Friday, 27 July 2018

Nate manips: Matrons and Matriarchs

Time for my other series featuring Nate's classic artworks of gorgeous, voluptuous and ever-so-strict matriarchs. Fortunately, boys are never too old to go over their mother's knee for humiliating bare bottom spankings, and so these strict Mummies can happily smack the bare bottoms of their 18-year-old supposedly grownup sons as well as their hapless henpecked husbands...

There is something special about the idea of a boy being spanked by his own mother. Stepmothers are an adequate substitute, especially in porn, but when it comes to spanking there are few things more evocative than a strict, matronly mother who still puts her grownup sons over her knee when they are naughty. Like I suspect many submissive males have, I have wrestled with the guilt of this fantasy all my life, as obviously we all have real mothers, and obviously they are nothing like the merciless harridans Nate portrays (or perhaps yours was - if so please let us know in the comments!) and would be mortified to think of the mother/son relationship in this way. But despite the guilt I just can't help wanking at the thought of being spanked across my mother's knee as friends, aunties, sisters and cousins look on (and then join in). And then being made to play with myself (and other boys) in front of them or even suck on a big manly cock for their amusement.
Getting spanked by our mothers throughout childhood, adolescence and adulthood would have all sorts of implications for us quiet, sensitive, middle-class boys. For the rest of our lives we would associate sex with maternal spanking and everything that goes with it: the perfume, the pearl necklace dangling above the heaving bosom, the powerful thighs, the firm hands, the shotputter-strength arms, the rattle on impact of dainty feminine wristwatches and jewelry... And once we find a woman our age who offers this, we'll also have found our wife (not that mother won't still be allowed to spank her naughty little boy now and then).
Our first orgasms probably won't come under the sheets from surreptitious rubbing, but across our mother's laps as our slim little peckers rub against her lacy stocking-tops. I've found some accounts online purporting to be from mothers who spank their grownup sons and who absolutely delight in spanking them until they ejaculate across their laps! The best story was from a certain 'Strict Marie':

Both of my sons still get regular spankings over my lap, in the nude, & both have an erection whenever it happens.
They both know my rules & rituals whenever I need to punish them. I send the offender to his room, & then go in there myself. I then begin undressing them, (something they are not allowed to do themselves, my doing it adds to their humiliation at having to be punished), scolding/lecturing them as I do. Once they are nude, they have to stand there, their hands at their sides, as I continue scolding them. They always have an erection then. I then take them over my lap & use my hairbrush on their bottoms until they are nice & deep red, & I've felt an erection pressing against my leg more times than I can count. They then have to stand in front of me again while I finish my lecture, & they then get corner time nude as well. All during this they keep an erection.
Both of my sons have also had orgasms while I spank them...about 2 orgasms a month when being spanked. In both cases I have learned to keep a towel over my lap when spanking either of them. No I am not going to stop spanking them because of that. The erections & orgasms are additional humiliations that ensures they learn their lesson. My Mom did the same with my younger brother, with the same results, & he learned...
I use the technique I do for several reasons:
1-The humiliation aspect of being as old as they are, & still being naked over Mommy's lap for a spanking.
2-The humiliation of Mommy undressing & scolding them naked.
3-The humiliation of Mommy seeing, (& making derogatory comments), on their "little chubbies", (aka erections), & both Mommy & them knowing that they are aroused from all of this.
4-The humiliation of coming in Mommy's lap from Mommy spanking them, as well as the comments that Mommy makes then.
5-Finally, the humiliation of knowing that Mommy is in control of their coming then. 

I've never been 'spanked till I spunked', and I don't know if it's even really possible, but I sure wouldn't mind trying! Strict Marie certainly seems to have shades of Betty's Mom (and perhaps she is related to 'Strict Julie'). I love the description of her sons' cocks as 'little chubbies' - I think all middle-class mothers and wives should use this term to refer to their sons'/husbands' diminutive erections. I'm sure Nate's ladies wouldn't think twice about adding this extra level of humilation...