Friday, 26 November 2021

The Lusty Widow (new Ian Hamilton art)

I have to say I find widows (or rather, women in funeral attire) extremely attractive. Ladies always look good in black, and the traditional widow outfit includes all sort of other very enticing accessories: demi-veils, stockings, gleaming black high heels, her finest jewellery…

There’s a lot to like! And I realised that it would be an excellent basis for another Ian Hamilton commission

It’s just a shame for us guys that, when our women are looking their finest, we aren’t there to enjoy the experience in the flesh. I’m not sure if ghosts can masturbate, but if they can then I’m sure many an apparition attending his own funeral has wanked himself silly at the sight of his loved one dressed to the nines!

Although for this ghost, he has returned to find his weeping widow taking some ‘comfort’ from the burly undertakers. It must be an extremely shocking scene to return to… but of course he’s still wanking over it!

As usual, I am extremely happy with Ian’s work. The lady truly is gorgeous… I’m not sure if this was a regular occurrence during her marriage, or if she is just satisfying a few urges now her husband is gone, but she certainly looks to be the kind of woman you wouldn’t mind sharing with a few others if it meant you got to be married to her! And those big veiny cocks are both a wife’s dream and a cuckold’s nightmare!

Ian didn’t make the husband too ghostly, so if you prefer I think this could definitely be a conventional cuckolding scene, albeit before or after a funeral. But what would the story be? Perhaps the husband has a rich relative who has popped his clogs, and the wife feels like celebrating their windfall… and those well-endowed undertakers seem much more suitable than her husband for such a special occasion! Or given that they are all buck naked, perhaps they don’t need to be undertakers at all. They could be her husbands’ friends, although given their age perhaps they are dominant relatives of her husband who are keen to show the young couple who runs the family!

There isn’t a huge amount of widow-based porn, but much of the artwork I do have on the subject was included in my post about my book Headmaster for Housewives 6: The Headmaster Makes Housecalls, in which the Headmaster brings some comfort (and, given her taste for corporal punishment, also some considerable discomfort) to his friend’s lusty widow.

And if that isn't enough for you (and if you are attracted to the widow-look as much as I am, it probably isn't...), here's some more... these widowed ladies really know how to enjoy themselves!


  1. In the old days I would have been kneeling, nearby, nose-in in the closest corner, my naked ass still scarlet, fresh off a sound spanking across his massive knee while my adoring wife watched me emasculated once again. Tears of pain and humiliation would be running down my cheeks like small rivers.

    Then, with me properly put in my place as cuckold, he would grab my wife's bare hips, put her in position and drive home his ten inches of fat manhood up her quivering and dripping quim. A guttural moan would be forced from between her clenched lips and the pounding would begin.

    That was before, Tonight, I am no longer with us, I watch from a place unseen. A single tear of pure joy runs down my cheek as I realize my wife will be ok without me. The man of our house stepped up, and was the man she needed.

    Though I am but a hint of wind in the room, my ass can't help but tingle in memory of those soul crushing spankings across his knee.

    I smile and rub a fanny that will never know pain again! Somehow, this fact seemed a bit sad!

    I look around the room and see the family pictures. I see my grown and married daughters along with their husbands and smile again, knowing each is safe and secure in this man's capable hands. Knowing they had all been brought to heel under his punishing palm, and all four had been the better for it!

    Later, as the others show up and use my widowed wife like a well lubed sex toy for their personal enjoyment, I look into the rapture on her seed covered face, and know she will be alright!

    Goodbye, my love!

    Well, that's my take on Ian's widow amd the massive black man doing the white woman proper!

    Have a great day, and thanks for sharing!

    1. Excellent work Father! This is very poetic as well as being disgracefully erotic. I wonder if the daughters are just offscreen also in their funeral attire and being similarly rogered, while their red-bottomed husbands lie beneath them sucking on the bulls' balls and licking their thick shafts as they slide in and out of their wives' willing holes...

  2. Very nice addition, QBuzz, one would certainly hope so and if not, they should be summoned immediately, each stripped birthday bare, soundly spanked across the bull's massive thighs and used just like their mother and/or mother-in-law!

