Friday, 19 April 2019

Jay Em manips: Hubbysitting

For my second set of Jay Em manips I thought I'd focus more on matriarchal spankings to give a chance for some of his spankers who previously starred in now-forbidden material to get another chance in the spotlight...

I've written before about the intense feelings aroused by cuckold husbands being spanked by mothers and mothers-in-law (especially when they use an implement that the unfortunate male is all-too-familiar with from previous spankings). One imagines that 'hubbysitting' comes about through an agreement between a dominant matriarch and her daughter/daughter-in-law. It isn't enough that another man is satisfying the cuckold's wife, he must be reminded of his place in the order of things by being made to do chores and behave as his wife wants while she is getting fucked... and who better to enforce this than his own mother!

Jay Em's stern, voluptuous matriarchs would certainly agree that it is perfectly 'sensible' for a wife to take a lover if her husband is unable to satisfy her, or for her to sleep with her boss to gain a promotion that will only improve the family's social standing. And if the husband is unwilling, I'm sure the many painful memories brought back by his mother's good old hairbrush or trusty belt will soon have him obeying just as absolutely as he did when he was a boy!
And of course, if mother is unavailable (perhaps she's on a hot date with her own lover) it would perhaps be even more humiliating for the maid to be placed on 'hubbysitting' duty while the woman of the house is out. Or maybe the wife could hire an actual babysitter... I'm sure she would find that teenage girls these days are extremely open-minded!

These manips show spankings being delivered before (or just as) the unfortunate husband is to be cuckolded, but we can also imagine some delicious scenes once the wives have finished their liaisons:
- The husband standing naked in the corner, silently sobbing as his wife gives her mother a blow-by-blow account of just how hot her date got!
- Johnny's mother discovering to her 'disgust' that little Johnny has got hard during his cornertime while listening to his wife and her boss fucking like animals. She decides that further punishment is needed and whips his cock with the tip of the belt until it goes down!
- The cuckold husband getting down between his wife's legs to clean her well-fucked pussy, while the maid hands her a revitalising glass of champagne and tells her what a good boy he's been (or not!)

Friday, 5 April 2019

Playdate with the Bully (Ladies Watch Guys Go Gay 3)... new erotic ebook

It's fair to say that many of you share my fetish for school bullies returning to cuckold their unfortunate victims, and there is plenty more of it in the third book in my 'Ladies Watch Guys Go Gay' series, culminating in a hot bisexual orgy with two wives, two cuckolds and two big-dicked studs!

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The story picks up right where My Husband and the Bully left off, as Spike marches poor Joshua off to the bathroom for some more cuckolding bullying fun, while naughty wife Tiffany looks on!


Needless to say, swirlies are the order of the day. And given that I couldn't find any toons of swirlies, here is one I made earlier (accompanied by the inevitable belt whipping and buttfucking – I guess those vulnerable cuckold buttocks are just too irresistible in this position!)

Thing just get worse and worse for Joshua as he is subjected to more a more classic bullying techniques. As well a few things that probably aren't common in bullying but really should be, like being pissed on, getting his face farted on (and having to lick ass afterwards), getting burnt with cigarettes, chocolate swirlies, blumpkins and having to sleep with his wife's lover's cock in his mouth!

Plus of course when Spike finally finds the time to fuck Tiffany, Joshua has to join in by lying beneath them and pleasuring the bigger man's cock and balls with his delicate tongue while she gets well and truly screwed (another big fantasy of mine).

From then on, Joshua's life is one long parade of pain and humiliation. Tiffany allows her gay friend Trey to take him out as his 'boyfriend', leaving him to be felt up (and more) by lots of big horny men at raunchy gay clubs.

And when he comes home to his loving wife, Spike is inevitably there too for more bullying and cuckolding fun and games!

When Tiffany's sadistic friend Rachel (whose fault it is that Spike is back in their lives in the first place) hears about this, she wants in. She has been cuckolding her sissy husband Benjamin for years, and her latest stud Rick is very much interested in playing with the boys as well! So Tiffany and Rachel arrange a 'playdate' with their hubbies and their lovers. Dressing up in their sexiest clothes, they warm their hubbies butts up with a nice big double-ended dildo...

...before their studs arrive and treat them to a spectacular spanking and cocksucking show!

Needless to say the ladies are rather keen on tasting those big hard cocks themselves...

Before watching them disappear into their hubbies' tight little asses...

And then getting fucked to spectacular orgasms!

Do you think the poor hubbies will be allowed to cum after all of this? Maybe... but probably not without a big hard cock in both their butts!

If you like the sound of this, then please do check out my ebook, and please leave a review if you enjoy it.