Friday, 19 December 2014

Garters for socks and belts for leashes

Struggling for stocking fillers to get your man this Christmas? Socks are the classic last-minute gift that no man wants, but what about something to hold them up? Every submissive male should own a pair of sock garters. As well as getting rather aroused over wristwatches, I think a well-dressed husband stripped naked from the waist down except for his smart shoes and gartered socks is an extremely erotic image. Especially when there are well-dressed ladies around to mete out severe punishment to his bare behind.



Sock garters accentuate a man's nakedness and show a woman's control over him. All those Christmas parties will be a lot more fun when you can think of your husband's garters biting into his calves, reminding him who's in charge.
Of course, like most male clothes and accessories, what makes weak little sissies look submissive makes big strong men look dominant, so those sock garters will  also remind your husband of when he was a slim young student getting his ass and mouth pounded by experienced older men. Perhaps you could even invite them round to give him an even stronger reminder?

And for another present,  how about a good old-fashioned leather belt? A nice long thick one that you can take to his bare behind whenever you fancy. And again, he'll be reminded of your control over him whenever he wears trousers.


But another thing I would absolutely love have done to me with a leather belt is to have it used as a leash on me.


Proper bondage collars and leashes are nice and all, but I imagine there's nothing better than having your hands bound behind your back and being led around by a thick leather belt wrapped tight round your neck, the big manly buckle biting into your windpipe. One of my all-time greatest fantasies is to get fucked in the ass by a muscular black man while he throttles me with his belt. Now that would be a Happy Christmas!


  1. Jay Em always a classic work of art, would appreciate s depiction of the belt being wielded to a muscular dudes ankles, calves, thighs as well gluteus by a strapping! energetic female. Thanks you cover areas of spank scene other are afraid, best wishes, and warmest rears to you QBuzz.

    1. Thanks and best wishes too you too, and of course warmest rears as well - I love that phrase :)