Thursday, 30 November 2017

Jonathan art manips: Gaybysitters

It's time for more suspension of disbelief! Would parents really be so concerned about their 18-year-old sons misbehaving that they'd hire obviously horny older gay men to babysit them? You bet they would!

The penultimate pic is especially special to me as I have long fantasized about being roughly bathed by an older man (ever since I saw a kids' cartoon where a dad punishes two brothers by scrubbing them in the bath with a hard-bristled brush!)

It must be the idea of the vulnerability as I am stripped naked and made to sit in the bath like a little boy while being soaped all over, then forced to point my ass in the air so a firm-bristled brush can be used to thoroughly scrub my genitals and between my butt cheeks. And I'm sure afterwards I'd be put across the older guy's knee and my still-wet butt slippered and spanked till it was a deep shade of red and my cheeks and sphincter were twitching and clenching like crazy.

After that it would be almost rude it my daddy didn't lie me on my bed and fuck me hard in my still-sore hole... (I bet boys who are lucky enough to have wicked uncles and/or gay neighbors get loads of these kinds of experiences - sigh).
This series has allowed me to use two Jonathan drawings that must be very rare, as they weren't in my extensive collection until I found them this year, and I have only seen them online once or twice. The first is this lovely pic of two cowboys who have strung up an unfortunate blonde cutie, and one of them is giving him a good leathering while the other gives him a rather romantic kiss and fondle. Goodness knows what's going to happen to him afterwards...

The second is part of an existing series which, like the previous series I posted, probably accompanied a story in a magazine. I have recollections of it being called 'Arn Grady' or something similar? Anyway, it's the tale of a cute young guy getting spanked by a big burly man in front of a load of workmen....



And given that the last thing we see of 'Arn', or whatever his name is, is a thick finger between his well-spanked ass cheeks in front of a crowd of baying men, it's fair to say that if there had been another pic in the series it would probably have featured a glorious 9-on-1 gay gangbang! Maybe it would have looked to similar to the ending of my manip series 'The Builders', which used a lot of these pictures...


  1. Hi,
    Maybe it's not interesting for you, but, here, I'm forced to edit the text as follows to appreciate it
    "It must be the idea he was entirely under my control as I stripped him naked and made him to sit in the bath like a little boy while being soaped all over, then forced to point his ass in the air so I could use a firm-bristled brush to thoroughly scrub his genitals and between his butt cheeks. Afterward, I'd put him across my knee and slippered and spanked his still-wet butt till it would be a deep shade of red and his cheeks and sphincter would be twitching and clenching like crazy. "

    1. Haha the dominant perspective is fine by me - although I'd rather be on the receiving end I certainly wouldn't say no if a cute 18 year old wanted me to do that to him!

  2. Oh yes. I sincerely understand your desire to be forcefully bathed. I sit in a bath tub like a little boy all the time and think about being bathed and spanked afterwards.

    1. Definitely love the idea of being spanked afterwards on my wet bottom, naked across the knee with a hairbrush or slipper :D