Friday, 25 December 2015

Endart manips: Goths Cum For Christmas

When parents send their kids to college, they expect them to learn respectability, garner qualifications ready for a future career, and maybe find a future spouse. As they learn when that first Christmas rolls around, what they're really sending them for is a multi-year orgy of drink, drugs and dicking at the expense of the Bank of Mom and Pop!
And woebetide any parents whose offspring come back in the grip of an 'alternative lifestyle'. Fortunately, parents like the Appleyards and the Corkers know exactly what to do when their butter-wouldn't-melt, prom-queen couple of a son and daughter return for Christmas clad in fishnets and black lipstick:

Well it wouldn't be Christmas without a cheesy 'Night Before Christmas'-esque rhyme now would it?
As well as catering to my fetish for goth/emo types, this series was also inspired by one of my favorite stories from British Spanking Magazines: 'Recruit for the Club'. Except I thought that why should it just be the dads who get to swap their brats for spanking and other fun? Mrs Corker is no doubt reminiscing about how this situation is very similar to the summer vacation where she and her husband had too much sangria and made vigorous use of one of the local waiters. Whereas Mrs Appleyard is thinking back to her time as head girl at a prestigious girls' boarding school, with the sting of leather interspersed with the lapping tongues of lonely and inexperienced girls.
And as in the original story, it's clear who the real degenerates are. It's the supposedly-respectable suburban parents who are willing to subject their sensitive and intelligent offspring to spectacularly disproportionate and undeserved belt whippings for the simple crime of dressing differently. It's the PTA-fundraising, right-leaning pillars of society who let a few classes of Christmas bubbly turn simple domestic discipline into something kinkier than their kids would ever have experienced at college!
But still, as goths are masochists by nature - and at their age most men fancy their girlfriends' moms (and probably dads) and most women fancy their boyfriends' dads (and probably moms) - the cute little emos must be having the time of their lives. So Merry Christmas one and all - as you listen to the slap of your future father-in-law's balls!

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Spanked by Santa

With Christmas looming, I was once again summoned to Sir's chambers for my end of term punishment.
I had bought myself a brand new dressy strap watch to replace the one that didn't survive our last session, and Sir instructed me to pack school uniform and pyjamas. I was also told to record my use of foul language throughout the week, and to wear white socks instead of grey in order to violate the school uniform code and give a pretext for punishment.

I turned up on time and this time we went straight into the roleplay. Sir dislikes shorts for sixth formers, so I was able to travel to his house in basically my school uniform with a sleeveless sweater over the top (which is a submissive look I love anyway!)
I was immediately scolded for breaking uniform code and not telling him I was on my way, and put across his knee for a good spanking.

He started on my trousers, then my white underpants, then my bare bottom. I got to keep my shoes on this time, which I enjoyed as I love wearing shoes and socks while being bare bottomed.

I was erect throughout and Sir continually scolded me for it. This didn't seem to help it go down any! Sir reads my blog (to check for spelling and grammatical errors of course) and had decided I'd been too boastful about him hanging a cane off my cock last time, so this time he hung his size 12 plimsoll off it! When he told me he had found it in a bin my reaction earned me extra punishment. He also rubbed my cock between two plimsolls, which was rather thrilling, as I always enjoy getting stimulated by implements.

Then it was time for me to be punished for foul language. I suppose I do have a mouth like a toilet - maybe that's why my wife likes to wash it out with piss... 

I had lost count at 50 curse words for the week, which earned me a sound slippering. I'm really starting to love Sir's slipper as an implement!

Then I was sent to the corner with hands on head so Sir could take pictures and examine my bottom to see if he had achieved his aim, as outlined in an email earlier in the week:

You will end up colour-coded thus; Red cheeks through embarrassment, White shirt tail lifted up, Red cheeks after a thrashing, White socks in which you will stand outside the dormitory door hands in head., reflecting that they were the cause of your discomfort.

And I hadn't even had my caning for wearing white socks yet! I was sent up to the bedroom to sit on the bed and listen while Sir showed me his collection of canes and told me about his friend who worked in a borstal and liked to cane boys with their heads under the desk so they jumped up and hit their head after each stroke.

I was intimately acquainted with one cane as it was hung off my cock again while I was scolded and then Sir made me bend over and clench it between my butt cheeks, which made for some nice pictures!

