Friday, 13 February 2015

Betty's Diary 1.1 My Greatest Birthday Ever!

A big fantasy of mine has always been to be part of a femdom family, where all the males are dominated by their strict wives, mothers, sisters, aunties, grandmas and female in-laws (and their friends!) A lot of this was shaped long ago by Betty's Diary, a story by Nialos Leaning that also first tickled my interest in guy-on-guy action. The story really struck a chord with me (I was the same age as the original Teddy when I first came across it) and it filled my dreams and fantasies for months after. But years later when I'm all grownup it seems highly inappropriate, so I've rewritten it to be about a bunch of dorky middle-class husbands getting well and truly dominated by their wives and mothers-in-law.
I'll post it all over the next few weeks, along with as many relevant toons as I can find to illustrate it. I've stuck as closely to the original spanking and femdom fest as is feasible, though I've also snuck in some new bits to satisfy my love of cuckolding and dominant daddy-types.
And as this is starting on Friday 13th, hopefully a few wives and matriarchs will be inspired to start such a regime for their 'unlucky' husbands and in-laws!

Dear Dairy,
Betty here again. Today I turned 26 and can't wait to tell you about my birthday party. It was the best one ever!
Of course, I invited Kathy and Marcie, my absolute best friends (and in Marcie's case my future sister-in-law!). I also asked Kathy's and Marcie's sister-in-laws Nancy and Susie.
I protested, and they protested, but mom insisted that Teddy and Dickie be at the party.
"They are your husband and your brother, and they will be there," she told me when I tried arguing that I wanted a girly time.
The brats also argued. Teddy, who turned 27 four months ago, claimed that as I hadn't gone to his birthday party with his dorky friends he shouldn't have to go to mine. Mom wasn't buying it, however, and he backed off when she started calling him "Theodore." When she does that, using our real first names, Theodore, Elizabeth, Richard, you know that there's real trouble ahead. A brat Teddy may be, a dummy he is not - even if he is her son-in-law not her son!
After Teddy, Dickie had his go at mom. He should had known better, he didn't change her mind either. Maybe when he gets married, he'll get smarter. I sure hope so, it'll be so embarrassing if he continues to be such a dumb-dumb around Marcie. Anyway, he whined that hanging around with a "bunch of stupid women" would be boring and no fun.
"Discussion closed," declared mom, "the boys will be there, and that's that."
And so it was. Me, six of my girlfriends, and my husband and brother all together at my party. Almost from the beginning, Teddy and Dickie were horrid. Teasing my friends, being as rude as they could get away with. Mom, and even Dad, warned them more than once to "cease and desist," as dad put it.
But, no, they just couldn't listen. Mom always accused us of "letting it in one ear and out the other." My husband and brother were sure trying their hardest to prove her right! When it came time to open my presents, the bratty duo became even worse. When I opened a gorgeous gold wristwatch from Marcie, Teddy said, "ugh, stupid jewellry."
That Dumb-Dumb Dickie - himself the kind of wannabe skaterboy who likes to wear chains on his neck, wrists and waist to supposedly make himself look more manly - could only think to say, "yeah, a stupid watch for a stupid woman." This made me mad, as the watch was just what I wanted, and wasn't exactly cheap. I lost it, and started hollering at Dickie and Teddy both. Soon, I was crying, I was so upset at those two. Teddy knows I have a thing for watches yet he never compliments me on them or buys them for me as presents. This, and his own attitude to wristwatches, are just some of the things wrong with my husband. I like a man in a chunky metal wristwatch like my daddy wears, and I have been trying to steer Teddy in this direction, but he insists on wearing slender gold watches with dressy leather straps, which do nothing for me and look like ladies watches anyway!
"Enough, already!" shouted mom. "Theodore, Richard, this is your very last warning, you two just better start behaving yourselves and showing these ladies some respect for a change. No, make that a lot of respect. Do I make myself clear?"
"Yes, mom," they both said at the same time.
"Good," continued mom, "and you, Richard, I don't want to hear anymore about women being stupid. Am I stupid to you?"
"No mom," answered Dickie, "but you're my mom."
"And like these ladies," mom told Dickie, "I'm a female. When you call them, or any other female stupid, that's the same as calling me stupid. No more, do you hear me young man?"
