Sunday, 15 February 2015

Betty's Diary 1.3 Keeping each other hard

Soon both my husband and brother had boners pointing right at us. Of course, all seven of us ladies were giggling again and smirking.
"Now," mom instructed, "I want those dicks of yours to stay hard the rest of the day. A man with a hard on in front of a lady is telling her that he likes and respects her. I know you both like and respect Betty and her friends, do you not?"
No answer from the crying, red faced brats.
"Answer," shouted dad with yet another belt snapping.
"Yes, mom," they both answered. I don't think they meant it, but they weren't about to take any chances with dad still swinging that belt around.
"Good," continued mom. "Now for the rules of this little game. Neither of you can touch your own dick. It's up to your brother-in-law to keep you hard. Anytime you lose your boner, your brother-in-law gets a spanking for letting it happen. Do you understand?"
"Yes, mom," they answered for the umpteen time.
"And no cumming. If you cum you get spanked, and your brother-in-law gets spanked for making you cum. Understand?"
"Yes, mom," They should had tape recorded that answer, they were saying it so much!
"And, finally," mom dropped her bombshell, "the ladies can help you stay hard anytime they want. Refuse them or don't cooperate, and it'll be a spanking."
"No!" screamed Teddy. "You can't let them!"
"Yes, I can," mom calmly replied, "and I will."
"No arguing," shouted dad as his belt once more went snap.
"Suppose they make us cum?" asked the crying Teddy.
"Then you get spanked, but not your brother-in-law."
"What about the girls, for making us?" asked dumb-dumb Dickie.
"That's their privilege," mom informed them and us. "Now, why aren't those dicks hard yet?"
"Do it," snapped dad and his belt.
Quickly, Teddy and Dickie had hold of each other's dicks and were rubbing furiously. Before long, both had boners! All seven of us girls were giggling and laughing hysterically.

"And, by the way," mom told everyone, "Betty and her friends will be giving you any spankings you earn." When she said that, I knew that I would be trying my hardest to make those two hard brat dicks cum and cum And cum. I'm sure the other girls felt the same. They, and I, certainly did try, and succeeded, very well.
"One more thing," mom finished, "anytime you cum you have to shout out for us all to hear that you're cumming. If you don't, your spanking is doubled."
Before long it happened. Teddy screamed, "I'm cumming!" Spurt after spurt of white jism shot out the end of his prick.

Dickie just kept rubbing away. Finally, my husband grabbed the dumb-dumb's hand and stopped him. While mom was explaining the spanking rules, both boys went soft. Mom said that was okay for Teddy, that after a cum, the boy would be allowed a five minute rest, followed by his spanking. During spankings, the boys could also be soft, but two minutes after the spanking had to be hard again. She said that even though Teddy had been busy cumming, it was still his job to keep Dickie hard. So in addition to both being spanked because of Teddy's cum, Teddy was to get a second spanking for letting Dickie lose his boner!

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  1. I like the way you are doing the pictures with the story. Very nice.