Then I got even more intimately acquainted with it as Sir gave me two sets of six. The first were a warm up but the second really burned and got me jumping and yelping as I tried to count them out. The sensation in my bottom when I lay on the bed afterwards was great though.

After this I changed into my pyjamas (though the bottoms didn't stay on for long!) and was put across Sir's knee (dick trapped between thighs) for a taste of his three-tailed tawse. I love leather implements and although it stung a lot at first once we got into a rhythm I was in spankee heaven.

I've written before about how Santa is quite a dominant figure (comes into your house late at night, wears a big leather belt...) and as we are both big fans of Jonathan - who does a great Santa drawing - Sir put on a Santa hat and put me back across his knee for a final naughty-boy spanking.

After this the session was over and we came out of our roles and discussed plans for future sessions. So hopefully I'll have lots more to write about in the new year!

Friday, 11 December 2015

Vane manips: Timmy the Sissy Emo

I was rather flattered to find someone had reposted this old manip series I made years ago, using the art of one of my favorite cuckold artists: Jules Herve Vane aka Vaneggio. It's a bit rough and ready but as sissy goth porn is a severely underserviced area I thought I'd post it here:

The story is based almost word for word on a post from one of those 'phone a mistress' blogs that were everywhere a while back and seemed to have a similar function to the phoneline ads in the back of porn mags:

Today I was so naughty. I did something I've wanted to do for a while. I finally feminized my neighbor's 18-year-old son! He came round looking for his Mom and I answered the door in my full dominatrix gear. He didn't know where to put his eyes so I invited him in. He is one of those moody emo types so it didn't take much to turn him into a sweet little maid cleaning my apartment. When he comes back I think I might invite my black friends too. They're throwing a party for one of their homies who just got out the joint and they need a sissy whiteboy to make him feel at home. What an education my little sissy's going to get huh?

The way it jumps so suddenly from simple sissification of a naive emo to full on gay interracial sex slavery is still one of the sexiest things I've ever read!
I have such a thing for goths, or rather their more mainstream version, the emo. In my mind emo males are always skinny and cute, and wear things like studded chokers and wristbands that make them halfway to submissive sissy slaves already. It's just a small step to them wearing fishnet stockings and size 10 heels! Just imagine what would happen to them in prison
And of course emo females are extremely slutty and kinky, and would no doubt subject their emo boyfriends to endless spankings, crossdressings, strapon fuckings and bi cuckoldings with big dicked studs!

Monday, 7 December 2015

Reddening Red

As I'm apparently one of those men it's really hard to buy for for Christmas, this year I was allowed to choose exactly what I wanted. So I picked a one-to-one session with a female spankee!
I'd had my eye on the gorgeous Red of London ever since I saw her pert bottom online, and then even more when I saw the extremely hot school uniform she was sporting on her web page.

Red is a switch and I'd originally planned on an elaborate role play involving a head girl and head boy spanking each other, but given my lack of experience with spankees other than my wife (plus the fact my submissive side is already getting quite a workout at the moment) I decided it would be better if I spent the whole time sharpening my spanking skills.
Red certainly looked the part in her senior school uniform and I played her 'bit of rough' who she's training up to meet her spanking needs. After a spanking across my knee that I think stung my hand more than her delectable bottom, she bent over her spanking horse and encouraged me to warm her up for the cane.

I'd originally planned to just take my belt to her, but that was a bit of a flop, so I ended up trying out all the leathery goodies she had available (plus the slipper!). A particular highlight was the large paddle that seemed perfectly cut to fit her petite bum.

Then it was time for the cane.

I've never given my wife more than a few whacks with one, so I made sure I concentrated on getting the strokes within Red's rather smaller sweet spot.
By now her bottom was a nice dusky pink, so I sent her for some cornertime so I could admire it while contemplating what I was going to do to it next.

Red is very friendly but unfortunately this meant there was more yakking than whacking, so her bottom quickly lost its glow and needed warming up again, so I had her back over the knee. Who says yakking is a bad thing?

