Friday, 4 December 2020

Dog Collar Discipline (A Sizzling Sectarian Love Story)

'Father forgive me, for I have sinned...'
If you're in need of an erotic escape from the trials of day-to-day life (especially this year!), or want a naughty little Christmas present to slip into your partner's stocking/Kindle, then perhaps you should check out my latest ebook...

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Somewhere south of the border between England and Scotland, two villages are locked in an endless struggle. One Protestant, one Catholic, the inhabitants can't even remember why they hate each other – but hate each other they do!

Into it all ride Father Blisset and Father Walsh, two handsome young clergyman who seek to reform, but who are soon dragged down into the quagmire of hypocrisy and religious conflict – not to mention the villagers' extremely traditional views on the use of corporal punishment!

At the heart of everything lie Mandy and Charlotte, two delicate roses seeking to survive and escape the soul-crushing drudgery (and bottom-sizzling discipline) they must endure as young women in the Vale of Black Kettle Drop. But are they seeking to escape the discipline, or just to take it on their own terms...?

While this ebook is branded as a romance, and therefore has a nice meaty plot to get your teeth into, there are still many, many erotic scenes to satisfy your cravings (maybe even more than in my last romance). In fact I'm starting to think it may have been a bit of a stretch to brand this as a romantic novella rather than erotica – hopefully it won't be too shocking for the more reserved Kindle Unlimited subscribers...

In fact, they might even learn that they rather enjoy reading about strict matriarchs dragging their rebellious daughters to the vicarage for punishment...

Or those same matriarchs offering their own naked bottoms for the cane afterwards...

After all, they wouldn't want their husbands to find out what they admitted in confession!

And then the lecherous priests give them another dose of what got them into trouble in the first place!

Not to mention those same rebellious daughters getting soundly belted by their strict fathers until they agree to be married off to decent older men...

Instead of having fun with all the rough, exciting boys from the village...

And convincing the local clergymen to go easy on them when their mothers bring them for punishment!


  1. Hey there Q, while I am not quite sure this story would be right for me personally, I am intrigued by the specificity of it. At least the way you describe it. As a writer myself, I have struggled with what I feel is a very low effort to reward ratio. I often feel that what I write is just too much of a niche within a niche to ever get any substantial following. When I see your stuff, which is even more specific and geared towards controversial areas of D/s and BDSM like cuckolding and M/m scenarios, and with this story, the introduction of religion being used perversely, I wonder if you suffer from an even worse return on your 'investment'?

    I'm not sure if the sort of writing we do, even while yours and mine are different in some ways and similar in others, is worth the effort? Any thoughts?

    1. Hi there KD. I would say I have actually dabbled in quite a few different 'niches' to see what works. I tend to save the hardcore cuckolding and M/M stuff for my manips and blogposts, while maledom and more traditional domestic discipline/corporal punishment scenarios seem more suited to erotic ebooks.
      In terms of this latest story, I would have said that church/religion is actually a fairly 'mainstream' taboo/fantasy scenario for erotica. Although perhaps you mean the way I am using it is more unusual?
      I enjoy creating erotica so I guess you could say it is worth the effort as long as that is the case :)

  2. As a would-be writer myself, who dabbles with humiliation and role reversal along with toying with cuckold humiliations, I am intrigued to see how this motiff works for you as well. Being known as Fatherjim is not without some reason and though I have never been a man of the cloth, I often wonder if they would use their authority to abuse women, especially when dealing with expiating their sins.

    I grew up surrounded by priests and nuns, and still associate corporal punishment with the nuns and priests like peanut butter and jelly.

    Using their position of power to lead women to sex, well,that certainly beats children, so it would be a move in the right direction anyways!

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the clergy certainly were absolute in their authority in the past. Nice to see how it plays out today!

    1. The corrupt church/clergyman theme certainly provides plenty of inspiration for spanking and sex scenes, and I think it would work with humiliation and cuckolding as well (in fact there is a fair bit of cuckolding in this story, though the traditional behind-closed-door kinds). I definitely drew on all the sterotypical ideas you've mentioned about priests being associated with corporal punishment and using their power to lead women to sex.
      Though thinking back, the main inspiration for this book was actually the 'Hot Priest' character from the second series of Fleabag. Or more specifically, all the press coverage suggesting he was something of a heart-throb, which made me wonder about an erotic romance centred around such a character... and given my predilection for BDSM erotica, that's predictably where it ended up :D

  3. There is another Roger Benson image you posted where the girl's dress is pulled up from behind so the vicar can get an eyeful of her butt while she is scolded by her aunt (?).
    image-109.jpeg (474×668) (
    But there is also another drawing of the same scene where the aunt (?) is in the foreground and is about to face-slap her niece (?) while the uncle (?), sitting behind, pulls her panties down. To the humiliation of a submissive waiting for a face-slap is added that of accepting the lowering of her panties. The little one is, so to speak, "caught in the crossfire".

    1. Yes I know the one you mean, Roger Benson has several variations of the same scene and they all have their charms :D
      His DA page seems to have been deactivated otherwise I'd post a link.
      Here's Sir Noddy's though for good measure
      I really should post these whenever I use the art!

  4. It's more like this drawing but with the woman in the foreground

    1. Ah yes, a proper vintage scolding!
      The updated version had the caption 'Uncle Gerard enjoys the view' :D

    2. This may not be of great interest to you, but I have found the origin of the image I remembered: it is composed, as is often the case, of several images which combined to form only one in my memory. These images are from this sequence of "Miss Fran" ....

    3. It certainly is thanks... I remember that cat9tails site from my time as a wide-eyed teen in the early days of the internet!