Friday, 28 July 2017

Endart manips: Bulls Spank Cuckolds 2

Time for more pictures of helpless cuckolds receiving long, hard spankings from their wives' lovers. I've included a few of my favourite scenarios here...

What husband hasn't worried about one or more of his wife's lovers returning to take charge of her once again (and in this case, him as well!) And what self-respecting spanko doesn't enjoy 'traditional' BDSM dungeon scenes replete with PVC and restraints and collars - and cocksucking! Well you didn't expect they'd get away with just spanking did you, especially considering my recent oral fixation :D
Family scenes are a huge turn on for me and it's no doubt due to the pure helplessness of the situation - there's nowhere you can run when it's your dad/brother/uncle/cousin fucking your wife. Stepdads are doubly dominant - first he fucked your dad's wife (and maybe you too depending on how wicked he is) and now he's fucking yours while still spanking you just like when you were a boy!
My love for goths/emos and cuckings that crossthe class divide are well documented. But I thought it was important to show that it isn't just white-collar wage slaves who get spanked and cucked. Posh ladies are well-known for enjoying both the kinkier side of spanking and a thick working-class cock (think Lady Sonia) so why wouldn't they have their mechanics/chauffeurs/groundsmen spank their husbands before giving their tight posh pussies a good seeing to!
The last pic is inspired by one of my favourite erotic stories, where a wife and her friends are treated to the sight of her husband getting spanked (and more) by a much manlier man at a raunchy birthday party. It's by Gwoman111 and you can find it at

Friday, 14 July 2017

Sucking cock in school uniform

Given my recent exhortations that middle-class boys should regularly be spanked and suck the cocks of older men, it seems fitting that last year I was summoned to my master's house to make sure I was practicing what I preach...

Dressed as a traditional British Schoolboy (white shirt, tie, shorts, grey knees socks, shiny shoes) I was bent over a small table in my private tutor's living room and slippered hard over my tight school shorts, then over my tight white briefs, and finally on my bare bottom...


In between each dose of the slipper my tutor had me stand at his knee and informed me that as I hadn't studied my homework (the poem 'In Xanadu did Kubla Khan...' he was going to give me some 'associations' to go with the imagery (domes, foundations, towers and suchlike). He then proceeded to vigorously manhandle my nether regions so that I moaned in humiliation, but my stiff cock in my school shorts revealed that like all middle-class schoolboys I was (not so) secretly enjoying submitting to another man.

After going across his lap for more of the slipper, Sir informed me that he had heard that I had been fraternizing with the rowing team (not willingly of course) and told me he was going to give me a dose of what they would no doubt be doing me. No doubt like many a schoolboy before me, I had to endure being penetrated by my tutor as well as being spanked hard! Following this I was ordered to sit on Sir's knee while he manhandled my erection - I wasn't fooling anyone if I tried to claim I wasn't enjoying such treatment.

Of course no school uniform scene would be complete without the cane (and perhaps, in hindsight, I deserved it given how long it took me to write this post!), so I got it next, on the bare, bent over in the traditional pose and also over the arm of the sofa.

Sir then announced that we needed a break. Then he ordered me to undo his zip... My break was to consist of me sucking his stiff hard cock with his hand placed firmly on the back of my head! By now I was deep in submissive mode and all too happy to suck on my master's dick, but my sucking didn't spare my bottom further punishment for Sir soon had me back across his lap and thoroughly blistered my behind with the dreaded wooden hairbrush. Then he finished off with more of his hand... both on my bottom and on my cock.

Sir had promised I wasn't done sucking cock and so it happened that I was on my knees, sucking cock as he stood before me. I wonder how many other boys have been in the same exact position - on their knees in the same school uniform, sucking their tutor's cock to avoid further strokes of the cane and/or a bad report to their parents...

Well I didn't get anymore strokes of the cane...but I did get a good leathering with the leather belt over the back of the sofa...

This was really more of a treat than a punishment though, as there is something about the belt that lights a fire in all the right places! After this I was finally allowed to get my hands on my own cock, but my humiliations weren't over yet. Sir had been taking photos all through the session and he didn't stop now, snapping me in all kinds of compromising positions as I pleasured myself to orgasm, shooting a creamy white load all over my school shirt and tie. No doubt I'll get another spanking from my Mum for giving her such a disgusting piece of laundry when I get home ;)

A few weeks after this session, I entered into an exclusive relationship, which is why there haven't been many accounts of my real-life hookups with spankers and spankees recently. It also means there won't be any more after this one, so I hope you've enjoyed reading about this extremely exciting chapter in my (sex) life!