Friday, 29 November 2019

Fresh Meat: what happened next... (Jonathan art manips)

As a youth, I always assumed that Jonathan’s pics were part of several series where at the end the participants engaged in some hot gay sex. Needless to say, I was rather miffed when I realised this simply wasn’t true, and even more so when I learned that Jonathan had retired and so the chances of any more explicit sexual drawings in his superb style were nil!
Given how my love of gay porn initially developed, I was especially eager to see what happened to the spankees in his various prison pics....

So, after a few false starts, I have decided to try and create sequels to some of his greatest prison porn, so we can see these prison teases finally get fucked!
I decided to start with 'Fresh Meat', which should surprise nobody considering I have already talked about how it helped turn me bi-curious...

If you're like me, and you wanked to Jonathan's work while you were growing up, then this boy has been teasing us for years with his well-spanked booted bottom just begging for a big criminal cock!

So, what happens after the young inmate is kicked into his cell and the smirking guards have locked the door firmly behind him...?

I'm sure he won't put up much resistance to his four burly cellmates, but a 'freshening up' of his already well-spanked buttocks will really help ensure he doesn't give them any trouble!

In the original image, the only cock visible is that of the middle cellmate, poking out from his underwear, hinting deliciously at what awaits the new arrival. So I thought it very important that this was the first convict cock our unfortunate inmate comes into contact with. I imagine his new cellmate waves it under his nose like a fine cigar. No need to rush at first – they've got YEARS together!
As the foreskin is pulled back and the sweaty stench wafts across his nostrils, a strong hand on the back of his head pushes his soft lips against the thick veiny flesh. He feels disgust yes, but also a deep, unbearable tingle of arousal deep within his soft white balls, a submissive sensation only exacerbated by the powerful, manly hand smacking against his firm pink buttocks again and again...

I guess this is why bi-curious boys like me love the idea of being thrown in prison with a bunch of rough, tough men who will explore our darkest fantasies – whether we like it or not! If only he could bring himself to give in to the deep gay cravings that all us middle-class whiteboys have, he would be be like a kid in a (cock-flavoured) candy store!

You'll notice I haven't included text in the manips. Jonathan’s originals rarely included captions (with the unfortunate result that most of the stories that accompanied his images appear to have been lost to the annals of time) so I thought I’d try a few manips in the same style where the reader can create their own interpretation, while I write my idea of the story in the accompanying blog post...

The new inmate's bottom must really be sizzling by now, and, as Mitchell said in his excellent analysis of 'Fresh Meat' on his Mitchmen blog:
'there's nothing more enticing to a cell-full of bored men than a pair of tenderised buttocks...'

The experienced cons know that the best way for a whiteboy to lose his anal virginity is in the ultra-humiliating diaper-changing position... especially when the only lube available is the spit of your fellow cellmates, vigorously applied with their thick man fingers!
You'll notice that the lead cellmate has let his hand wander down between the boy's legs, unable to resist giving a little encouragement to his rapidly stiffening member. No doubt the hardened convicts will tease their new cellmate mercilessly about how hard he gets when he is violated!

And he will get violated plenty of times on this first night! Just look at the contrast between his smooth, unblemished flesh and the hulking, hairy, tattooed physiques of his cellmates...
Think how long it has been since any of them has had a woman, or even a previous, weaker cellmate (unless of course the youngest one has being getting held down by the other three... in which case he will be even happier about the new arrival!)
Criminals aren't known for their patience, and both of those fresh hot holes must look very tempting, so our tight young inmate is going to need to learn fast how to suck a dick at the same time as getting pounded in his not-so-virgin ass!

Something about these manips make me think it's like the convicts are posing for pictures. Has one of them smuggled a phone into the prison, and they are now using it to record their depraved sex acts? With the state of social media in this day and age, this is a deliciously horrifying prospect... soon all this young man's friends and family will know exactly what is happening to him in jail!
At this point the unfortunate new inmate has sampled every one of his cellmates' cocks in his mouth or asshole (or both!) So will he be getting some respite...?

No such luck! I suppose this last pic could also have come straight after the original image, with the ravenous inmates getting 'straight down to it', finding those tenderised buttocks to be truly irresistible, as Mitchell says.

There's something I love about the way Jonathan drew the victim's face in the original pic. It so conveys the emotions of what it would be like to be in this situation: the outrage, the fear, the disbelief that something like this could be happening to him, and yet the resignation (especially as his slender white cock is clearly erect in the final manip) – this is just what happens to young middle-class whiteboys in prison!
Speaking of middle-class whiteboys, is this how you interpret the origins of the young prisoner? He clearly isn't as big, strong and criminal as his new cellmates!
Perhaps he is a white-collar criminal? Even hotter for me is the idea that he could be utterly blameless and in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Perhaps he has been used as a patsy for the executives he works for, taking the fall for one of their many embezzlement schemes.

The final manip is intended to bring the series 'full circle', set in the morning after the new inmate has spent the night being well and truly used... and now his cellmates are hard and ready for more! The guards aren't shown, but they are intended to be 'offscreen' in their original positions, seeing firsthand what they have the let the young man in for...
Speaking of which, those guards certainly look young – almost the same age as the new inmate. Do they take a sadistic delight in sending one of their peers to his doom? When they finish their shifts and go home to jack off (or hump their girlfriends) will they be thinking about the poor guy?

