Friday, 28 March 2014

Artists I love: Underling

Why is Underling’s art so good? Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words:

Nothing like a wedding-day whipping with a thick leather belt! And I must say the mother-in-law’s knee looks very inviting – I’m sure she’ll have a slim wooden hairbrush tucked inside her fancy purse to fill in the gaps where the belt has missed!
The glorious FM scenarios Underling comes up with always smolder, and his ladies always seem to be thoroughly enjoying their role in dominating the men in their lives ‘for their own good!’ I love his colorful, sort-of-retro style where all the women wear skirts and all the men are smartly dressed when they've not been stripped naked for an unholy spanking.

Underling posts his new art to his blog He isn't a prolific artist (if I posted as much of his art in this post as I have for my other favorite artists then I'd quickly exhaust his entire catalog) but the anticipation just makes his new stuff even more special when it does come.
Each picture usually gets a story to go with it and these are always well-written and add to the art.
There is also a nice dialog among his fans in the comment section and he sometimes runs competitions where the winning fan gets a custom-artwork drawn for them:

Rather appropriately for this blog, Underling has also dabbled in a spot of MM and cuckolding art:
These aren’t hosted on his main site, but you can find them at and The latter in particular is special because rarely do spanking and cuckolding come together in one picture.

Even his standard spanking fare has a lovely current of humiliation running through it, particularly the OSIRIS series – just ask an unfortunate employee named Richard!

As well as straight up spanking art he also does amusing little skits and other features covering seasonal and current events, such as this one for the British general election:

Perhaps an American artist should attempt an equivalent, though it could easily feature real-life dominant women (Rice/Palin vs Mrs Clinton/Mrs Obama? With a paddle-off to decide the winner in the event of a tie?).

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Artists I love: Ian Hamilton

So far my favorite artists have either retired, died or vanished off the face of the earth, so now to a couple that are still very much active.
Anyone who enjoyed the classic British spanking magazines like Janus must love Ian Hamilton’s work. His drawings run the full gamut from subtle spankings to full-on BDSM action, but all with a certain refined British style that makes them the spiritual successor to all those detailed stories of schoolgirls, secretaries and stuck-up authority figures getting well and truly spanked.


His kinky comic strips exist in a parallel world where well-bred ladies get their curvaceous rumps spanked by lecherous old men at every opportunity, and really echo the excellence of the old spanking magazines:


He does great standalone drawings that focus on lovely, curvy women receiving humiliating spankings, their bottoms either bare for punishment or glowing through taut clothing:

His male spankers are the very definition of 'dirty old men', and almost always wear a glorious sneer (and often a glorious something else straining in their trousers!) that indicates that they relish thrashing some pert young maiden on a spurious charge...


...before both of them enjoy a spot of red-cheeked rumpy pumpy:


Hamilton also does an excellent line in severe old harridans who have been tasked with turning well-to-do young ladies and/or malingering strumpets into proper, respectful members of society, and take their job VERY seriously…

...yet are as much 'dirty old women' as their male equivalents and aren’t averse to a little pleasure from their subs…

Hamilton’s tales from his finishing schools, Dothegirls Hall (a formidable finishing school on the Yorkshire moors) and Saint Catherine’s (a Catholic stronghold high in the Swiss Alps), are the best examples of the hypocrisy (and hotness) of these fantasies. After all, where else but in a spanking story could a stony-faced nun tan an unfortunate lady’s behind for daring to wear a bikini in the holidays, and then pack her off to give a bit of ‘oral penance’ to a visiting priest?


Hamilton's strict old harridans love humiliating men and blistering their bare bottoms just as much as they enjoy reddening pert female rumps. Hamilton's FM art was actually how I first encountered his work, and the agonizing welts and humiliating public punishment that are staples of his drawings work just as well when it's cocks and balls exposed in front of a audience:


He also has a few nice examples of pure sex art floating about, though I haven’t found many of these:


Hamilton is still drawing. He releases a selection of drawings each year and all can be bought (along with several other miscellaneous collections) at
I’ve bought his artwork through this route and and it’s well worth it. You email him, and for a very reasonable price (roughly $20 for 60 pieces of art) he sends you the artworks, so there aren’t any inconveniences like monthly subscriptions to deal with. At a time when many spanking artists seem to be shutting up shop because of a lack of money or appreciation for their work, I think it’s well worth paying $20 to keep at least one excellent artist in pencils.