Then it was time to revisit the implements, but none of them seemed quite the same after the cane - despite being very satisfying in the noise department.
I'm not sure if it's the noise, the sensation as it swishes and cracks or what, but the canings were certainly the highlight of the session for me. We had a nice classic schoolgirl scene where she counted out a dozen strokes and said 'Thank you sweetie' after each one ('Sir' didn't seem appropriate). Then she had to count backwards from twelve, and she kept track a lot better than I did!
The one disadvantage of the cane is that you are a good metre away from giving a nice lady's bum a pinch or a rub between strokes, so I got Red back across the sofa for one last feel of my hand on her arse, then it was back for another caning to round out the session.


As it is the festive season I had Red use the twelve days of Christmas song to count out her next dozen ('One partridge in a pear tree, thank you sweetie'). She seemed rather nonplussed by this, as she didn't know many of the verses and this earned her plenty of extra strokes. Oh well!

Then Red took a double dozen without pause, counting them out like a good schoolgirl all the way up to 24, before she was allowed a soothing rub.

This must have done the trick, as she then counted down one final dozen from 12.
Her bottom was living up to her name at the end and there were some nice cane marks on her sweet spot. Red took her strokes without flinching and she didn't miss one count (at least not the non-12-days-of-Christmas ones!). She did have to pause to take her breath before counting for a couple, so I'll take that as an achievement!

Friday, 4 December 2015

Have yourself a kinky little Christmas

What do you get the spanko who has everything? How about 'The Jogger', a new comic by Ian Hamilton ( in which a gorgeous blonde fitness-freak gets a (thoroughly unwanted) good hard spanking followed by a (thoroughly wanted) good hard shagging!


Or, if they enjoy the lovely artwork of Andy's Dames, why not check out his comic 'Cobra's Trap', which is available from and so naturally has a far more femdom bent. Andy's 'dames' are very much in charge here, be they merciless mistresses, sadistic schoolgirls or corrupt cops. And his boys keenly take up the submissive role (sometimes after a little persuasion...) with spankings, strapons and sissy cocksuckings galore!

Also from Lustomic, I highly recommend Stonehouse's work (you may have seen his older art under the name Kennady). With gorgeous feminine outfits for both ladies and gentlemen, nuclear-hot naughty plots and plenty of spankings, wankings and sissy cock service, it's definitely worth the fee, especially 'Sister's Sissy Secretary' and 'Yo-Jo Goes To Jail'

Or if you'd like to make me happy this Christmas, perhaps you can help me complete my Endart archive. For whatever reason some of his drawings and Pamalee comics haven't been in among the work I've found, so I only have the thumbnails and opening pages. So if you know how to get full versions of any of the following, please share:

Evening In

Held Tightly
Mom's Naughty Duo

Testing Limits
The Finishing

Warm 'n Fluffy
Applying the Heat


Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My first M/M spanking

You may have noticed this blog hasn't been too active recently. Well, that's because I am attempting to start a new chapter in my life - one where instead of just writing about spanking, cuckolds and bi I am attempting to live it.
My wife and I have fun in the sack but she has decided she's reached the limits of her kink (whereas I feel I'm just getting started!) so she has said that I am free to explore my curiosities outside the relationship. Talk about an early Christmas present!
So I took the plunge and posted a picture of myself bare bottomed and dressed as a naughty schoolboy on the Spank This hookup site, announcing that I wanted to find out what it was like to be spanked by a man...
And that's how I found myself knocking on the door of an ex-teacher who was my dream spanker come true (older, balder, stockier). My idea was I would first have just an introductory spanking in normal clothes (or possibly naked) to see if I liked it. But when strictlyyours (hereafter referred to as 'Sir') commented that 'Having you over my knee in your school uniform socks would be ace' I felt I just had to wear my favorite uniform!

I arrived as nervous (and as late!) as the stereotypical naughty schoolboy. All through the day Sir had tantalized me with this email exchange:

Sir: I shall expect you later today and no doubt there will be a bad report to be settled following your discovery in the library stacks with your trousers down, engaging in inappropriate behaviour with the young French teaching assistant, who has now been sacked. This afternoon your trousers will be coming down to feel the extent of my displeasure for that indiscretion..
Me: But it wasn't my fault sir she blackmailed me!
Sir: Save your excuse, lad; you know full well that sixth formers will be treated much like juniors if they transgress the behavioural code. Oh yes and I should add that the IT department have traced the instigator of an unsavoury websIte relating to 'cuckolding' or some such debauchery, to your school internet account. I can see that your visit to my study this afternoon is going to be both embarrassing and painful.....for one of us.

