Friday, 26 November 2021

The Lusty Widow (new Ian Hamilton art)

I have to say I find widows (or rather, women in funeral attire) extremely attractive. Ladies always look good in black, and the traditional widow outfit includes all sort of other very enticing accessories: demi-veils, stockings, gleaming black high heels, her finest jewellery…

There’s a lot to like! And I realised that it would be an excellent basis for another Ian Hamilton commission

It’s just a shame for us guys that, when our women are looking their finest, we aren’t there to enjoy the experience in the flesh. I’m not sure if ghosts can masturbate, but if they can then I’m sure many an apparition attending his own funeral has wanked himself silly at the sight of his loved one dressed to the nines!

Although for this ghost, he has returned to find his weeping widow taking some ‘comfort’ from the burly undertakers. It must be an extremely shocking scene to return to… but of course he’s still wanking over it!

As usual, I am extremely happy with Ian’s work. The lady truly is gorgeous… I’m not sure if this was a regular occurrence during her marriage, or if she is just satisfying a few urges now her husband is gone, but she certainly looks to be the kind of woman you wouldn’t mind sharing with a few others if it meant you got to be married to her! And those big veiny cocks are both a wife’s dream and a cuckold’s nightmare!

Ian didn’t make the husband too ghostly, so if you prefer I think this could definitely be a conventional cuckolding scene, albeit before or after a funeral. But what would the story be? Perhaps the husband has a rich relative who has popped his clogs, and the wife feels like celebrating their windfall… and those well-endowed undertakers seem much more suitable than her husband for such a special occasion! Or given that they are all buck naked, perhaps they don’t need to be undertakers at all. They could be her husbands’ friends, although given their age perhaps they are dominant relatives of her husband who are keen to show the young couple who runs the family!

There isn’t a huge amount of widow-based porn, but much of the artwork I do have on the subject was included in my post about my book Headmaster for Housewives 6: The Headmaster Makes Housecalls, in which the Headmaster brings some comfort (and, given her taste for corporal punishment, also some considerable discomfort) to his friend’s lusty widow.

And if that isn't enough for you (and if you are attracted to the widow-look as much as I am, it probably isn't...), here's some more... these widowed ladies really know how to enjoy themselves!