Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Artists I love: Ian Hamilton

So far my favorite artists have either retired, died or vanished off the face of the earth, so now to a couple that are still very much active.
Anyone who enjoyed the classic British spanking magazines like Janus must love Ian Hamilton’s work. His drawings run the full gamut from subtle spankings to full-on BDSM action, but all with a certain refined British style that makes them the spiritual successor to all those detailed stories of schoolgirls, secretaries and stuck-up authority figures getting well and truly spanked.


His kinky comic strips exist in a parallel world where well-bred ladies get their curvaceous rumps spanked by lecherous old men at every opportunity, and really echo the excellence of the old spanking magazines:


He does great standalone drawings that focus on lovely, curvy women receiving humiliating spankings, their bottoms either bare for punishment or glowing through taut clothing:

His male spankers are the very definition of 'dirty old men', and almost always wear a glorious sneer (and often a glorious something else straining in their trousers!) that indicates that they relish thrashing some pert young maiden on a spurious charge...


...before both of them enjoy a spot of red-cheeked rumpy pumpy:


Hamilton also does an excellent line in severe old harridans who have been tasked with turning well-to-do young ladies and/or malingering strumpets into proper, respectful members of society, and take their job VERY seriously…

...yet are as much 'dirty old women' as their male equivalents and aren’t averse to a little pleasure from their subs…

Hamilton’s tales from his finishing schools, Dothegirls Hall (a formidable finishing school on the Yorkshire moors) and Saint Catherine’s (a Catholic stronghold high in the Swiss Alps), are the best examples of the hypocrisy (and hotness) of these fantasies. After all, where else but in a spanking story could a stony-faced nun tan an unfortunate lady’s behind for daring to wear a bikini in the holidays, and then pack her off to give a bit of ‘oral penance’ to a visiting priest?


Hamilton's strict old harridans love humiliating men and blistering their bare bottoms just as much as they enjoy reddening pert female rumps. Hamilton's FM art was actually how I first encountered his work, and the agonizing welts and humiliating public punishment that are staples of his drawings work just as well when it's cocks and balls exposed in front of a audience:


He also has a few nice examples of pure sex art floating about, though I haven’t found many of these:


Hamilton is still drawing. He releases a selection of drawings each year and all can be bought (along with several other miscellaneous collections) at
I’ve bought his artwork through this route and and it’s well worth it. You email him, and for a very reasonable price (roughly $20 for 60 pieces of art) he sends you the artworks, so there aren’t any inconveniences like monthly subscriptions to deal with. At a time when many spanking artists seem to be shutting up shop because of a lack of money or appreciation for their work, I think it’s well worth paying $20 to keep at least one excellent artist in pencils.

ALSO - an appeal. Ian tells me he has lost the artwork that made up his 2011 collection due to hard drive failure. If you bought this please get back in touch with him so he can replenish his archive - it must be devastating for an artist to lose work like this.

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