Friday, 25 January 2019

Jay Em manips: Well-Spanked Cuckolds

Jay Em is one of my favourite spanking artists. As he is seemingly retired, I thought it would be a nice tribute to add his work to that of other legends like Jonathan, Endart, Vane, Eric Stanton and Nate and create some manips showing his creations in new situations. Specifically, situations where dominant bulls and sadistic wives spank the living daylights out of cuckold husbands' bare little bottoms!

Jay Em's drawings contain such furious energy and his stern characters deliver such blistering spankings that some people have complained that his work can seem a little 'over the top'. Well that isn't a concern when cuckolds are getting spanked... the cheating wives are sure to get a kick from seeing their subby hubbies get their sissy bottoms well and truly scorched and their poor little faces contorted in anguish!

In the third manip, I thought Jay Em's work would be perfect for showing a wife who dominates her  lovers as well as her cuckold husband. I love the idea of a voluptuous domme with a 'harem' of submissive studs who she spanks just as hard as her husband when they displease her! (I'm thinking of Inga from Eric Stanton's story 'Friends of the Family' for starters...)
Not that burly bulls aren't good too of course! I do like the idea of a manly sailor who's 'women in every port' aren't necessarily single! Imagine the dread of hearing your wife's phone jingle and then her gleefully announcing that 'Oooh John's ship is putting into port tomorrow. Better get ready for a fun weekend hubby!'

In 'real life' cuckolding, bulls often seem to be random men wives have met, perhaps out clubbing or through friends and mutual acquaintances (I'm sure many ladies take a delight in setting their married friends up to get fucked by other men!). But I find it sexier in my fantasy world if bulls fill certain roles, making it extra humiliating for the cuckold.

I wonder who would be the cruelest to be cuckolded by...
Your wife's boss and/or co-workers, so that you can only imagine what's happening to her when she's at work or at one of her many staff parties or conferences?
Your boss and/or co-workers, who you still need to go into work and take orders from even though they were spanking you and fucking your wife (and maybe you as well) the night before?
Or perhaps a family member (brother, father, uncle, cousin...) or family friend, who probably bullied you mercilessly growing up and so know just how to humiliate you to get your wife nice and hot!
And then of course there's the working men: plumbers, handymen, milkmen, removal men... You probably think that as a middle-class male, you should be above them on the totem pole. But you know - from the way they throw you around with their big manly strength, and make your wife squeal while you stand in the corner with your hands on your head - that you really aren't!

What are your favourite 'fantasy figures' when it comes to cuckolding? Please let me know in the comments and maybe they will inspire my future manips...


  1. Once again, strong applause for you -- pretty much the ONLY one on the Internet who understands the power of bull-spanks-hubby stories and drawings. You may recall that you illustrated (via Endart) several of my stories last year. Thanks for continuing to thrill not only guys but hot wives as well. My husband and I are not into MM spanking by itself. He's not gay or even bi. But when it's done with the wife watching and cheering, it's a great turn-on for both of us. Keep up the great work in 2019.

    1. Hello, where can we read your stories? (and there is also Vanessa Challand who is still an expert in cuckold stories)

  2. Thanks Lisa, I definitely plan to! Lots more well-spanked cuckolds on the way...

  3. The boss (pic 1) : "I like that my employees have very red buttocks when they are waiting at home while I spend the evening with their wives.
    It's also a fun topic of discussion to determine what we are going to do with him when we get home from dinner. Wives are sometimes so imaginative when they speak with whoever can increase their husband's salary!"

    1. I'm sure that would be a VERY fun discussion and the wife would get rather excited at how the boss plans to further show who's in charge by having her husband suck his cock to get it ready for her pussy, and lick his shaft and balls as he slides in and out of her willing holes.
      Although knowing you Mr Stern, I'm sure you have some far more creative ideas in mind ;)

    2. I see that we express the same disturbing excitement when it comes to forcing the cuckold husband to practice all kinds of sucking and licking exercises on his boss's beautiful cock while he fucks his wife...

      Only one other idea, but it's before the dinner.

      « When I ring at their door to take her to dinner, she sends her husband to open the door. He is in pajamas. The pajamas are childish, legs and sleeves too short for him, very tight. She screams from her bedroom upstairs that she is ready soon.
      I get rid of my coat and my scarf that I tend to her husband while asking him to turn, then I kick him in the ass which makes him waltz three meters and fall down with my clothing. His wife appears at that moment at the top of the stairs in a very low-cut sexy dress and, while her 4-legged husband tries to get up while rubbing his buttocks, she says "What is it you're doing on the floor, wee willie, stand up! And pour us a couple glasses, would you! »
      She approaches me and puts a kiss on my lips as she gently passes her hand on my crotch "You are erected! aren't you, Sir! » She looks me in the eyes "I want you to make him cry like a six-year-old girl! » »

  4. The boss (2) "When his wife and I go out to dinner, I like to leave the husband with dark crimson and very painful buttocks and if he started crying after this first spanking (which happens almost always) I like that his snivels and whines last until our return then to promptly add a second dose as a big wake-up call. Then, he has to suck my cock until I feel ready to introduce it deep inside her wife's pussy, which may take a while because it is a moment that I find extremely tasty on the psychological level."

