Saturday, 25 December 2021

Whole Families of Cuckolds in Chastity at Christmas (Jonathan art manips)

Spanking and cuckolding can be even crueller at Christmastime, and the pain and humiliation doesn’t stop during the season of goodwill to all men!

For my festive manip series, I decided to return to the idea of a Male Chastity Universe. This has certainly given me plenty of fantasy fodder over the last year, as dominant wives and matriarchs take advantage of the male desperation to cum to take control of their sons’ and husbands’ lives and make them do ANYTHING!

Needless to say, all those middle-class males in chastity will be subjected to all sorts of humiliations in their desperation to avoid their weekly spanking from Mom or achieve their monthly nut in front of their wives’ friends

With all the negative coverage around ‘toxic masculinity’ these days, it’s not too far-fetched to imagine a ‘Chastity Craze’ sweeping the nation. It might start with an article in a respected academic journal on how a sample of young men showed much less aggression during a month in a chastity device. The press would pick it up, and chats on Mumsnet and in matriarchal Whatsapp groups would start to debate the merits… and before you know it, mothers across the nation are sneaking into their 18- and 19-year-old sons’ bedrooms like a dominatrix Mrs Claus… and the unfortunate boys are waking up on Christmas morning to find themselves locked in chastity for the rest of their lives!

The mothers would quickly discover how much more obedient a boy in chastity is, and how much more willing they are to do their chores and homework. Spankings would continue (or start) for even the most minor misdemeanours, for what respectable matriarch doesn’t secretly enjoy roasting bare male backsides with the palm of her hand or the back of her hairbrush?

These poor boys might be approaching the end of Finishing School and preparing to finally unleash their hormone-fuelled sexual urges on the females at college… but mother certainly won’t be handing them the keys to their chastity devices just because they’re heading off to university!

The girls at university would quickly realise the benefits of taking a cock-locked, obedient middle-class male as a boyfriend (while still enjoying the freely swinging dicks of the boys who were just too masculine to be locked up!) And when she goes home to meet mother, her future mother-in-law will not hesitate to school her in how chastity, spanking and cuckolding can make for a very happy marriage – demonstrating on her husband if necessary! When the Aunties and other relatives get involved, it really will be fun for all the female members of the family!

With chastity going mainstream, most of us middle-class males will never know the delights of conventional sex. After a teasing taste of the delights of orgasm through surreptitious masturbation and pornography in our teenage years, we future white-collar cuckolds of this world will have it all taken away from us, from the point our own mothers slap chastity devices on us for eighteenth birthdays. We will live the rest of our lives in blue-balled obedience, and the only change will come when our mothers hand the keys to our cocklocks over to our new wives on our wedding day!

You may have noticed that the fourth pic includes a stealth tribute to one of my favourite parts of  Betty’s Diary. There’s something deliciously sadistic about a woman not only enjoying soundly spanking bare male bottoms, but also relishing the thought of how sore and painful they will be to sit on all the next day! And no doubt those burly top-formers in the background will be unable to resist giving the brothers’ well-brushed backsides a sound buggering in the boys’ bathroom before hometime!

In the first pic, I deliberately left it open as to whether the young blonde gentleman is the blonde girl's boyfriend or her brother – if it's the latter I'm sure his stepdad will have been putting him through plenty of training in the sissy arts

Oh, and here’s a variation without the Christmas hats, showing that spanking, cuckolding and chastity is for life, not just for Christmas!


  1. For you all, I wish a very large black man would visit today and deliver a spanking so sound your backside would look like an ornament of Santa red. He would be nude except a leather waistband that held mistletoe on the front and the back where, of course you would be made to thoroughly French kiss!

    Once he was satisfied, fore and aft, he would remove his waistband and leather the misses a rosey-red as well. He'd have his way with her, fore and aft, and once she was satiated to almost unconsciousness, then he'd do the same to you! He'd leave you both wedgied and hanging on the tree, bent at the waist, your exposed bare bottoms as pretty red shiny ornaments for all to see, His seed dripping from every hole like the melting snow of a white Christmas!

