Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Artists I love: Eric Stanton

If Endart and Paula Meadows are my king and queen of spanking artists, then Jonathan and Stanton are my knaves - taking my spanking fetish into much kinkier territories from its humble origins.
As I’ve said before, when I first started hunting out spanking art on the internet I was very shy about anything except FF and MF scenarios. I told myself that the sight of a bare male bottom was disgusting and refused to let myself look at anything involving them. But that all changed when I stumbled across Eric Stanton’s Family Business comic. Those opening pages… Lorraine, the lady of the house, ordering her husband to bend over for testing twelve of the best… Her rippling body as she delivers a dozen searing strokes to his quivering ass… Teddy (who I longed to be!) with his eyes on stalks, watching his stepmother dominate his father so, and knowing his time will be soon… And that’s even before the daughters get involved!



From then on, FM spanking didn’t seem so much disgusting as supremely erotic!
Stanton is one of the most prolific fetish artists. In fact spanking takes up a fairly small percentage of his work, although all of it involves strong females dominating others.

He has hundreds (maybe thousands?) of comics and artworks out there. Many aren’t to my taste, for example Family Business’s predecessor, Family Affair, is better known but a lot more violent. Mind you, the good always vastly outweighs the questionable, which for someone as prolific as Stanton is quite an achievement.
As well as giving me a good kick up the backside over my reluctance to indulge in FM scenarios, Stanton also introduced me to lots of fantasies beyond spanking, and I’m sure he had a big effect on my psyche.


I’m sure anyone familiar with his ‘Princks’ series will understand how it could have turned even the straightest boy bi-curious:


With hundreds of cartoons and self-published comics, it has been quite a journey exploring Stanton’s archive, not that I haven’t enjoyed every second of it. Although Stanton sadly passed away in the 90s, there is so much stuff that I’ll probably never find it all. The website 30sg has a huge archive of ebooks full of Stanton’s work. Some of them are so rare that I’ve never seen them anywhere else. The art is very reasonably priced and you can pay with PayPal, so I highly recommend it if you want to complete your collection.
If you only want purely spanking art and don’t want to wade through Stanton’s huge catalogue, I can recommend the following series:
Family Business (plus its direct sequels Family Intrigue, Friends of the Family and Family Maid. Apparentely there’s a Family Business 2, but I’ve never seen it anywhere):

Office Affair:



Mary Lou Burnem: College Disciplinarian:




  1. It doesn't get much better than Stanton! Thank you.

  2. Stanton was amazing........

  3. Sissies need a good spanking to keep them in line.