and cuckolding seem to go hand in hand so I'm surprised they don't appear together more often.

  3. «  Imagine a world where parents actually use neighborly buttfuckings as a punishment... 'If you don't tidy your room I'll send you to old Mr Henderson to be bound, birched and buggered!'
    In this imaginary world, like that of Peter Pan, these punishments are part of what is socially acceptable. Thus, not only are all the children subjected to it (as were their parents) but these punishments are the subject of discussions and meticulous examinations in families (before, after) and in the schoolyard.
    The threat when it is pronounced, especially in public, always acts like a sharp and painful shot in the narcissism of the disobedient youngster.
    Girls don't know if they should thank someone for having to remain virgins until marriage and boys are jealous of not having this "virginity thing" that would allow them to keep something intact when they grow up.

    1. Hmm I think that if I had been buggered by an older male neighbour I would still consider myself a 'virgin' as I hadn't penetrated anyone... although of course if such things were public knowledge, then all the other males in the neighbourhood would soon know that I was no longer an 'anal virgin', and would expect a taste of me themselves!