Friday, 31 March 2017

Jonathan art manips: Sucking His First Cock

I've decided to create a series of manips to honor my sucking my first cock. In my fantasy world (and probably in the real world too) it's considered that all males should suck a cock (or at least be sucked by another guy) between the ages of 18 and 25, if only to see where they sit on the great sexual totem pole of dominance. Commonly, the older males in the neighborhood will take it upon themselves to give their young neighbors a taste of cock. Spankings are of course always used to put the young men in the right frame of mind - as I know from experience, a roasted bottom makes nominally straight guys much more willing to drop to their knees and suck another man's cock!

Some young men might be lucky enough to still live under the roof of a stepdad and/or in-laws or older stepbrothers. Like uncles who aren't really uncles but friends of your parents, stepdads have all the patriarchal authority needed to dish out blazing red bottom spankings. And because they aren't really related to you, they're free to act on all the dominant and submissive feelings that those spankings are bound to stir up in the pair of you. In other words, once they've roasted your butt they can bust a nut!
Rebellious middle-class types who lack a dominant neighbour or father figure might just find themselves getting their first taste of cock in jail. Parents may find it mortifying but ironically the best thing to 'straighten' out their son is probably spending a weekend in prison performing every gay sex act under the Sun.

And when all else fails the uppity 18 year old can always be packed off to finishing school, where he is guaranteed to get a taste of cock between his regular beatings at the hands of tyrannical teachers and sadistic schoolmates! The trick played by the senior schoolboys in the last pic is particularly cruel. I'd certainly want to get caned first, which despite hurting like hell would no doubt arouse submissive sexual feelings inside me and all the other bottom-formers, so that we'd almost welcome the order to suck on those pink prefect pricks until they came in our mouths. As it is the boys who chose cock must suffer the humiliation of sucking followed by the agony of a bare-bottom thrashing with no respite for the submissive urges this is likely to ignite inside them. Though no doubt the top-formers will visit their dormitories after lights out to help them with that - and that's if the bigger boys don't get another erection from doling out the second thrashings!