    Talk about having a WAKE! It would certainly wake me!

    1. Certainly Father, though perhaps not 'birthday bare' - I'm in favour of ladies being allowed to keep on their stockings, heels and jewellery while they are used and abused!
      I'm sure we'd all have a wank at that wake ;)

  3. Good form, QBuzz, the ladies should be "dressed" as proper ladies, and as for the wanking, I'm certain no viagra would be needed to raise the dead here! Good call!

  4. In the second to last pic, the Housewife, probably a dom at home to her now deceased cuck, evidently answers to her female doctor and her head-nurse in a most submissive of manners. Perhaps they punish her for her cuckolding tendencies and wipe away the guilt she carries for her cheating ways!

    I am certain sound spankings follow her use by the nurse and she is made to kneel and orally thank her spankers. As she does so, she knows her deceased husband can watch from the hereafter and understand what she is here-after!

    Outside the office door, other female patients anxiously await their turn as the sounds of the widow's severe spankings waft down the hallway to the waiting room. Bottoms squirm and faces blush in the room. Legs cross and uncross. One woman after the other take a now very necessary bathroom break. They return flushed and satiated! Yet, the sounds keep coming from down the hall.

    Eventually the door opens to the exam room and out stumbles a very disheveled and blushing widow. She chews her lower lip to deal with the throbbing pain in her backside as each painful step adds to her misery. The black veil that shields her tear-filled eyes and face hide little of the shame she still carries for what she did to her dearly departed. Sitting, bare bottomed on her hot leather seats for a very painful car ride home will help lessen that guilt and will help add to the pain she feels in her backside once home!

    Meanwhile, back at the doctor's office hearts and breathing stop as each seated woman anticipates her name called as "NEXT"!

    Imagine the widow's surprise to walk into her home to see her two children and their spouses, scarlet backsides bare, kneeling against the wall and standing behind them, her black bull in all his naked glory, swatting a recently used hairbrush into his massive palm.

    Imagine her fear when she hears, "You, are late! Strip!"

    He will certainly see her punished Keester and want to know who touched his property. This will, of course, lead to a future male visit to this female doctor and her nurse, but that is a story for another day.

    Back to the widow's home, the sounds of yet another sound hairbrush-spanking and the female cries of repentance waft out to the neighborhood which has over the years become accustomed to such frequent domestic tunes!

    Well, that's the best I could do with that pic. They say, a pic equals 1000 words, and I'm just giving the cliff notes!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hmmm very nice to get the girl-on-girl perspective... but I see you brought it round to good-old bi interracial cuckolding at the end ;D
      Not sure if this is the intention, but I like the idea that the children and their spouses were unaware of the parents' antics, and have stumbled in on the black bull waiting for the wife's return, only to now be added to his red-bottomed harem themselves! Presumably they too were dressed in their funeral attire of smarts suits, black dresses etc...

  5. I love that mental picture, their fancy clothes raised where needed and lowered where needed for their introductory spankings. All four then stand in their half-nude state, yet still in their black finery of silk stockings and silk ties as he reads them the new laws of the house and their futures as his property! Finally, all four being made to peel down in front of each other as they suck back the tears that keep coming because of the blaze he lit on their bared fannies! Finally taking a place, kneeling at the wall, hands raised and clasped behind their flushed heads, to await their mother's return.

    As always, I love your vision of partially clad women in all their lace and finery, draped like fine curtains across a large black man's knee while their un-draped bottoms get their just desserts! The undraped men are just for the humiliation factor of the women's husbands being un-manned in front of them, squelching any hope of some future rescue from their fate! Later, seeing their husbands bent and used like a chick will only cement that reality for the hapless wives.

    Soon every hole of every family member will be fair game for the huge black man's desire and future sore bottoms will serve to remind them of who is totally in charge!

