Saturday, 24 August 2019

Boyfriend's Black Stepdad (Jonathan art manips)

In these days of 'mixed families', when boys regularly return from university to find themselves under the jurisdic(k)tion of a new, much stricter man of the house, it isn't beyond the realms of possibility that a nice middle-class white girl with more than a passing interest in black men may discover that her supposedly straight boyfriend has a great chunk of black male step-relatives waiting for him (and her) when he gets home...

I'm quite pleased with how this series has captured the intense eroticism of what is undeniably a rather filthy fantasy. Particularly it the last scene, you can almost smell the sweat and spunk rolling off the dominant black men, and taste the juices of the white couple's extremely well-fucked holes.

Despite the anguish on his face, Robbie is intended to be a quite willing participant. Once again, the attentions of a strict stepfather and muscular black brothers have awakened the not-too-deeply-buried submissive gay fantasies present in all middle-class whiteboys. The anguish can be explained by the simple fact that bare-ass belt whippings still hurt like hell even when the fire is designed to prepare the buttocks for penetration rather than punish! Plus, if you look closely in the last pic, you'll see that the older man has only just inserted his big black cock-head into Robbie's tight little sphincter. As I know from experience (though with a big rubber cock rather than a thick black one), this is always the worst part, and once that long veiny shaft starts sliding in and out of your hole, things get a lot more pleasurable!

This series started life as 'When Stepbrothers Share Rooms', a potential new entry in my Ladies Watch Guys Go Gay series of ebooks, featuring a group of young female friends discussing the gay antics that go on between their brothers and stepbrothers when they have to share rooms. I couldn't quite make it work as a book, nor as a manip in its original form. But perhaps this was a conversation Robbie's own sister (or perhaps his girlfriend if you prefer) might have had with her own friends... with Robbie in the room, utterly mortified of course :D

I suppose it might have gone something like this...

Christina  Hey girls, big news! My Mom's new man and my two hunky stepbrothers are about to move in with us. As a girl, I'm guaranteed to get a room all of my own, but that means my 18-year-old little brother has to share a room with our two older stepbrothers! My little bro is kinda worried about this. Got any stories to set his mind at rest?

Charlene  Oh hell no! My stepdad just loves whupping my brother's cute little butt, and every stepdad I know is the same!

The best was when he spanked him on his 18th birthday, straight out the shower! 

Gemma  Any time my little bro gave my stepdad any hint of 'tude he got his cute little butt whipped. And my stepuncles and older stepbrothers got to spank him too!

Lisa  My brother has to share a room with our older stepbrother. Mind you, that doesn't seem to stop them jacking off whenever my Mom and stepdad are out. Their room always stinks of sweat and cum, but I can't resist watching through the crack in the door!

Sometimes I even catch them playing with each other and let me tell you, that's quite a show!

Christina  Oh I don't think my bro would be into that, he's not gay.
Charlene  Well if your stepbrothers are older than him he might not have a choice!
Kristen  He'll be lucky if that's all it is! My brother is the youngest and he has to share a room with our two older stepbrothers, and they're always making him do all kinds of shit. I like to watch through the crack in the door. You should see the look on his face when they make him suck their big smelly dicks!

Rhiannon  My brother used to have to suck my stepbrother's dick whenever my Mom and stepdad were out. And one time my stepdad came back early and caught them, so he whupped my brother's ass, and then my brother had to suck my stepdad's dick as well!

Crystal  I once walked in on my hunky 19-year-old stepbrother pounding my brother's well-spanked ass. That's how I know my brother's Anal face is the same as his 'Getting Spanked' face'!

All  Oooooooh!
Crystal  I know! And he couldn't pretend he wasn't enjoying it cus my stepbrother reached around and after just a few pumps of his hard little chubby my bro shot a paddling-pool full of spunk all over his pillow!

Christina  Oh wow! Well girlies, thanks for 'setting his mind at rest' (teehee)... Oh by the way, did I mention that my new stepdad and stepbrothers are BLACK!
All  Oh boy, is he going to GET IT!

Got any steamy stepfamily stories of your own to share? Let us know in the comments...

Friday, 9 August 2019

Headmaster for Housewives 2: He Brings Pleasure Through Punishment (erotic ebook)

From slack student-teachers to flighty fiancees, horny housewives to haughty heads of department – the Headmaster has his work cut out satisfying the cravings of naughty married ladies!

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My Headmaster for Housewives series is an attempt to update the classic British schoolgirl spanking stories for the modern age. After all, it's over three decades since any British schoolgirl or schoolboy was caned/strapped/slippered – unless you were (un)lucky enough to go to private school. While spanking is very much still 'The English Vice', these days it's grownup boys and girls getting all the caning fun rather than terrified schoolchildren quivering under the rod. Though they still wear school uniform...


