Monday, 16 February 2015

Betty's Diary 1.4 Spanked for shooting

The spanking rules were simple. Each girl was to give each boy the same number of hand spanks as his age. The spanking were to be over our knees. So, in no time at all, Teddy was over Marcie's lap, getting 27 hard slaps to his still red bare bottom.

She finished and handed him off to Susie...

When Susie finished her very punishing smacks of Teddy, he went over to Kathy...

At the same time, Dickie now went over his fiancee's lap to receive his first set of 24 spanks. And so it went, in assembly line fashion, each boy passing from girl to girl...

I deliberately was last. By the time they got to me, each brat was crying and begging for mercy. Which I, of course, ignored. I don't usually like reruns, but I certainly enjoyed causing a rerun of the boys' howling dancing...

And I absolutely adored the rerun of Teddy's second trip across our laps. Boy, talk about a red bottom, his was absolutely on fire!

After the spankings, mom made an announcement. "I've decided that each girl can only make you cum once. But your punishment isn't over until all five have."
The brats, of course protested at this. Causing mom to threaten an even more nasty punishment.
"You will be quiet this instant," she hollered at them, "unless after this punishment is over you want to spend the rest of the evening lying on the living room floor sucking on each others' cocks. At least you won't be yapping with your traps stuffed. And the same rules about not cumming will apply."
"You heard your mother," yelled dad, doing his belt snapping act.
To my dismay, both brats, even the dumb-dumb, were smart enough to not say another word. I would had loved to see that little show! Well, maybe another time.
All this took us hours to finish,including a break for dinner. During dinner, mom made the brats keep hard. They also had to do the dishes without losing their boners or cumming. I don't know how they managed that, but they did!
All together, we got to spank Teddy fifteen times. We spanked Dickie thirteen times, unlucky for him, lucky for us. We each made the boys cum once apiece, good for five spankings each.

And apparently, while boys may love to jack off and shoot the first time, they really begin to suffer if you make them do it over and over again.

Both Teddy and Dickie had tears in their eyes from more than just the spankings while we mashed their cocks after their second cums.

And just when it looked like Dickie was cumming in Nancy's hand for his fourth, he didn't produce any spunk.
"That's called a dry orgasm Dickie," said dad.
"Dry cum," corrected Mom, " it's where your balls have run out of spunk but your body still responds to the stimulation. You will still shake and moan uncontrollably, and that's how we'll know you're cumming."
"I'm not surprised these two have run out spunk already. Their balls are so small," laughed Susie as she brought my husband to his own painful-looking dry cum.

Teddy made Dickie cum three times, and Dickie caused Teddy two cums. These cums earned each brat five more spankings.

Dickie's last three spankings were for the times he let Teddy get soft. Teddy had Dickie go soft on him a total of five times. Most of these cums and softenings happened after they started dry cumming, when their bottoms were already extremely sore. Apparently, little dickies that don't shoot are harder to keep from cumming, and harder to keep hard!
Afterwards, mom decided that the boys had to stay naked, but not hard, till the last girl left tomorrow. But that's enough for now, Dear Diary, the others are calling me to come over to the computer. They want me to have a look at the pictures of the brats mom let us take with dad's digital camera. With those pictures in our possession, Teddy and Dickie will have no choice but to be our slaves, our naked slaves, whenever we want.
But, as mom said, "what better way for a man to show a lady respect than by being her naked slave?"
Like I said, Dear Diary, I'm going to have to find that Fem site of mom's. And, like I said, it was my greatest birthday party ever! Over and out, for now.

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