Friday, 20 February 2015

Betty's Diary 2.3: Dicks hard at dinnertime

Before I had finished snapping the belt on the couch, my husband and brother each had hold of the other's dick, rubbing away for all they were worth. In no time at all, I was awarded with two boners pointing toward the sky. Boy, I just love the changes around here since my birthday party last weekend. Who would had thought that being 26 would be so much fun?
Dear Diary, it was a real hoot at dinner watching the brats trying to at the same time eat and keep each other hard. So that the rest of us could keep a check on whether the boys kept their boners, mom had Dickie sitting on a high stool and Teddy kneeling upright on his chair
The two brats were doing so well at keeping each other hard that what I knew would happen did happen. Dickie caused Teddy to cum. All over both their dinners, much more on Teddy's than the Dumb-Dumb's. It was a wonderful thing to see, Teddy's thing shooting white stuff all over the place.

During all this, Teddy somehow managed to keep rubbing Little Dickie's little dickie. I guess my older brother didn't want to risk a repeat of last Sunday, when the first time Dickie made him cum, he let go of the little brat's dick. Which had very quickly gone soft. So in addition to a spanking for cumming, Teddy had gotten one for letting Dickie lose his hard on. So this time the Dumb-Dumb not only stayed hard, he ended up cumming too, adding even more flavoring to both their plates!
"You can stop rubbing," I told both brats once it was obvious they were done cumming. Another rule was that after a cum, the slave was allowed five minutes before he had to be hard again.
"For cumming, you're each getting a spanking after dinner," I informed my very red faced slaves. "And for making each other cum, you're each getting a second spanking."
"Please, no," begged Teddy.
"Yes, please, don't" pleaded a now softly crying Dickie."
"Yes, please, I will," I told them, "and since neither of you bothered to let us know you were cumming, your spankings for that are doubled." That was another rule, when a boy came he had to shout out "I'm cumming." If he didn't, his spanking was twice as long.
"No, no," protested Teddy.
"Yeah, no," echoed the Dumb-Dumb.
"Yes," said mom. "And I expect you two to eat everything on your plates, no arguing, no hesitating."
It was hilarious, Dear Diary, seeing the faces those two made as they ate their cum splattered food. You could tell that they didn't like it one bit. Well, that was just too bad, "waste not, want not," as mom reminded them.
"Oh, boys," I reminded them in the middle of all this, "time's up, so get those dicks back up!" Which they, having no choice in the matter, promptly did.
Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for them, my two naked brat slaves managed to get through the rest of dinner and the cleaning up afterwards without cumming again, or going soft. I knew I would soon be changing that.
After they had finished putting away the dinner dishes, the boys came into the living room for their spankings. Once more they protested, once again to no avail.
"I'm tired of hearing you two arguing with me," I calmly told them. "So, after your spankings I have a special punishment for you two, a punishment that I guarantee will have you keeping your mouths shut the rest of the evening."
"What is it?" asked Little Dickie, surprising me by being brave enough to be the first to say something, instead of waiting for Teddy.
"You'll find out soon enough," I answered him. Actually, it was a punishment mom threatened last Sunday, but didn't impose. I was anxious to see if she would let me get away with using it.
"A surprise, I like that," said Mom, smiling at me.
"Now, slaves," I announced, "it's spanking time. Teddy, get over here, now!"
Quickly, I had Teddy positioned over my knees. Just for the heck of it, I trapped his dick between my thighs. A very blushing Teddy complained about this, to no avail.

"Your wife can position you anyway she wants," mom informed my husband.
"Now, slave," I told him, "the normal number of spanks for cumming is your age. But, because you didn't announce you were cumming, that's doubled to 54!"
Which I promptly began delivering. But after only four smacks to my husband's bare bottom, mom interrupted me.
"Here, dear," she said, handing me a wooden hairbrush, "save your hand, use this."

Which I immediately did. Boy, oh boy, Dear Diary, you should see the difference that a brush instead of a hand makes on a boy's naked fanny. I could see it, and Teddy could certainly feel it. His screaming, crying, squirming and kicking were all much more furious than from any of his hand spankings.

After the final spank, my husband had a very red behind indeed. He was madly hopping about the room, vigorously rubbing his bottom, his privates bouncing all over the place, tears running down his face, still loudly crying. Ha, some man he is!
Then it was the Little Dickie's turn. I used the brush for all 48 of his spanks, getting the same results as with Teddy.

"Well," I said, "that's your punishment for cumming. Now for your spankings for making each other cum."
The brats didn't like it one bit, but I very much did.

After an additional dose of 54 with the brush for Teddy and 48 for Dickie, my naked slaves were giving a repeat performance of their dancing routine of a few moments before. I loved every minute of my little show!
Once the brats had calmed down a little, I sprung my surprise on them.
"Okay boys, for your continued arguing and complaining, I have a cure that will keep you quiet the rest of the evening."
"Oh goodie," mom jested, "I can't wait to hear what it is, and I'm sure neither can your slaves."
"For the rest of the evening," I let them know, "you are to lay on the floor and suck on each other's dicks!"

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  1. Still liking this story. It is really gold.