    We should all be so lucky. Imagine, cucked husbands and their cheating wives adorning tress all over where the Christmas tree holiday practice exists! Not practical, physics and all that, but, hey, it's my fantasy wish! Perhaps it could be the tree outside? The neighbors would get a good laugh!

    Happy Holidays, and a very Merry, if not a humiliating and painful, Cuckold Christmas!

    As always, loved your post. I'll post more on that later. Thanks for all you do and share.

    1. The red-bottomed subbies as Christmas ornaments is a nice concept. I'm sure an artist like Sorenutz would do a good job with it.
      Of course what most attracts me to to this comment is the idea of having to suck a black man's meaty cock and lick his sweaty asshole after having my ass spanked raw!

  2. I don't know what you're talking about - surely my wife would never turn me into a cock-locked, middle-age, white-collar cuckold by punishing and humiliating me in front of the buff couple next door, enjoying both their sexual favors at great and noisy length... or would she?

    1. Mmm I love the idea of gay neighbours having their way with their unassuming straight neighbours, especially when they turn out to have a bi side like in this scenario... no doubt they were really egging your wife on, inviting your wife round and plying her with prosecco while encouraging her to cuckold you and slap you in chastity!

  3. Superbly imagined and realised images, who knew Jonathan's boys had so much worse waiting in store for them :)

    1. Thanks :) I'm sure for these boys the patriarchal spankings in the original pics would seem almost vanilla at this stage!

  4. The cumulative humiliations pictured are so powerful. Spanked in front of mothers, wives and girlfriends. Used sexually by fathers, stepfathers and bulls. So powerful.

    I love the scene of the two boys unable to sit at school. Trying to hide the fact that they are spanked is bad enough, but being trained to be submissive cucks in their futures?

    One would never think of a family being trained to be submissive cucks. Imagine being raised in such a family, where your submissive lifestyle is being trained into you without any choice. Getting spanked and used sexually in front of prospective girlfriends would be no treat either!

    Imagine being one of the girlfriends, walking into this situation,
    watching your boyfriend denuded and spanked by their mother and then the mother taking you aside and explaining what the boy will become!

    It is one thing to choose the cuck lifestyle, and quite another to have it thrust upon you, as you dangle helplessly across the knee of your wife's bull being taught obedience and what is what! But, to wake up one morning as a young man and get your ass tanned by your mother just to prepare you for your future as a cuck? Well, that's a horse of an entirely different color! Being submissive might be somewhat genetic, but spankings still hurt, and humiliation is still very real! It would make for a very good story!

    Thanks for sharing this unique idea and vision into what would be some poor fellow's dreams (nightmares?) come true!

    1. These boys are certainly going to experience a spectacular amount of cumulative humiliations...
      I like to think the mothers would enlist their lovers in dishing out the tannings. Few things are as effective in training up cuckolds than regular spankings from a bigger, older man :D

    2. These women know what good cuckold husbands their sons will make when they are properly brought up. Meeting real men early on, certainly helps. The women can't help themselves getting turned on watching as their real men lovers break in their sons. Yes they will have trouble sitting, and other things, but these are just good lessons for them, for later in life.

  5. Yes, of course, but what about the lover's and bull's younger sons that school with the boys. Maybe they take the boys to task at school in the locker rooms, and such. Or worse, they babysit the boys and their fathers while moms and their bulls go out for the night!

    It's one thing to take a bare-bottom spanking across the knee of your dark and well-muscled classmate to the delight of all in attendance, but quite another to be bare naked, standing in the corner, hands up on your head, as you listen to said dark and muscular classmate soundly spank your own father to tears and abject sobbing and there is nothing you can do about it except await your turn to cry!

    Worse, the babysitter fills in your classmates as to his work on the weekend and the sound spankings he had to dish out to the brats he sat for! You try to die right there and somehow melt into the cracks in the old, marbled floor, but you are not so lucky and get kidded all week about your still-sore fanny! Students never miss an opportunity to smack your sore ass and laugh aloud at your screech and pained facial expression at each painful smack!