    1. They'll suck back the tears... and then they'll suck something else!
      Love the image of those many holes oozing with black spunk...
      As well as partially clad women, I am also partial to partially clad submissive men... still dressed in their shirts and silk ties, shiny smart shoes and dress socks (perhaps with sock garters)... and completely bare in between to allow easy access to their buttocks and assholes!

  6. The humiliation of being spanked across the big man's knees with their wives watching was horrendous but being taken like women, while still half-dressed as supposedly real men in their wives' full view makes the soul crushing complete.

    Not only did they fail to protect their wives from humiliating and painfilled spankings, but they stood by as he used them orally, anally and vaginally. They are now filled, orally and anally with the same seed as their wives.

    Tomorrow, their wives will take away their man-cards and make them wear the wives' frilly panties and dresses for the next two weeks at home for failing to protect them. The wives will eventually get over it, but their husbands are changed forever and will never find the backbone to stand up to their new Owner and Master! It's almost impossible to regain your manhood as another man's seed still drips from your sore and stretched asshole.

    They say some tastes are acquired; the taste of their Master is to remain with them forever, as is the taste of their submissiveness to his will!

    1. Quite right, nothing convinces a wife to cuckold and sissify her husband like seeing him being spanked and taken up the arse by a big strong black man!

    2. As a sissified husband, I can attest to that being correct. As for being on the receiving end, I will never quite be the same. I blush whenever I see him or any of his friends. I thought that if I could satisfy them that they would leave our wives alone. I was wrong and with the pictures they took they know they can visit us anytime they want without a word of protest.

  7. Several days later, at the wake, no one wonders why the children and their spouses stand the whole time, and no one wonders at all that the beautiful widow dressed in all her finery cries every time she sits down, and no one is the wiser.

    Would those assembled to pay tribute to the deceased be shocked to know the deceased and the two sons-in-law are all wearing lacy panties under their fresh Italian suits!

    Later, when the doors are closed and the five family members and the widow's bull are locked in with the casket for an hour of private time, imagine the sight inside, all five with their lace and finery lifted, pulled upward or yanked down, hanging at their ankles, all five draped across the closed casket. The three women are draped across from one side, the two husbands in-between them, draped the opposite direction.

    The bull uses his last opportunity to treat the cuckold as he is due, even in death, leaving his mark on the deceased cuck's whole family while they are draped across his own casket! The bull goes down the line on one side and then the other, leaving no hole unused, leaving no hole unfilled with his seed! Then, off comes his belt!

    At the funeral service that follows, no one questions why the two sons-in-law beg off pall-bearer service, or why the two young couples stood whimpering the entire service, or why the widow cried the entire service, seated as she was the entire time! The bull looked proud and confident, seated to her right side!

    Well, that is my macabre look at a cuck's passing and his family's continued use at his widow's bull's fancy!

    Too dark?

    1. Certainly not, whipping and fucking the deceased cuck's family across his casket seems like something a dominant male might do in this situation :D

  8. I objected to my wife's bull wanting the women to dress up in black for him and his friends. So she ignored my complaints and simply dropped me off at his house and came back for me that evening. They weren't quite done with me, so she came in and smiled as she saw me on my knees sucking a large black dick. From the back, she could see my thoroughly blistered bottom, cum leaking from my now larger back entrance. She patiently waited as I completed the blow job, swallowing his huge load, along with all the others. She waited as I clumsily dressed, sniffling, and awkwardly followed her to the car after having to thank her bull and his friends and to invite them over for our pretend "service" the following Saturday. Once in the car she asked if I had learned my lesson, I told her with my jaw aching, I certainly had.

    1. I've heard of a wedding rehearsal, but this sounds like a funeral rehearsal!
      At least you can take comfort that your wife will be well looked after when you're gone ;)

  9. Hello. I'm not sure if your aware but recently Altcor just finished a series commissioned by AnkaSP called 'The Unlucky Girlfriend'. It has many themes I believe you enjoy including spanking and a hint of Cuckolding. Link to the series can be found here:

    Hope you enjoy it :) .

  10. I loved the series but wish the two were a bit older and perhaps married. The artist, Altcor, is wonderful as is AnkaSP. Thanks for sharing!