Thursday, 26 February 2015

Betty's Diary 3.3 Kenny cums aboard

Just after twenty minutes, we pulled up to a house.
"My Aunt Jenny lives here," said Marcie. "With my cousin Rachel, who's 23, and her pest of a husband Kenny."
"Kenneth's 26," said Marcie's mom. "And Jenny thinks he's that a strong dose of our training is needed."
"You mean, taking him into hand the hard way," joked mom. "Or is that taking his hard on into hand?"
We all laughed out loud at that. We were still laughing when Marcie's aunt and uncle, and her daughter and son-in-law, came out the front door. The young couple looked very much the goth/emo types, with Rachel sporting piercings and a whole range of dark clothing. Kenny also had shiny black hair and piercings, though he was naked apart from boots and white ankle socks, and a pair of briefs with comic book super hero characters on them. Kind of babyish, I thought, but than they did look somewhat too small for him.
"That's his punishment outfit," explained Marcie, "he has to wear them whenever Rachel spanks him."
"They're cute," I said, "but will have to come off once he's in here."
"They will, and before that," said a slightly annoyed sounding Mrs. Melick as she and my dad made their way to the front of the bus. "Just watch."
Looking out the window, I saw why the two were agitated and leaving the bus. Kenny was giving his wife and mother-in-law a very difficult time. Obviously, he had no intention of walking to the bus on his own, showing off his cute undies.
Quickly, my dad and Kenny's Aunt were on the scene. Dad gave Kenny a mighty whack on his bottom, eliciting an immediate yelp we even heard in the bus, his hands flying back to cover his behind. Just as immediately, dad grabbed his hands, holding them in place behind the now crying boy's back. And just as quickly, Mrs. Melick whisked his briefs down and off, tossing them far into the yard. Now, he had a bigger worry than showing off his little underpants, he was showing off everything that nature had given him!
Smacking Kenny's cute butt every step of the way, dad frog walked him onto the bus. Where he was greeted by the sight of five dressed wives standing next to five very naked husbands, naked just like him. Except, they had boners, and he didn't. But we knew that would be changing real fast.
Kenny's private parts were bigger than Teddy's but nowhere near as large as Ray's. He was circumcised, like Ray and my brothers.
"Girls, this is my sister Jennifer and her husband," Marcie's mom introduced the new arrivals. "And this is her daughter, my niece, Rachel." Little Rachel couldn't help but gawk and giggle at all the naked boys.
"And here we have her son-in-law, my nephew Kenneth," she continued. "Girls, why don't you welcome Kenny with a proper hand shaking."
Grinning, knowing what Marcie's mom had in mind, I reached out and grabbed Kenny's prick, giving it a good shaking up and down.
"Hi, Kenny, I'm Betty," I introduced myself to the red faced brat.
"Stop that!" he shouted, new tears welling in his eyes.
"No, you stop it," roared his aunt, giving his bare behind two hard smacks of her own. "From now on you do not disobey any female, ever," she added, smacking his already sore bottom again. "Do you understand me, young man?" Another spank.
"Yes, Aunt Beth," the now openly crying brat replied.
"Good," chimed in his mother, "From now on, I expect you to show proper respect for females at all times. I don't care if they're 23 like Rachel or 73 like Grandma. Do you get me?"
"Yes," mumbled the still crying Kenny.
"Yes, what," roared Mrs. Melick, giving his balls a hard squeeze, causing Kenny to moan and bend over double. "Answer me," demanded his tormenter.
"Yes, ma'am" responded the suddenly not-so-big 26-year-old.
"Straighten up this instant," ordered his mom. Which, somewhat surprisingly to me, he did, still moaning and crying.
"That's better," said his aunt, Marcie's mom. "Betty, would you please shake again?" she asked me.
"Gladly," I answered, repeating my introduction, to Kenny's complete horror.
Which only grew, along with his dick, as each wife followed my example. To his extreme embarrassment, his own wife was last. She was very timid and tentative, needing coaching and help from her cousin Marcie. But we weren't worried, we knew by the end of the trip she would be a real trooper, almost as good as us older girls. We had Little Nancy well on the way after all. When Rachel finished with her greeting, she was laughing so hard she couldn't stand up straight. But her husband's dick certainly was standing up straight!
"Being naked in front of females is a way of showing them respect," Marcie told her male cousin.
"So is that boner you have," piped in Kathy.
"Which you just better keep the rest of this trip," I added my two cents. We wanted to quickly establish that us six wives were in charge of him and the other husbands, no questions asked, period.
"Make me," said the defiant little prick with a little prick.
"Gladly," said Marcie. "Mom, the hairbrush please."
"Here you are dear," said Mrs. Melick, handing her daughter the brush.

"I think a dose of my persuader here will persuade you," said Kenny's cousin, waving the brush about.

"Okay, okay, I get it," replied Kenny, furiously rubbing away on his dick.
"Oh, you'll get it alright," smirked Marcie, "but not right now, as you're so busy with other things. Or should I say with your thing?"
Kenny, of course, didn't say anything. A lapse that Marcie let pass, but only temporarily as it turned out.
"Everyone, please be seated," announced Mr. Melick, "we're off to the mountains."
So, once more, the bus began moving. A thirty foot long, twenty-five seat bus that now had four moms, one dad as the driver, three dads as a passenger, six wives, and six very naked, very hard husbands.
We ordered our husbands to keep each other hard.

We teamed Ray with Justin, Charlie with Dickie, and Teddy with Kenny. In the next half hour, all the husbands came once, painting their chests white.

I was losing count of how many spankings we owed them for cumming. But fortunately, Marcie's parents didn't. I felt the bus slowing down, and then stopping. "Okay, everyone," announced Mr. Melick, "rest stop and spanking stop, all off please."


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