Friday, 29 May 2020

Headmaster for Housewives 10: Your Time with the Headmaster (erotic ebook)

Have you ever fantasized about submitting to a strong, authoritative man? Do you dream of throwing away your responsibilities and letting yourself be dominated, punished and ruled by the rod? Well, all your wildest fantasies can now come true, at the hands of the Headmaster...

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My latest erotic ebook is written in second person, so it is addressed directly to the reader. This means that, instead of:

Here she was, a respectable married lady in her early forties, getting her bottom tanned like a naughty schoolgirl... and getting wetter than an English summer while she was about it!

We have...

Here you are, a respectable married lady in your early forties, getting your bottom tanned like a naughty schoolgirl and getting wetter than an English summer while you're about it!

Or instead of this:

He peeled her off the desk like a wet silk scarf and pushed her down into one of the big Chesterfield sofas, making her moan gloriously as her blazing bottom sank into the cool red leather and his hands worked furiously at the buttons of her blouse, desperate to get a feel of her aching tits, reminding her of her boyfriend behind the bike sheds.

We have this:

He peels you off the desk like a wet silk scarf and pushes you down into one of the big Chesterfield sofas, making you moan gloriously as your blazing bottom sinks into the cool red leather and his hands work furiously at the buttons of your blouse, desperate to get a feel of your aching tits, reminding you of your boyfriend behind the bike sheds.

I have been always been fascinated by the idea of second-person fiction, and it is rather rare outside 'Choose Your Own Adventure'-type books. It occurred to me that it might be an excellent format for erotica... being told things are happening to you, rather than reading about them happening to someone else...

...or someone telling you how they happened to them.

While writing the stories and reading through them, I found the second-person perspective to be rather intense and something of mindfuck... I'd certainly be interested in what female readers thought of it!

So, will you be the newly married trainee teacher, offering herself in penance for her failings?

Or the bored housewife, visiting the Headmaster to get what her husband can't give her?

Or the smart, successful businesswoman, who has it all, but still wants more?

All your fantasies will come true when you step inside the Headmaster's study!

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Mother Daughter Cuckolding (Jonathan art manips)

I have created this series to commemorate a time of year when British boys get very nervous indeed...

Yes it's Mother's Day... in America. But that means British male internet users still get bombarded with all the reminders and advertising reminding them to BUY BUY BUY the usual cards, presents etc. Especially this morning, many a British boy will have broken out in a cold sweat at the sudden fear that he has forgotten about Mother's Day (even though he no doubt treated his mother to a very large and very expensive card/present/dinner out on British Mother's Day only a few months before.)
Because we all know (thanks to excellent art by the likes of Nate) that England is the land where Mums Smack Bums and Wives Tan Hides...

And we know what those stern British matriarchs would do to their boys if they did dare forget Mother's Day...

"I don't care if you're married with three kids and are the senior accountant at a prominent're not too old to have your pants pulled down for a good hard spanking just like when you were a boy!"

If a British boy was unfortunate enough to forget Mother's Day, who knows what other punishments he would suffer in addition to the inevitable spanking. Perhaps his wife would decide that his selfishness means that she doesn't need to feel so bad about agreeing to go for a drink with that cute black guy from work... and maybe her own mother would like to babysit hubby while she's out.... Maybe this is what happened in the second pic.
No doubt there are mothers out there who would consider having a submissive young son-in-law (or two) in her power for an evening to be an extremely desirable Mother's Day gift indeed. The boys will certainly be working through some very powerful feelings as they worship those heaving matriarchal breasts, lap obediently at that mature pussy, are soundly spanked across those broad thighs and are crushed beneath that fat, voluptuous arse!

Mother's Day is a time for mothers and daughters to come together and make it quite clear to their Hubbies and Daddies that they are in charge and the boys better do as they're told if they don't want to be severely punished... either by their wives, their mothers or the men who are fucking them! I particularly enjoy the look of panic on the face of the Dad in the third pic. No doubt he has previously been spanked by his wife's big hulking lover and been made to endure all kinds of cuckold humiliations. But that was behind closed doors. Now as well as the pain in his arse he is looking around at the horrifying (for a middle-class white male) scenes in his living room and realizing that his darling daughter is just as cruel and twisted as her mother, and now every family gathering is going to be dominated by scenes of cuckolding, spanking, cocksucking, clean-up duties and other humiliations!

You may have noticed that the caption in the first manip is a tribute to one of the great Femdom artworks by Eric Stanton, showing a strict Disciplinarian wife punishing her hubby:

Needless to say, I have fantasized many times about being married to such a dominant woman, getting soundly whipped for the slightest hint of disobedience. And looking at her attire, you have to wonder where she has been... no doubt there is some cuckolding going on as well!
I imagine that this sort of thing goes on all the time behind closed doors in England, with the stout middle-class matriarch putting her grownup son across her lap and teaching him that he is to fear and obey his wife just as he fears and obeys his mother!
No doubt the cute bespectacled couple have some respectable middle-class profession. Perhaps they are lecturers in the same university, but all their education won't save them from the irresistible lure of a big black cock, just as the hubbies in the other two pics are discovering!
British mothers have already had their Mothering Sunday of course, but no doubt they would agree that they deserve a second day on the same day as the American Mother's Day to save all this confusion. Perhaps the second day could truly celebrate the Femdom side of matriarchy... Happy Smothers Day anyone?