ALSO - an appeal. Ian tells me he has lost the artwork that made up his 2011 collection due to hard drive failure. If you bought this please get back in touch with him so he can replenish his archive - it must be devastating for an artist to lose work like this.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Artists I love: Endart

And now to an artist who is (to me) the king of spanking art.
Endart was the artist that really set off my love of spanking art. Well-drawn, with cheeky captions, every fantasy scenario you could ever think of and sooo erotic, joing his site was the first time I ever paid for porn and it was definitely worth it!

Backstage Antics
Belt from Big Sis

Endart’s website was divided into categories, and I can still remember them off by heart. There were naughty students and disobedient brats

Backtalk Penalty

Still Naughty at Nineteen

Errant wives and leathered lovers…

Afternoon Delight
Brushing the Blonde Bitch

Mischievous maids and stroppy secretaries

Slippering the Help
Noon Caning

Solo spankees and tanned TV personalities...

Unable to Sit
Beach Fanny Tanning

Not to mention blushing brides, denim-clad damsels and practically any other spanking scenario you could think of…

Ben Sets the Rules Early
Smokin Cutoffs

New Assistant Training
The Saloon

And that’s without getting into his outstanding range of spanking comics...


Or his excellent FM art. His saucy, smartly dressed ladies are just as sexy when they're dishing out punishment as when they're receiving it...

Richard Awaits
Problem Solved

Endart really shows the two sides of spanking - on the one hand you have corporal punishment resulting in blistered bottoms and agonized facial expressions, and on the other you have sensual spankings designed to warm between the legs as much as on the bottom:

Linda Feels the Palm
Up in the Air

Another thing I liked was that each piece of art had a proper title that really added to what you were looking at. Seems like a little thing but it’s something I always appreciated.

One Spoiled Student

Much to my shock, closed down in late 2009. For a while there was holding page suggesting he would one day return, but now that is no longer there either. My favorite artist has gone for good :(
I have thought about doing manips of Endart's work, similar to how I have with Jonathan's, so stay tuned!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Artists I love: Paula Meadows

For me, if Endart is the king of spanking, Paula Meadows is the queen.
Long ago, when I first discovered the pleasures of jerking my little willy, I found the best place for spanking art was in the back of dirty magazines that I could occasionally lay my hands on. In the advertisements sections there were adverts for spanking chatlines (Naughty girl Jane Needs Six of the Cane, call 555-XXX-XXX, that sort of thing). They were often illustrated with some quite stunning black and white drawings. I can even remember two of them:


Years later I came across these drawings again and learnt they were the work of Paula Meadows. Paula is the master (or should that be mistress?) of realistic, simmering spanking art. Her gorgeous, curvy women are something to drool over, and that’s even without the scorching spankings that she depicts so brilliantly:

Much of Paula’s work was used to illustrate the classic British spanking magazines like Janus and Februs, as well as several autobiographical accounts. In fact, having seen photos of her in her autobiographies, I think it’s quite sweet that a lot of the women in her art look just like her!


Paula’s work was used to illustrate the classic British spanking magazines like Janus and Februs, and so exists in a glorious fantasy world where well-bred British ladies get their knickers taken down and their bottoms smacked long after they've left their expensive finishing schools. Whether it's naughty housewives needing a good spanking when their husband gets home from work:

Or having experienced old hands give them what their headmasters used to on a weekly basis:


Or suffering a demonstration from their strict parents of how they're still nothing but naughty girls who need their bottoms smacked, and in front of their new husbands too!


Of course Paula also covers the classic spanking fantasies like saucy secretaries, well-strapped schoolgirls and errant maids...

...takes a peek into the past where 'wicked' ladies were whipped even harder than they are today...


...and shows that in almost any scenario there's a matriarch or patriarch willing to punish pert round bottoms, whether in public or not!


Everyone knows that a well-warmed bottom gets a lady all hot and bothered, and Paula isn’t averse to showing things getting steamy afterwards...


...especially in her sizzling comics strips, where scorching spanking and steamy sex come together in red hot harmony. Particular favorites are Mitzi, Sabina, Sophisticated Ladies and Summer Vacation:



Sadly Paula isn't drawing anymore, but her extensive archive is available at - it's well worth a download!