    1. Love the idea of you (literally) 'kicking him around' in his little-boy jim-jams. I hadn't thought the cuckold would need a second spanking on their return, but now I see it would be necessary to ensure a suitably submissive blowjob :D

  5. I like the idea of the cruel wife appearing at the top of the stairs.... gorgeous and ready for the Real Man. I imagine her in maybe a red dress, figure hugging and to her calves, and bulging where that low cut cleavage shows. Dressed in such a way as the cuck knows he's never getting anywhere near her again, that she is given over to this superior, real man now. Her alluring presence only serves to taunt him ... remind him of his failure as a man ... and feel even more

    the defeated and submissive cuck. And on a deeper level she is probably far more nasty than the boss. To the boss, he's just some loser whose wife he cuckold's and whose ass he spanks... but for the wife there's a real satisfaction and sadism in exploiting her husband's inferior position. He's a weakling who fails as a husband, and no one despises weakness and failure as much as the Cruel Wife.

    "So hubby doesn't like being bossed by the boss? It seems right for you though doesn't, as you're not really a man... just a little wimp who needs to be treated like this. Yes look dear... how he rules your life both in the office and out? No escape for you.. Aww."

    I think the hubby's boss is the most nightmarish idea for him, as the whole psychological torment goes on in the workplace and his secrets are known, by the Man who decides what happens to him and at the end of everything controls his pay "package" and his future. So I'm sure he organizes many belittling tasks for the henpecked cuck. He's physically kicked around by the bigger man in his own home, then he's kicked around at work at the place his Boss controls. I wonder if the boss calls him derogatory names at work in front of his other staff... the cute admin assistants and secretaries. And his male colleagues too -- they'll chortle in the same way those grinning Jonathan guys do.

    Speaking of other males and that added humiliation, I'm sure the muscular plumbers and manual workers who come to work on the house know what happens, and we can imagine what their reaction would be. Laughter and jeering at the unmasculine "husband" being dominated in every aspect of his life by his attractive partner. Their macho culture would never allow for that, and he's ridiculed without mercy.
    To them he's the ultimate laughing stock and pathetic sissy. And if he's cute, some of them probably have other secret ideas of what they'd like to do to him, given time alone with Mr Wimpy Cuck. What shame for him.

    - Bowcuck

  6. The sadism of the wife is indeed attractive but here I am particularly drawn to the reactions of the males who find out (colleagues, plumbers, workers etc). Particularly the idea of them arranging some 'alone time' if he's 'cute'. I picture a young husband in his early twenties, on his knees sucking the experienced plumber's sweaty cock while his smirking wife looks on...

  7. Yes, he'd feel even more the wimp like that, I can picture it already. And the poor pansy "husband" who these masculine men feel more and more comfortable dominating... and the evil wife is more than happy to encourage it, if not to arrange for it to happen. Cos... she's the alluring woman that tempts and seduces them in the first instance, now they find exactly what a weakling he is there will be no ending to it.
    I'm sure the work schedule would need to be extended, particularly now he is involved in the "manual" labor!
    I'm sure if any of those guys particularly catch her eye they'll be over in the evenings to carry out some overnight efforts. Which he pays for of course.

    1. Speaking of the work schedule, I've often thought that when a wife fucks the builders it will inevitably take them longer to do the job, thereby costing the husband money. Although in this case he would be well aware of the reason for the delay :D

    2. Even worse for him, the attention his wife has from the workingmen and in particular plumbers had led to something of a thing for them. She likes these guys who do things with their hands - and with other equipment too. Who can blame her, these are men, not effeminate, ineffectual wimps like her so called husband.
      She's even started seeing one of these guys who she met via text:

      And she's really hooked on him.
      This freaks out the hubby... this guy is not only good looking but so much more a man than him, and for some strange reason makes the wimp feel so inferior and worried. He's so cocky and full of himself, and his wife is just swooning over this guy's body and how muscular he is. The hot plumber just laughs. He's used to it, used to women feeling this way and so yes... maybe it looks like little wimp hubby does have some things to be anxious about. What is going to happen?

    3. It certainly would be incredibly intimidating for the husband, watching a man like that seduce his wife and then fuck her in front of him, hoping that he doesn't make hubby joining in (or secretly hoping that he does!)