Friday, 25 December 2015

Endart manips: Goths Cum For Christmas

When parents send their kids to college, they expect them to learn respectability, garner qualifications ready for a future career, and maybe find a future spouse. As they learn when that first Christmas rolls around, what they're really sending them for is a multi-year orgy of drink, drugs and dicking at the expense of the Bank of Mom and Pop!
And woebetide any parents whose offspring come back in the grip of an 'alternative lifestyle'. Fortunately, parents like the Appleyards and the Corkers know exactly what to do when their butter-wouldn't-melt, prom-queen couple of a son and daughter return for Christmas clad in fishnets and black lipstick:

Well it wouldn't be Christmas without a cheesy 'Night Before Christmas'-esque rhyme now would it?
As well as catering to my fetish for goth/emo types, this series was also inspired by one of my favorite stories from British Spanking Magazines: 'Recruit for the Club'. Except I thought that why should it just be the dads who get to swap their brats for spanking and other fun? Mrs Corker is no doubt reminiscing about how this situation is very similar to the summer vacation where she and her husband had too much sangria and made vigorous use of one of the local waiters. Whereas Mrs Appleyard is thinking back to her time as head girl at a prestigious girls' boarding school, with the sting of leather interspersed with the lapping tongues of lonely and inexperienced girls.
And as in the original story, it's clear who the real degenerates are. It's the supposedly-respectable suburban parents who are willing to subject their sensitive and intelligent offspring to spectacularly disproportionate and undeserved belt whippings for the simple crime of dressing differently. It's the PTA-fundraising, right-leaning pillars of society who let a few classes of Christmas bubbly turn simple domestic discipline into something kinkier than their kids would ever have experienced at college!
But still, as goths are masochists by nature - and at their age most men fancy their girlfriends' moms (and probably dads) and most women fancy their boyfriends' dads (and probably moms) - the cute little emos must be having the time of their lives. So Merry Christmas one and all - as you listen to the slap of your future father-in-law's balls!

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