Friday, 19 March 2021

Watching Your Wife Get Punished (erotic ebook)

Sometimes a naughty wife needs to be punished. But what if her husband isn't up to the job? Sometimes it takes another man to do it right...

In my latest ebook, three unfortunate husbands have to sit by and watch while other men punish their wives... and then satisfy them like their husbands never could!

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In the first story, bratty housewife Connie Gardela regularly fucks local hoodlum Bobby Romano while her husband is at work. Connie is bored and unsatisfied in her marriage, and is attracted to Bobby's power (the Romano family run the neighbourhood, and Bobby himself used to bully Connie's husband at school), not to mention the fact that he happily gives her the sizzling belt-whippings she so craves... just like her Daddy used to!

While Connie is sucking his dick, Bobby lets slip that her husband has been playing cards again and has gambled away Connie's entire vacation fund.

The furious wife makes a deal with her criminal lover to get back some of the money. All she has to do is leave the front door unlocked when she and her husband go to bed, and then play her part accordingly...

Bobby and his two buddies burst in, rough up Connie's husband (which she has to pretend she doesn't enjoy watching) and then tie him up, so that they can have some fun with his wife while he's forced to watch...

Connie is gagged so that her husband can't tell that her muffled protests are actually moans of ecstasy as the intruders take their belts to her even harder than her Daddy did!

And then they take their time having fun with all of her holes, two of which her husband isn't even allowed access to!

By the end, gag or no gag, Connie's husband is in no doubt that his wife is secretly enjoying her 'ordeal'.

In reality, of course, Connie is allowing the criminals to fuck her for the money (and also for the thrill no doubt), but in her husband's mind he isn't even late with his payment and fully intends to repay his debt on time and in full (albeit with the family savings). The powerful criminals are doing this just because they can, simply to remind him to pay on time. Imagine living in a world where having your wife whipped and fucked in front of you is merely a reminder, not a punishment...

The second story shows the perils of working together as a married couple, and also the struggles young professional men and women face in the big city. A hotshot young barrister and her far-less impressive legal clerk husband barely find time for romance, let alone sex! So it's hardly surprising when at work they engage in some extremely inappropriate behaviour in the senior partner's office...

Unfortunately, the wife's boss walks in at exactly the wrong time. And thanks to the company's zero-tolerance policy towards sex in the workplace that the wife herself pioneered, her promising career is very much on the line!

Fortunately, like most older men, her boss is open to dealing with the problem discreetly, through traditional means...

And like most professional women, the young wife finds these 'traditional means' to be very stimulating indeed...

To the extent that she allows her boss to have his way with her afterwards... while her husband has to watch!

In the final story, a husband bites off more than he can chew when he reveals to his wife that he regularly attended spanking parties before they were married... and she decides that she wants to tag along!

This is actually inspired by a conversation I had with my girlfriend when I told her that I had visited professional spankees and attended spanking parties before we got together.

She wasn't shocked, and in fact she was surprised that we were able to contain ourselves and nobody ended up having sex afterwards!

She even wondered if she would have been able to attend the parties as a spectator, but I pointed out that she would probably be expected to be one of the spankees...and she didn't seem entirely opposed to the suggestion! I of course found the thought of her joining me at a spanking party and having to watch as she was spanked by other men to be both unbearable and unbearably arousing! Eventually it inspired this tale.

Needless to say, the husband in the story goes through quite the emotional wringer as he watches his wife dressed in school uniform, getting well and truly thrashed by older, more dominant men who take charge at the party.

And who knows what will go on when she's alone with them in the one-to-one sessions at the end of the day, after hours and hours of red-hot spanking action...


  1. Wow, this description sets off so many bells and whistles in my crazy fantasy mind. Each of your stories touches a nerve of excitement and interest. I can't wait to be able to get this book. My kindle is broken and my laptop won't take ebooks. I'll eventually figure it out, but in the meantime this sounds like a real winner. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm very happy to hear it Father. Permit me to suggest that your phone may be able to take an ebook... which would also leave you with a convenient spare hand ;)