Monday, 25 May 2015

Artists I love: Banjo

When I first got into spanking art I was very snooty about posed/rendered/3D works (whatever the proper name for them is), preferring drawn/painted artworks. This snobbery was of course misplaced (I really should be punished for it one day...), and nowhere is this more true than in the work of Banjo. His creations really get across the sexiness, pain and humiliation of femdom spankings.

Young or old, his spankers are smoking hot, gorgeous babes who are entirely confident in their responsibility (and love) of blistering the bare bottoms of the boys in their lives...

Banjo's ladies often wear a smirk rather than a scowl, and this adds to the eroticism as they all seem to be that cocky sort of female who just loves to a see a man in trouble and punished. Whether they're guilty or not! It's just so unfair!

And of course he does angry ladies just as well. No doubt these boys knew they were in trouble long before they were staring at their ladies' ankles!

His spankees are cute too, with the sort of pert male bottoms that any dominant woman (or man...) would love to have in their bedroom to spank and penetrate...

As good as he is at capturing the intimacy of spanking between couples, public punishments are perhaps Banjo's forte. For those of us who long to be punished in front of friends, parents, in-laws, colleagues, acquaintances or in fact any old stranger, he perfectly captures the thrill and humiliation in our desires.

And while he is among the best at depicting the humiliation and unfairness inherent in spanking, it's also clear that his punishments are very, very painful, as his howling spankees suffer scorching spankings and brutal belt whippings until they do as they are told...

Banjo's huge back catalog features almost any scenario you could think of...

Whether it’s that first love who took the time to introduce you to the joys of spanking (whether you liked it or not!)...

Sizzling spankings to match the season (check out that spectacular leather belt on Santa's helper!)...

Or that spanking threesome you were so looking forward to turning into a twosome, with just spanking for you!

The uniforms and outfits on his gorgeous ladies are exquisite, and his school scenarios are perhaps the perfect examples of tale-telling girls who get innocent boys into LOTS of trouble (unfair spankings are a big thing for Banjo it seems, and I love them too!).
And no one captures the shame of an inopportune erection in front of giggling girls as well as Banjo!

Banjo posts his art at and his comments really add something to the worlds of each piece of work. Also, it’s still a treat to revisit his older renders in his Flashback posts (also available at his old Yahoo group

Friday, 8 May 2015

Jonathan art manips: Life in Prison

The only thing harder than prison life for a middle-class whiteboy is the big erect cocks that will be sliding in and out of his ass and mouth on an hourly basis! And that's practically vanilla when it comes to hot gay prison sex!
As a great artist once said 'All whiteboys are fags - none excepted'! So maybe prisons are really just places where stuck-up suburban whiteboys get their deepest fantasies intimately explored by big black men. But before you get to the intimacy of the cells with their thin sheets and well-bitten pillows, you've got to get past the guards.
The only qualification needed to become a prison guard is to be a bullying jock. Who knows, maybe the same guy who beat on you for your lunch money is the same guy who's popping your anal cherry with his fingers during your unnecessarily intimate entrance inspection. And then, after you've been given a good flogging, properly popping it with his big cock!

Once the guards are finished with you, you'll be handed over to your cellmate(s). You won't be needing your prison jumpsuit, as the sex-starved convicts in your block will want to feast their eyes on your skinny runt of a body, especially your soft pink mouth and tight little buns! They'll no doubt give you a new name - perhaps 'Ruby' in tribute to the color they like to turn your ass with their belts? And if your new prison daddy doesn't think enough of you to christen you anything more than 'Bitch' or 'Whitey' then you know you're in for an even rougher time than average! But no matter what your name, there's certain things that always happen to a whiteboy in prison:

It's a sad fact of our society that there aren't enough middle-class whiteboys to go round in prison. Convicts have several ways of dealing with this. Whiteboys in a three-man cell will find that 2 does go into 1 after all! And then there's Ride-the-whip Nights...

I've only recently come across this concept, but I have to say I love it! Imagine the feel of a big meaty mancock in your tight butthole all night, while you taste all different flavors of cocks. You'd learn if black cocks tasted different to Latino cocks, and whether a cut cock is better or if a foreskin helps 'hold in the flavor' :)
Prison showers are legendary. Like many middle-class whiteboys before me, my first exposure to gay sex was the idea that I could be bent over helpless in the prison showers while some rugged convict took me roughly from behind. But there doesn't seem to be much artwork featuring this classic scenario, so I hope this manip adds to the balance:

Of course a soft whiteboy mouth is often put to work on a nice thick cock during his assfuckings, but he might also get to try another classic prison sex scenario - 'tossing the salad', i.e. using your well-trained tongue to pleasure a bigger man's sweaty, smelly asshole. I love the idea as it's just so naughty and submissive, and it seems to fit right in with shower scenarios.