Friday, 30 November 2018

Jonathan art manips: Out On Parole

Prison scenarios are my favourite gay fantasy (alongside school uniform scenes) but my manips on the subject don't tend to be very popular or get many comments. So hopefully this series about a prisoner out on parole (but who still has the attitude of fucking everything to mark his power) will allow my favourite prison elements to be blended with more popular themes such as cuckolding...

If you do enjoy this series then please comment and tell us about your own prison/criminal fantasies, or what you think should happen to all those tight little whiteboys in prison or halfway houses!
As a young teenager I was desperate to be straight (I even avoided Femdom scenes until Eric Stanton forced my hand) but when I stumbled across Jonathan's Birching Prisoner series it was just too hot to resist. Maybe the idea of being 'taken against my will' by bigger boys in prison was an acceptable outlet for my deep-seated bi fantasies (similar to how Catholics and people who have a lot of guilt around sex often use bondage as a way of excusing their sinfulness).
A common theme in porn (and much other fiction) is that 'crime does pay' for career criminals and dons, but not for the innocents caught up along the way. In the same way as it's hot watching someone get a spanking they didn't deserve, it sparks our sadistic streak to watch some skinny whiteboy get thrown in prison with muscular career felons (with all that involves) for some minor misdemeanor, or even for something he didn't do at all!
And this carries on after prison. While the organised criminal goes straight back to robbing, cucking and fucking after his jail sentence, the poor whiteboy in jail for some minor drugs offence finds his prospects crushed, and he's still rotting in a halfway house six months after he was supposed to have paid his debt to society (and still getting bigger men's dicks in his ass!) This happens even when the innocents have nothing to do with crime... the student who just wanted a summer job getting turned into a sissy secretary sex slave for the black mob, the hapless hubby who married the ex-wife of a notrious gangsta and finds himself turned into an ass-eating cuckold, the teen who finds himself getting spanked and sucking cock because his mom is a slut for crooks (and if you don't think those black studs would be interested in banging an older lady, think again...after buttfucking all those skinny whiteboys in prison, they probably want to get their hands on a 'real' woman!)
Not that these closet bi whiteboys don't love every second of course! I'm not sure if the goth boy in the last pic went down the goth/emo route because he was depressed about his sorta-stepdaddy getting sent to jail, but if he did then he's going to be a lot happier now his Black Daddy's big leather belt and thick black cock are back in his life (and ass!)

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