Friday, 31 January 2020

Home Invasion Cuckolding (Jonathan art manips)

It surely is the worst nightmare for a successful middle-class white male... You've worked hard and bought a nice house for your family, in a nice area far away from the lower-class scum... only to be awakened in the middle of the night to find that you and your family are at the mercy of masked, armed and dangerous men!

The trouble with owning a nice big house in a well-off area with a flash car on the driveway is that everything looks extremely enticing for criminals! And of course long, agonizing bare-bottom spankings are the best way for burglars to make sure pampered middle-class homeowners tell them where ALL the valuables are!
Of course, most ne'er-do-wells would probably rob the house while the wealthy residents are out, perhaps carolling or at a worthy charitable event.
But for a certain class of the cruellest criminals, the presence of the unfortunate family would be an added bonus... not only do they get their pick of the cash and valuables, they also get their pick of the family members' soft hot holes!

Just imagine what it would be like to awaken to find four hulking masked men in your home – with four thick throbbing criminal cocks that need servicing! Obviously the boys would find it a lot more traumatic than the girls... even though those big convict cocks will soon be awakening the familiar bi-curious desires that all nice middle-class boys have...
I changed one of the captions to 'We will do anything you say' from 'My daughter and I will do anything you say', just in case you wanted to imagine the younger woman is the son's fiancee or girlfriend, rather than the daughter.
Whatever her relation, the cruelty of this scenario only becomes even more uncomfortably thrilling the more you think about the implications. This robbery has probably come at the worse possible time for a middle-class family, what with college funds and weddings and all!

No doubt the ladies already fantasized about what it would be like to be ravished by a lower-class ruffian, and now they've experienced it for real who's to say they won't be sneaking over to the wrong side of the tracks to get a regular dose of working-class cock!
Perhaps the son will turn to low-level drug dealing at college to fund his education, only to get caught and thrown in jail with lots of men just like the guys who broke into his house!
Maybe his father, in an attempt to maintain the middle-class lifestyle to which his family is accustomed, foolishly starts embezelling funds at his white-collar job. Of course he gets caught (middle-class whiteboys really aren't very good at crime) and thrown in jail as well! Perhaps he will pass his son's cell and get a glimpse of him with cocks in his mouth and ass as he is taken to meet his own Prison Daddies...

And with the boys in jail getting abused and buggered, the ladies will be home alone... which the original robbers will no doubt hear about through the prison grapevine... and decide to revisit the scene of the crime. There may not be anything left to steal, but there will be two lonely ladies absolutely ravenous for another taste of their big criminal cocks!


  1. Now, there you go putting all sorts of scary thoughts into our heads. How are we to sleep tonight knowing danger lurks around every dark corner?

    It was bad enough that our ladies saw us used like, well, 'ladies' by those ruffians and now we service their friends nightly in our prison cells, but to know those very same ruffians have taken our wives , daughters or girlfriends to our very beds to use them again is unthinkable.

    True, they beat our women's bare asses first to punish them for being such sluts and put them in the frame of mind to be rewarded for taking their punishments so well, but reminding them the we men are doing the very same thing as they, only in jail with scurvy men is just not fair! We get spanked in front of other men, the guards, even some female prison staff like naughty little boys all to their collective merriment and our utter humiliation! Then, with our bare red hienies on display to all, we kneel and publicly "thank" our spankers orally, before being dragged into their cells for the night!

    We men are being raped by men that have arm tattoos bigger than our thighs. The teeth they still possess are golden, and they do not have the best hygiene practices for men of any age! Even neanderthals would scowl at their body odor.

    True, we won't get pregnant by our ravishers attentions, like my wife and daughter, but we won't get any federal funds to support us afterwards, either. Food stamps and welfare are a far cry better than the occasional tube of hemorrhoid ointment we can ferret from the pen infirmary!

    Oh no, I hear the footsteps coming. It's time for another spanking that will leave me crying like a schoolgirl! Then the sex. Oh gawd. It can't be that time again!

    Honey? HONEY! Wake up! You were having a nightmare again!

    Huh? What?

    Wait! I think I hear something downstairs.(Thump-crash) There it is again. Go see who's down there!

    Relax, It's probably just that darn cat!

    What! Where am i?

    Wake-up, pretty-boy, its time to color that pretty little white bottom of yours again! Look, I got my hands on a solid wooden hairbrush! His one tooth gleams in the dark. An involuntary shiver runs up and down my spine and I make the mistake of moaning almost ensuring double the punishment to come!

    1. Ha ha, so it all being a dream was all just a dream... yet another cruelty visited on the unfortunate middle class males! Or perhaps you were just re-living the night when it all began...
      Your descriptions of prison spanking and sex are extremely alluring. The image of the white-collar inmates orally thanking their burly cellmates will stay with me for quite a while, and I love the idea of those big smelly tatooed gold-tooth brutes getting their hands on wooden hairbrushes and leather belts and other fun toys to make prison life even hotter!

