Friday, 11 December 2015

Vane manips: Timmy the Sissy Emo

I was rather flattered to find someone had reposted this old manip series I made years ago, using the art of one of my favorite cuckold artists: Jules Herve Vane aka Vaneggio. It's a bit rough and ready but as sissy goth porn is a severely underserviced area I thought I'd post it here:

The story is based almost word for word on a post from one of those 'phone a mistress' blogs that were everywhere a while back and seemed to have a similar function to the phoneline ads in the back of porn mags:

Today I was so naughty. I did something I've wanted to do for a while. I finally feminized my neighbor's 18-year-old son! He came round looking for his Mom and I answered the door in my full dominatrix gear. He didn't know where to put his eyes so I invited him in. He is one of those moody emo types so it didn't take much to turn him into a sweet little maid cleaning my apartment. When he comes back I think I might invite my black friends too. They're throwing a party for one of their homies who just got out the joint and they need a sissy whiteboy to make him feel at home. What an education my little sissy's going to get huh?

The way it jumps so suddenly from simple sissification of a naive emo to full on gay interracial sex slavery is still one of the sexiest things I've ever read!
I have such a thing for goths, or rather their more mainstream version, the emo. In my mind emo males are always skinny and cute, and wear things like studded chokers and wristbands that make them halfway to submissive sissy slaves already. It's just a small step to them wearing fishnet stockings and size 10 heels! Just imagine what would happen to them in prison
And of course emo females are extremely slutty and kinky, and would no doubt subject their emo boyfriends to endless spankings, crossdressings, strapon fuckings and bi cuckoldings with big dicked studs!


  1. It is surprising how helpful it is to put on sissy attire. It is surprising how much it helps us to accept our role. Plus it sends a clear message to others what we are.

    As a cuck, it is much easier to be immediately submissive to a bull when we are dressed in a bra and panties, or baby doll or any other appropriately sissy attire. Answering the door for him like that and we both clearly understand and accept our role.

    And the monthly BDSM parties, show up in sissy attire and you will receive the appropriate attention.

    1. I do quite like the idea of being sissified but it's not my number-one fetish and I've never actually done it. I think I would need a mistress (or master) to 'make' me do it.

  2. Yes for me too it is more a means to an end. It doesn't really turn me on to put on something fem, but the embarrassment etc., of being around others that are normally dressed and here i am in an outfit that clearly says that i am a sissy. I had a pro domme that allowed me to accompany her to a get together. When we got there she had me take off my male outer things, leaving me in a short baby doll, nothing below, shaved with a well strapped bottom.

    1. That is actually pretty hot but I think if I was out with a pro domme I think I would like to be naked apart from a collar and leash... and a well-strapped bottom!