The scenario made me very keen to finish work and get going (especially as it reminded me of a story on Strict Julie's blog about a young gentleman and a serving girl caught 'at it' and punished by his mother and the groundsman. Although I always felt the son got off scot free in that scenario compared to what happened to the poor serving girl!)

Once inside the house I was very nervous (it turns out 'spank' is a difficult word to say when you're tense!) but Sir took charge and provided a room for me to change into my sixth former uniform (grey knee socks, shoes, trousers, white shirt, school tie, straw boater - and a dressy strap watch of course!) 

Then I had the classic schoolboy experience of knocking on the study door before being led down to the 'punishment room', where after some mild scolding Sir ordered me to remove my shoes, hat and glasses, then put me across my knee and proceeded to spank the seat of my tight trousers.
As he spanked my nerves melted away and I enjoyed it as much as when I've been spanked by my wife. It wasn't long before Sir was commenting  on the feeling of something hard against his leg and I was sent to the corner in disgrace with my hands on my head.
After some more scolding I was called back and then had the thrill of having my trousers taken down (my wife always makes me do it myself) before going back over his knee for more whacks on my white briefs.

This gradual buildup of intensity was great for easing me into the spanking fun, but it did nothing to calm my hardon. When my underpants were pulled down my cock stood shamelessly. It was the first time I'd been erect in the presence of a man, but it felt perfectly natural. Sir commented repeatedly on the effect and tested the firmness of my erection by hanging his cane from it! Then he put a towel across his lap, put me back across his knee and went on walloping my bare bottom.

I had made clear that I was not averse to wandering hands during my punishment and I was intensely stimulated as Sir caressed and squeezed my cheeks and teased my perineum and arse crack between (and sometimes as well as) spanks. So this wasn't just my first M/M spanking, it was my first gay experience!
My bottom was now bright pink and my cock was still hard. Sir ordered me to go upstairs, change into my striped blue pyjamas and wait on the end of the bed. (I confess I snuck a look at my bottom in the mirror - that's how I know it was pink!)

After a nerve-wracking few minutes Sir entered brandishing a size 12 plimsoll, and I went across his lap with my jim jams down for my first ever slippering.

At one point I accidentally let slip that he wasn't spanking much harder than my wife did and he certainly took that as a challenge - from then on I was given a good sound walloping with plenty of double hand spanks. Throughout the session I couldn't decide whether to play the good student who's being punished for something he didn't do, or the classic cheeky schoolboy. I guess that's what introductory sessions are for - later we decided I could be a shy, innocent boy who comes out of his shell whenever he's spanked.
I did enjoy the slipper - it's a nice medium between the hand and the harsher implements, and it left a wonderful sole-shaped mark on my bottom that showed up in some of the pictures Sir took.
Oh yes the pictures - after my slippering Sir had me kneel on the bed for some intimate shots of my well-spanked bottom, after which he rubbed cream into my rosy cheeks and firmly caressed my 'underside'. I honestly would have let him do anything he wanted at that point.

He settled for bringing out a few more of his implements to show me this wasn't all about caressing hand-spanks. Sure enough, after six strokes each with a wooden paddle, a triple tongued leather strap and a short cane, my erection had long since vanished!
Sir wasn't finished with me yet though, as I was stripped naked and put back across his lap for an extremely intimate hand spanking, with my dick trapped between his legs.


This is where I really entered spanking heaven and I'm pretty sure I moaned like a complete slut as his palm cracked down. My backside felt like it was glowing and the pain moved from a warm sting to a hot, prickly, peeling-sunburn kind of sensation.
Of course my erection had long since returned and when he had finished Sir had me stand at the end of the bed stark naked and wank my dick while he continued spanking my ass. I couldn't cum - maybe it was the nerves or the fact I've been trained never to cum before my partner - but Sir assured me this was something we could work on...
And that was it, at least for now. Afterwards I changed back into my day-to-day clothes (sadly noting that the ordeal had been too much for the strap of my wristwatch) and Sir and I had a nice talk about culture, sport, Jonathan's spanking art, and whether there will be a next time. I certainly hope so!

Postscript: Unfortunately there was an accident while I was transferring the pictures to my computer later, and I lost all of them apart from a few tiny thumbnails. So not only am I facing inevitable punishment for failing my first ever homework assignment, we're also going to have to recreate the photos all over again!