Friday, 10 April 2020

Domestic Discipline Saved Our Marriage (erotic ebook)

When Stephanie’s husband catches her having an affair with a work colleague, he doesn’t reach for the phone to call a divorce lawyer… he reaches for his belt!

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It's so difficult for modern couples. The women want their men to be men and treat them rough in the bedroom. And the men still have the same Neanderthal urges their ancestors had to spank and fuck their women.
But thanks to societal pressures of 'equality' etc, neither party feels able to articulate their needs. So husbands are frustrated, and wives are frustrated... no wonder there's so much cuckolding going on!

...Because men feel less guilty about treating their lovers rough rather than the women they love, and women feel less guilty asking for 'anti-feminist' things like rough sex from men they aren't married to!

But of course, even the most sensitive, understanding, enlightened modern husband never wants to catch his wife in bed with another man!

And in this case, this unfortunate incident provides the spark for the young professional couple to finally embrace their disciplinary cravings, with Stephanie receiving a sound spanking and belt-whipping for her indiscretions!

From then on, the young wife has no need for any more dalliances with coworkers, as her husband keeps her bottom toasted and her pussy satisfied... the very definition of marital bliss!

His favourite trick is to spank her soundly before he leaves for works, and leave her squirming on a hot bottom all morning, meaning she's absolutely gagging for it when he comes home at lunch for more spanking and fucking...

Them being a modern, enlightened couple, Stephanie has a job, but she works at home once a week, at which point she definitely enjoys playing the obedient housewife, welcoming her hubby home with a blowjob and baring her bottom when ordered.

This story is actually based on a roleplay that me and my girlfriend like to play. On days when she works from home, she likes to play the naughty housewife, so I always give her a good spanking before I go to work,  and then she has to wait all morning until I come home at lunchtime to finally satisfy her. Although I haven't caught her in bed with another man yet...

Stephanie and Ryan certainly enjoy their new lifestyle, and when the newly kinky couple find out that their friends are suffering from similar marital difficulties, it certainly makes for a swinging evening...

Once the belts are off, these educated modern women learn the delights of submitting to a dominant man of the house, and their men find that nothing keeps their wives satisfied and in line like the most traditional form of discipline!


  1. Hi, Q, Good luck with the e-book! I must say that the title caught my eye right away and given my inclination to joke around, I just wanted to say that for every story with your title, there are probably 100 more that say, "How Wanting DD Ended My Marriage". ;-)

    As for me, DD didn't save my marriage, but it sure didn't hurt it. ;-)

    All the best!

    1. Thanks KD!
      That's an interesting point. I don't often hear about couples who have split up because one of them wanted DD. But I guess that makes sense because all the bloggers etc who write about it would by definition have had a favourable response when they suggested it to their partners :)

    2. I think that's exactly it. The success stories post or blog the adventures that the ones 'doing without' read. ;-)

  2. I quite clearly remember asking a girlfriend if she would mind if I spanked her in front of our kids. (A couple we knew did just that and the kids loved it-obviously a playful spanking), my girlfriend's response, was "Do you mean a punishment spanking, like if I did something bad?" I had never considered the possibility that I would ever punish an adult woman, let alone that way. Opened up a whole new area of thinking for me!

    I remember reading about a husband catching his wife like that. The man actually paddled the other guy. The husband was arrested for simple assault and was charged, according to the judge, because the guy acted as judge, jury and executioner, but did not apply the justice equally. He never paddled the wife!

    So, there is a lesson in there somewhere! In your story, the husband would probably have ended up, end-up!

    Anyway. The beauty of fiction is just that. It is fiction. There, the lawyers, and such, have no power. All that matters is what is presented as fact. You just accept it and go along for the ride. It's just like seeing and hearing an explosion in space in a movie. We accept it, although there would be no sound in space! So DD really works in fiction.

    In real life, it would take two really patient, understanding and logical people, with a bit of a kink, to logically follow any system that includes painful or humiliating punishment. It does exist. There are such well-thought-out people who can truly trust such a lifestyle, but I imagine most of us are too self-centered and undisciplined to turn ourselves over to another.

    I can't imagine a frazzled housewife, deeply in need of her first cup of coffee , being asked a 'stupid' question by her spouse first thing in the morning, snapping at the query and then freely admitting she has a sound spanking coming for being short with her hubby! Hours later, I don't think she would have any more clarity!

    However, if a person has the need to be slightly dominated and punished, who can blame them for finding someone to do just that? I'm sure there are those that thrive under such loving control, and, unfortunately, there are as many well-intentioned people out there to judge them and tell them how wrong their lifestyle is.

    The new book sounds wonderful. I hope to read it soon. Happy Easter! Hope the Covid-19 is dwindling where you are. Stay healthy!

    1. Thanks Father, hope you stay healthy too.
      Well if it was one of my manip series the husband would certainly have ended up 'end up', getting spanked by the bull for interrupted, and for the wife's amusement :D
      Yes the practicalities of actually living a DD lifestyle don't always seem to chime with modern marriage. I suppose it's about both partners being keen to see it through properly. In the example you gave, I guess the frazzled housewife wouldn't get spanked 'on the spot', she would get spanked later during her allotted punishment time.

  3. Firstly, why did some of the pics disappear in this post?

    Secondly, one would wonder how DD relationships are fairing during quarantine. Some poor hubby (and/or wife) probably hasn't sat for a month! Think of the poor spanker, probably suffering from tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome from delivering so many sound spankings!! It's truly a challenging time!

    1. They seem to have become corrupted Father. Server problems at Google perhaps? I will reupload them when I get a chance.

      I assume by DD relationships you include all couples who spank whether for kink/foreplay, punishment, FDH etc? If so, I can testify that my bottom has certainly been too sore to sit plenty of times during the lockdown. More than usual I'd say but not sure if that's because I am craving spankings or just because it's something to do ;)
      Perhaps I should start putting my girlfriend over my knee more to give her arm a rest and redress the balance...

  4. I don't seem to find an option enabled to allow others to subscribe and get automatic updates from your blog?

    1. Hi Vanessa, I assumed people would add my blog to their reading list on Blogger and get updates that way. Is there a different method that you prefer to use?