    Meanwhile. some of the girls who date your bully classmates hear all about your situation and offer to babysit as well, relishing their ability to spank boys their age or older, and especially their sissy fathers with total impunity! Of course, the mothers hire them just to add to their humiliation!

    Of course, getting spanked by the pretty babysitter means a more severe spanking once mom and her bull are home. As dad dangles nude across the bull's muscular thighs, getting what can only be called the spanking of his life. Each swat producing howls of fear and pain, you dangle, similarly nude, across your mother's knee, screaming in harmony with your father's howls of misery! Your brother, similarly, naked awaits his turn next!

    Through your snot and tears you manage to see the face of your babysitter smiling ear to ear. She knows, like you, that you did nothing to earn this, and it is all of her doing and she is loving her perfidy in action.

    Later, she leaves richer and wiser, still smiling ear to ear, knowing she will be called again soon! The visions of three naked good-looking men getting spanked like children, still dancing in her head.

    She has a thought. Maybe next time I'll bring Julie and Brittany! Then, we can spank them all at the same time!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year to you to Father, though probably not to the unfortunate males in these cuckold families!
      Family cuckolding spilling over into school, with bullying and domination becoming almost interchangeable, is certainly an exciting prospect!
      Babysitting is a situation so rife with possibilities. I always find it interesting that so many of these fantasies seem to centre around younger women dominating older men. For me, I prefer it the other way round, with the spanking etc being carried out by experienced older women (or indeed, experienced older men...)

  6. It was nearing 8Pm and the two boys, well young men and their father anxiously awaited the arrival og the cute little blond that normally sat them when mom and wife went on a date with her burly black bull.

    Sure, the diminutive blond could dish out some painful and truly humiliating spankings, especially for the boys as she would tell all of their classmates about their punishments, but she was drop-dead gorgeous and just being with her was worth it for the horny young men and their sissified father!

    The doorbell rang and the two young men rushed to the door to great their collective crush, but to their shock there stood a tall well-dressed black man that looked vaguely familiar.

    He entered without being asked and identified himself as their babysitter for the night! The trio looked crestfallen at the news, but they had been beaten enough times than to voice any sort of complaint and merely welcomed their new guardian for the night. One look at the man's massive hands made the trio gulp in air and visibly wince as they thought about the price of crossing this man in any manner!

    The man announced himself as Hank Mason, father of our mom's bull and that he had heard that rules had been lax around her as of late and he was here to get us back on the straight and narrow.

    'Right now, there's a little blond laying in her bed nursing a sore cherry-red rear-end that let things like discipline get so lax in this home, so she won't be back anytime soon."

    He went on to explain that he was a retired Marine drill sergeant, and that things were going to change around here.

    One of the boys finally got enough courage to ask how!

    To begin with, babysitting time is cleaning time, I want your beds changed and made, all laundry done, dishes done and put away, the kichen floor and bathroom floor scrubbed. I will inspect all work and demerits will be earned. Demerits will result in punishment. If you are lucky, it will mean a sound, bare ass spanking across my knee with this hand, and he displayed the massive hand to their gaze. BUT, don't be deceived, a spanking across my knee is not only unavoidable, it is to be feared at all costs! If, somehow, more discipline is required, I have this to correct the matter permanently. He pointed to a wide, obviously well-worn black leather belt, three inched wide that encircled his tone waist!

    Again, all three gulped in unison at the sight! Hank got a big smile on his face, and he said, well, boys, let's get to it!

    It was now 8:05PM and the trio realized it would be a long, long night!

  7. Two hours later three very tired and sweating pseudo-men of the house stood at attention as Hank started inspections. Hank walked room to room ripping the bed coverings off to the floor and kneeling and wiping his finger on the various floor surfaces.

    Hank returned to his wards and stated that all three had not properly made their beds and therefore earned their first demerits, which meant a sound spanking, but before they moved on, he wanted to know who cleaned the kitchen floor. No one took responsibility. He raised his right hand and on it was a white glove. He raised the index finger and showed the tip covered with dirt from said floor. Now, I will ask again, who did the kitchen floor? Again, silence.

