Friday, 28 March 2014

Artists I love: Underling

Why is Underling’s art so good? Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words:

Nothing like a wedding-day whipping with a thick leather belt! And I must say the mother-in-law’s knee looks very inviting – I’m sure she’ll have a slim wooden hairbrush tucked inside her fancy purse to fill in the gaps where the belt has missed!
The glorious FM scenarios Underling comes up with always smolder, and his ladies always seem to be thoroughly enjoying their role in dominating the men in their lives ‘for their own good!’ I love his colorful, sort-of-retro style where all the women wear skirts and all the men are smartly dressed when they've not been stripped naked for an unholy spanking.

Underling posts his new art to his blog He isn't a prolific artist (if I posted as much of his art in this post as I have for my other favorite artists then I'd quickly exhaust his entire catalog) but the anticipation just makes his new stuff even more special when it does come.
Each picture usually gets a story to go with it and these are always well-written and add to the art.
There is also a nice dialog among his fans in the comment section and he sometimes runs competitions where the winning fan gets a custom-artwork drawn for them:

Rather appropriately for this blog, Underling has also dabbled in a spot of MM and cuckolding art:
These aren’t hosted on his main site, but you can find them at and The latter in particular is special because rarely do spanking and cuckolding come together in one picture.

Even his standard spanking fare has a lovely current of humiliation running through it, particularly the OSIRIS series – just ask an unfortunate employee named Richard!

As well as straight up spanking art he also does amusing little skits and other features covering seasonal and current events, such as this one for the British general election:

Perhaps an American artist should attempt an equivalent, though it could easily feature real-life dominant women (Rice/Palin vs Mrs Clinton/Mrs Obama? With a paddle-off to decide the winner in the event of a tie?).

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