Corporal punishment wasn't banned in British private schools until 1998, so it is possible (though unlikely) that plenty of slipperings, strappings and canings were meted out to the well-bred young ladies who attended these establishments during the 1990s...

As one of the first ever spanking stories I ever read succinctly put it...

It just didn’t seem right that we could go on and cane the kids with rich parents, and not those from poorer backgrounds for the same offence!

This snippet is from '24 of the Best', a story that clearly made a big impression on me when I stumbled across it as a spanking-obsessed young teen. The following passages certainly provided inspiration for Belmont Ladies' College, the school in Headmaster for Housewives:

There was one thing that did slightly worry me, though,  and that was the disciplinary regime at Winthrop. To say it was strict was an understatement: the girls seemed to live in almost constant fear of punishment, and some of the staff seemed to take an almost unhealthy delight in meting out correction. Arrived two minutes late for a lesson, young girl?  Come and bend over my desk at the front of the class and take three swats with the slipper. Caught misbehaving during the lunch break? Report to your Housemaster this evening for six of the best with the tawse.
And worst of all, for those girls committing some particularly heinous crime - the knock on the door in the middle of the lesson, the folded note handed to the teacher; “Miss Fisher, would you please go with the Headmaster’s secretary to his office, as he wants to see you.” And fifteen, maybe twenty minutes later, the young lass would knock on the door and come back in, by now dishevelled and with tears in her eyes, and would wince as she lowered herself gingerly into her desk and onto her newly-caned buttocks.
Punishments were a frequent topic of discussion in the staff room as well. The Housemasters - who had the main responsibility for discipline for the girls - would quite often regale the room with accounts of the thrashings they had just doled out: whether they’d used the tawse or the cane, how many strokes they had given, whether the girl cried, and so on. I remember the excitement one morning when a large package marked “Lochgelly” arrived containing a batch of new “heavy grade” leather tawses, and the vicious two-tailed straps were handed round and much admired. (And I also remember how the Housemasters agreed that they would each find an opportunity that day to use the new implements, and them reporting back that evening on the agonies that they had inflicted).
Now, I found it somewhat difficult to relate to all of this. Sure, when I’d been a schoolboy myself, the cane had been used  - but not on good boys like me! Here, I guess a girl was lucky if she got through her time at the school without at least a slippering in front of the class.

The sadistic masters who make sure that every girl experiences corporal punishment (whether she deserves it or not!) and the delivery of a consignment of tawses as an 'upgrade' to the humble English slipper were all features of Belmont before corporal punishment was banned in 1998.

The Headmaster has been at the school since 1990, and so he himself was one of these sadistic masters, and has plenty of experience in the application of cane and tawse. This means there are plenty of occasions in the books when he reminisces about some good old fashioned schoolgirl spanking discipline, as well as spanking his way through many, many grownup women.

The books are set in 2002, so the Headmaster is still young, distinguished and handsome enough to appeal to all those lusty English ladies – the bored mothers of pupils, the sex-starved wives of governors, the lonely female teachers – who are all keen for a taste of the Headmaster's rod (double entendre very much intended!)


The story opens with one of those ladies, the gorgeous and utterly filthy Mrs Fossington, Head of English, receiving a right royal seeing-to across the Headmaster's desk. Despite having never been caned at school, like all English ladies she cannot resist the stinging charms of the cane or tawse, and the heat in her bottom soon has her spreading her legs for the handsome Headmaster!

Much is made of the fact that few of the women in the Headmaster's 'harem' were ever actually caned at school. The 'romance' of the rod is just so strong, with spanking now considered very much a sex act, but with this being mixed with the memories and connotations from upbringings where spankings and canings were possible, if never actually carried out.

In the second part Mrs Fossington shows that the cane's allure reaches across the generations as she hauls two of her student-teachers, Trudy and Miranda, in front of the Headmaster. This is supposedly for the purposes of official school discipline, but really it is because Mrs Fossington wants to introduce these two younger ladies to the delights of a spanking, caning and fucking from the hunky Headmaster...


Sure enough, the Headmaster soon has all of them dressed up in full school uniform and well and truly dancing on the end of his rod!


Including the haughty Mrs Fossington!

Not that she isn't asking for it! Mrs Fossington makes the classic 'smart little madam' mistake of being a little too enthusiastic in the encouragement of her subordinates' discipline...

And there are also rather a lot of hints that the highly sexed Head of English has been having her own fun with the two younger schoolmistresses... 

No doubt the Headmaster will need to put her well and truly in her place!

Once the insatiable members of staff have been brought into line, the Headmaster must deal with yet another disgruntled mother of a student... except this time her husband will be along for the ride...

Mr Michael Henderson is a rude, quarrelsome individual, and his lack of manners costs him dear when his lovely wife Jackie consents to be spanked and fucked by the Headmaster as her boorish husband looks on!