      As an aside, I always seem to enjoy references to 'colouring in a pretty white bottom' or similar. The idea of a pristine white bottom across a dominant male (or female lap), with the spanker about to make a conscious effort to turn it as pink (or red) as possible really does it for me. I suppose it is also a subtle threat, not quite as explicit as 'I'll spank you till you won't sit down for a week!', but it promises delicious pain nonetheless.

  2. Historias 100% reales con mi sumisa

  3. Conjugal Visit day at the prison was as hectic as they always are. The wife and the girlfriend of the two men now residing in jail had mixed emotions about their visit. Both had been visited the night before by the very same ruffians who had first been involved in their home invasion, and both women were so thoroughly "fucked" in every hole they could barely walk, talk or sit. Worse, when they were strip-searched at intake, it was obvious both had been soundly spanked, thrashed with a belt and then paddled just the night before.

    The very act of sitting for their car ride to the prison had been agony for both women. Every bump and chuckhole became a mental thumbtack to be avoided on the way back home!

    Upon arrival, as always, they were led to a large room where they discarded their clothing, all of it, and proceeded down the hall for their cavity searches and de-lousing spray. Ice-cold showers followed with countless indignities added along the way such as smacks to their already sore hienies, insults about shaving and lack of hygiene, and of course, their bruised crimson asses were a target of special laughter and abuse. Finally, a good two hours later, with their already sore privates coarsely invaded by thick dyke matron knuckles, the two were led to small trailers set up for this very purpose. Once inside, the doors opened and men that they had never seen before, black men, huge, and one with a single gold tooth, entered the small trailers, all smiles and locked the doors behind them, well closed them tightly anyways!

    Across the courtyard, and down the hall, the father and son were recovering in the infirmary from repeated brutal ass-rapping's and ass-beatings. They lay there, bare from the waist down, face down on their cold metal hospital beds.

    Little did they know, the very men who had put them in the infirmary were right now entertaining their wife and girlfriend right across the courtyard in trailers meant for their conjugal use. Two very sore women were in for hours of more of the same physical abuse and they would eventually leave that evening, totally unable to even walk or talk. The prison was kind enough to provide a police vehicle, a prison van, to drop them off at home. Both rode the trip face down across the bench seats and could only utter moans interspersed with their constant sobbing along the bumpy ride home!

    Back in the prison cell, gold-tooth asked when the bitches will be back from the infirmary? The nurse said two weeks, but I told her, " iffin she wants to sit for the rest of the week, it best be two days!"

    The gold tooth glimmered in the darkness of the cell! He spun the wooden paddle in his hand as memories of soundly paddling the wife of his prison prey danced merrily in his twisted brain! Who says crime don't pay?

    1. Conjugal visits being used by prisoners other than the actual husbands is an extremely hot scenario and there is quite a bit of porn on the subject. I love the idea of Gold-Tooth threatening to spank the nurse as well - I wonder how often she gets it from the inmates and guards...
      Interesting how the women suffer almost as much as the men. I always let the ladies enjoy themselves while their husbands are abused :D
      All the hospital visits are a bit disturbing though I suppose it's what would actually happen if all these prison fantasies became reality :|

  4. This could also work out another way. Noticing the particularly good blow job he was receiving, the leader of the break-in gang calls out to one of the others to take some pictures. Granted he did give me a hard paddling, but it still signaled another opportunity. After the gang was satiated and enriched they showed the pictures they had taken to me and asked what i thought my e-mail contacts would think when they all received copies. In exchange for not sending them, at least not now, i agreed to meet with them once a week to provide them with additional funding and recreation. And i was told if i was generous and entertaining enough they may allow it to be just me and not additional family members.

    My first visit i was about 10 minutes early, couldn't even look him in the eye as he let me in chuckling. All four of them were there, rubber strap and wooden paddle on a table. I fumbled with my wallet, handing to him all the cash that i had brought. Will that be all Sir, i asked, knowing it wouldn't be. Two hours later i was awkwardly dressing, gingerly pulling my pants and underwear over my very sore bottom. My jaw was sore, stomach unsettled, nasty taste in my mouth and could feel my very sore, well used you know what, every step i took. I agreed to see them same time next week as i awkwardly made my way to my car.

    1. It sounds like you gave it your best effort but unfortunately you weren't generous or entertaining enough it seems.
      Next week your son will be joining you to feel the rubber strap and wooden paddle across his pert little arse, as the gang find it amusing to use you both at the same time.
      Your wife/daughter/girlfriend will be dealt with separately but needless to say there will be plenty of homemade footage for the pair of you to view!

  5. It is amazing what a few picture manips can create in the amazing expanse of our human minds! Thank goodness life doesn't copy art or there wouldn't be a safe "hole" to be found anywhere! The entire pampered white middle class would be buying soft pillows to sit, cases of tissues to sop up their tears, and babysitting the unlimited scores of interracial children that now require white "babystanders", as they are now quite unable to sit!

    Thanks for the work, QBuzz!