Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas treats from Ian Hamilton

Just in time for Christmas, Ian Hamilton has released a new emag of his excellent art, available at So if your partner would enjoy a lengthy series of artworks showing pert young ladies getting thrashed at finishing school...


Or your dom could do with some hints of what to do when they've finished warming your bottom...


...why not add it to your Christmas list?
Rather excitingly for me, given my predilections, Ian has also been experimenting with gay tranny scenes, and they look extremely promising!

He says he will do an emag on this if there is enough interest, so get in touch if it's your sort of thing.

Also, I'd like to repeat my appeal from a few months ago. Ian has lost a lot of his work from before the 2013 emag to a hard drive failure. So if you bought the 2011 or 2012 emags, Angels Hill or any of his other older works, please get in touch with him.

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