"Yes, mom," Dickie mumbled in reply.
Well, that made things better for a little while. But then I started opening the presents with clothes. My idiot brat brother and husband just couldn't resist.
"Ugh, clothes," said Teddy, "who would want to get that as a present on their birthday?"
"Yeah," chimed in Dickie, "who but a stupid woman?"
"That's it you two," mom practically roared. "That's it with the disrespect."
"Sorry, mom," they both said, both barely audible.
"Glad to hear it," said mom, "but it's too late. Since you seem not to like clothes so much, I know exactly how you can start showing Betty and her guests some respect. You will give her the honor of appearing at the rest of her birthday party in your birthday suits. Now!"
"No way!" they shouted.
"Do it, now!" hollered dad, snapping one of his belts against the sofa. In all the excitement, no one had noticed him bringing it into the room. We all knew what that belt meant. Obey, or get a spanking. Even though we'd never spanked in our house. But boy, oh boy, Teddy and Dickie were about to find out that wasn't any longer true, for them anyway. But, Dear Dairy, I'm getting ahead of myself...
Quickly, the brats began stripping down, to our giggles. They weren't about to defy dad. Teddy may technically be a man, but he's no match for dad, who's very big and strong. I used to brag to all my friends about how big and strong my daddy was. And of course, between Dad and Dickie, there's no contest at all. Nor against Dickie and Mom, who's no slouch herself. I think even Teddy would still have trouble with her!
To be honest it was a relief watching Teddy take off his dorky tank top, shirt, tie and cords. Why can't he dress like a real man?
Soon, the moment of truth had arrived. My husband and brother were down to just their briefs. All seven of us ladies were holding our breaths, waiting to see if mom and dad would make the boys show us everything they had.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" demanded mom. "Get those underpants off, now!"
"Now!" echoed dad, snapping his belt once more against the couch. Very, very fast, the brats had their briefs off, which they held in front of themselves, trying to hide their privates from us.
"We'll have none of that disrespect," shouted mom, "drop those to the ground, now!"
"Now!" echoed dad again, once more snapping his belt. As their underwear went to the ground, the brats' hands went to cover up.
"Hands away and at your sides," mom ordered.
"You heard your mother," said dad as he again snapped the belt. "You don't play with yourselves like that in public."
"Unless told to," mom added, to my complete surprise and bewilderment. Right away their hands were at their sides. I couldn't believe how red their faces were.
"Well, well," taunted Kathy, "looks like little Dickie has a little dickie." We all seven giggled at this. I quickly glanced at mom, sure she would say something. But she didn't, she simply smiled.
"And I thought," said Marcie, obviously stung by the criticism of her fiance, "that Teddy was a big strong man. My brother Ray's much bigger down there than that." This, of course, caused more giggling on our part. I did wonder how Marcie knew what Ray, who's 29, looked like, but didn't ask. Teddy's penis was definitely bigger than Dickie, who most definitely was little. Oh, excuse me, I mean his dick, mom said that as long as the boys were naked, we were to use the "dirty" words for their privates. So, I guess I should also be saying "balls" instead of scrotum. And to think, mom always threatened to wash our mouths out with soap if we used such words!
I do know one thing, however. From the 'encounters' I've had with other men, my husband is no real man yet, even if he thinks he is. He's not even close, he needs lots more hair, and he better hope his prick and balls do a whole lot more growing (not much chance of that now I guess!). His dick does nothing to hide his sack, which hung down for us all to see. 

This is where I level with you dear diary. Teddy and I married straight out of college, and he sure talked a good future, claiming he would earn loads of money and take care of me. And now five years later we're still living with my parents until we can afford a house of my own. Believe me, as I stared at my husband's pale, scrawny office-boy physique, naked apart from that stupid watch and his geeky glasses, showing everyone that shrimp dick that had given me so little pleasure over the years, I was eager for him to suffer.
"Teddy, get over here," dad commanded my husband. "You need a taste of this belt."
Which he promptly got...


  1. Interesting. It will be fun to read some more.

  2. Sissy Ralphina needs a good spanking with Daddy's belt.