Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Artists I love: Jonathan

Despite the fact that I've fantasised about being spanked and caned for almost as long as I can remember, when I first started looking at spanking pics on the internet I was strictly female-nudity only, refusing to allow myself to look in the FM or (god forbid) MM galleries. However eventually the thrill of the taboo overcame my prissiness... I was on a website called The Spanking Page (long since defunct). It was a pay-site, but it had a free gallery for each of the spanking genres. After working my way through the FF, MF and FM galleries, I decided, just out of curiosity, to take a peek in the MM gallery...
I didn’t really want to click on anything, but my eye was caught by the thumbnails of three colourful drawings. I couldn’t see what was going on in them, so I clicked:

Wow. The second my brain processed what was going on, it got rewired. Those three pictures were hot, no question. All of a sudden my idea of what was sexy was turned on its head. And that was before I went to the next page, featuring Jonathan's Rookie in the Trash series…

After staring in awe at these new findings my nervousness got the better of me and I closed my browser - only to find that my mind was now full of hot gay sex fantasies. For nights after I wanked away furiously at the thought of being sent to prison to receive humiliating birchings and beltings and have my mouth and ass filled with cock and cum. All my fantasies up to then had been about straight sex so this was quite a turnaround for me - Jonathan’s art was so good, it turned me bi-curious!
When – to my horror – I returned to the gallery to find Jonathan’s gorgeous drawings had been replaced by photos of hairy-arsed men getting paddled, I knew I had to find more.
It took me – and I’m not joking here – 8 years to find the Rookie in the Trash series again, plus the third pic from the Birching Jail series (which I now realise doesn’t go with the other two, it’s the colour pic from a B&W prison comic). On the way I really turned over some dark stones both on the web and in my subconscious. I probably wouldn’t be half as kinky as I am now if I hadn’t curiously clicked on that MM gallery.
So what’s so good about Jonathan’s art? Well no-one draws a toned male bottom getting thoroughly blistered better than him. Also the sheer pain and humiliation on the faces of his spankees – I like to see a lady enjoying her spankings, but whenever it’s a man on the receiving end I want to really see him suffer! He also draws great expressions on his spankers – often giving them a wicked sneer that betrays how much they’re enjoying leathering some poor guy’s arse:

Jonathan has a huge archive which covers almost all the favorite spanking fantasies, and his spankers run the full gamut from dominant daddy-types to muscular jocks:


And while the sexually explicit drawings I first came across are actually quite a rarity for Jonathan (he is very much a spanking artist), when he does get round to drawing some gay sex then wow…like I said it’s enough to turn a straight man bi! Even when it’s just spanking his art is often full of suggestive undertones of what will happen after, usually in the form of a prominent erection straining away in the spanker’s pants:

Jonathan has now retired from drawing. Hopefully one day he will return, but in the meantime I like to play around with his past works to create new scenarios (with his permission of course). I have created many series of these manips and once I've blogged about a few more of my favorite artists I will post them all up.


  1. Great stuff thank you!

  2. Yeah, it's the pain on the victim's face, and his gorgeous red spanked arse cheeks, as well as the leering lustful spectators egging the spankers on: "Come on, fucking spank him harder! Smack that fucking arse! Make him fucking cry like a fucking baby!"

    1. Oooh yeah I didn't even think about the spectators! It'd be so hot to have my bare ass spanked in front of a rowdy crowd shouting things like you said!