    The ex-Marine peeled off the glove, rose to full height and asked a third and last time, "who did the kitchen floor?" Too afraid to now answer, the trembling father begrudgingly raised his hand.

    Hank somehow stood even taller and began to remove his watch and dress shirt. Left in just a white sleeveless t-shirt, the man looked like a competing bodybuilder.

    Now, boys, you have each earned a sound spanking, which I will give you last, and then you will go get ready for bed, re-making them for my inspection prior to going to sleep! Your father, however, earned a second demerit for his work on the floor, but worse, a third demerit by lying about it by omission. Cowardice is never rewarded, so he will not only get spanked, but he will get the belt as well.

    The boys stood by at attention as they watched their father taken across this ex-Marine's knee as easily had he been a little three-year-old boy. The spanking that followed was horrendous. That hand was like a paddle on their father's poor Heiney! Halfway through his punishment, he had licked his pants and boxers clean across the room in response to the painful smacks across his bared ass.

    Finally, lying there, a broken man, sobbing across the big man's knee, he realized the ex-Marine was removing his belt. Their father loudly groaned knowing what was to come, and, come it did, like the very fires of hades!

    The belt easily reduced the already broken man to a mass of sobbing and screaming pain. Each smack sounded like a gunshot as the doubled leather found its' target again and again.

    When it was finally over, Hank let the man literally drain off his lap to the floor, too destroyed to even consider the show he was putting on for his shocked and trembling grown sons! As he lay there in a heap, his sons were taken across the huge man's knee one after the other. Two very sound spankings, in fact they were literally the soundest spankings of their lives, were administered.

    Their mother came home to the two boys soundly sleeping, face-down in their freshly made beds, their red bare asses clearly on display. Her husband stood naked in the living room corner, trembling in fear that a second spanking from her or worse, her bull was forthcoming, but one view of his backside guaranteed that would have to wait for a few days. His bare ass was scarlet and livid with crisscrossing welts. He whimpered and cried off and on and could only whine out responses to his wife as she teased him and queried him about his and their boys' spankings.

    Hank hugged his son, then his son's latest white female property, smacking her soundly and painfully on her ass as he did so, and off he went, promising not to forget about Friday night, two days hence!

    The husband, involuntarily, groaned aloud for all to hear!

    1. This is excellent! The idea of bigger men as babysitters always seems more effective for older teen males (and their fathers)... even more opportunities for pain and humiliation :D

  8. There is a site called On this site (spanking scenes in movies and television) on January 12, 2022, they posted a movie called Udflugt, Picnic.

    It features a couple making love out in public and two locals roust them, getting the woman mad, she slaps one of the toughs who spanks her while her lover is made to watch.

    It contains all the humiliation of cuckold angst and, to my liking, she gets spanked as he is made to watch! Great scene! Thought I would share!

    1. Good recommendation Father. I remember a few sites like this back in the day, with things like screenshots of 'mainstream' spankings and celebrity accounts of punishments they'd suffered... I remember that Carol Vorderman and Mel B from the Spice Girls had rather CP-heavy schooldays!
      As for the Udflugt scene, it certainly includes spanking, but I found it rather uncomfortable viewing. I wonder if the spanking was meant to represent something else, that they weren't allowed to show...
      Though perhaps spanking in Denmark doesn't have the same erotic/comedic aura as it does here?

  9. I agree with you the whole scene is rather dark over a nine-swat spanking, but you are right about that there is more going on here. I only mentioned the scene because the humiliated husband has to watch his wife disciplined for slapping the man and he does nothing to stop it. I imagine he was thoroughly humiliated and unmanned by the whole affair. She, at least, showed some spunk.

    Anyway, I read your two Hijacked books and they were excellent! Speaking of dark, wow, those men really got their collective fannies whupped red-raw and used like whores. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, I think he will be getting cuckolded as well afterwards as she seeks a more impressive man!
      Glad you enjoyed the Hijacked books, it was certainly fun writing them and exploring some of my darkest gay fantasies ;)