Another idea springs to mind... While it's hot to think of this innocent boy being banged up like this for many years, the idea that this is just an overnight stay in a holding cell could be just as arousing. I'm not that au fait with American uniforms, but are the guards' blue outfits more suggestive of police officers?
He could be completely innocent, the victim of a misunderstanding or a case of mistaken identity. The officers could probably clear it all up in a few minutes, but for some reason it takes them all night... and as they are doing things 'by the book', the innocent suspect is stripped naked and thrown in the holding cells while he waits!
Or maybe he was a little impatient at a traffic stop, or is the victim of an entirely meritless accusation from a girlfriend (boy will she enjoy seeing the photos on social media!)
And if he HAS been kept in overnight, is the final manip the sight that greets his parents/girlfriend/wife/lawyer/buddies when they come to bail him out? (Maybe it's all of them, with kids in tow as they couldn't get a babysitter...)

Then of course there is the question of how he came to be spanked BEFORE he was 'thrown to the wolves'. Was it part of his sentence? Are introductory paddlings/strappings/birchings de rigeur for new inmates, as in the titilating tale that I have previously based a manip on? Or do the guards just take advantage of their position to act out their spanking fantasies on the younger inmates?
It's worth saying that, online, 'Fresh Meat' is often presented with a black and white comic that you can find here, suggesting it was originally a colour accompaniment to the comic in some magazine or other...

For some reason I never really liked the idea that Fresh Meat is just a more realistic version of the comic's final panel (probably because there the inmate is a habitual criminal who deserves what's coming to him, rather that the innocent victim of a miscarriage of justice I prefer in my fantasies!)

I originally discovered Fresh Meat along with Jonathan's classic 'Birching Prisoner' artworks, so I always assumed they were part of the same series, in which case Fresh Meat would follow these two images...

You have to admit there is a certain resemblance between the guards, particularly in the second pic. I even tried to combine all these into one series, in a manip series that I have never been particularly happy with.
I also considered doing a prequel to Fresh Meat, showing the unfortunate young inmate getting spanked (and maybe fucked?) by the guards, just like in Birching Prisoner. But I felt it would upset the 'purity' of the scene, and I couldn't decide if the guards would have fucked him as well, or if it was more fitting that his cellmates pop his cherry...
What do you think? Do you have your own ideas about the scene? Or do you know more about the provenance of Jonathan's work? Let us know in the comments...


  1. I am so stricken with grief over Jonathan's retirement! That really sucks, but he has a right! Sad for the rest of us, however!

    In all of his artwork, I believed, personally, that the victim was non-consenting to his fate. If one is remotely bi-curious, such fates would be dreams come true, even the spankings, as you realize your hidden nature. That does not work for me.

    Just like the ridiculous demand that all spanking stories be consensual, effectively neutering the whole story, I think the humiliation of being overpowered, soundly spanked, maybe in front of witnesses, and then used like a chick by another man is ruined by the man finding his real purpose in life, to be a toy for other men! The humiliations should abound, not be accepted as his real nature!

    The fact that muscular black men do the emasculating adds so much. The interracial power struggle, the years of payback, their need to get back at whitey. All that leads to much more serious spankings and rough demeaning buttfucking. Not love! Definitely not gay sex!

    There are two prison pics featuring whites getting spanked and buttfucked by black cellmates. They are wonderful. The one where their is one white guy, I imagine the guards turning him over to these two to keep him busy while another black prisoner entertains his wife during her conjugal visit in much the same way her husband is being treated! His humiliation abounds as he hears of her similar fate and his helplessness to anything to stop it! The other with two younger lads, I picture similar stories where their wives must placate the two black cellmates to keep their husbands from being put into the infirmary with blown-out backsides! Again. their humiliation in knowing their wive's fates would be horrendous!

    I'm all about the humiliation. The memories that would stay in the back of your mind forever.

    The spankings and forced sex from the guards has much less humiliation to it, as I see it. They are in power, and as such, you have to capitulate. The black cell mates, however, it is pure dominance and emasculation. Do you get beat up and then raped or do you bend over and save your teeth? Tough decisions. Do you stand up like a man or bend over like a bitch? You never forget that decision!

    Your manips are spot on! The dominance and emascualtions are palpable! The only thing that would make it worse, would be for the wife to visit the next day and see her husband dressed as a woman, complete with wig and makeup! It would leave her with no doubt as to his fate! Now, she has to live with that reality and shared humiliation! I think the introduction of a wife or girlfriend enforces the idea that the victim is NOT gay! The humiliations double, triple, at what happens to them both!

    I know, thinking a gay guy would love prison life is so wrong, but it does allow the slightest hint of consent and cooperation that ruins the humiliation for me. Again, a gay man would be being "used" by people he did not want, so there is always that, but the gut-wrenching, soul-crunching humiliation of a broken straight man, for me, still reigns supreme!

    As always, thanks for all you do!

    1. Well he retired well over 10 years ago now, so most of the artwork you see is getting on for 20 years old. And yet still so hot...

      I wholeheartedly agree with you about the attraction of the gut-wrenching, soul-crunching humiliation of a broken straight man getting spanked by other guys, or sucking their cocks, or getting fucked in the ass. The only thing is, as someone who would always imagine himself in the submissive role when it comes to guy-on-guy stuff, does this mean I am wanting not to want it?... I suppose being able to ignore such contradictions is what makes fantasies so enjoyable!

      I assume the two pictures you are referring to are the first and 33rd pics in my 'The Joy of Prison Sex part 1' post?
      Your addition of a cuckolding element certainly adds a delicious twist to two already superb artworks. The idea of wives being fucked by inmates (or guards) other than their husbands on their conjugal visits is a fantasy I have been toying with for quite a while :D
      And it's rather a shame that, in the picture with the two older cons with all the spanking magazines, we don't get to see any of the inevitable buttfucking that follows the spanking. Perhaps that could be the subject of a future 'What Happened Next' post...

  2. You pose a great point, If a fantasy titillates, do you really want it to happen? I know I am fixated on humiliation and that usually involves being found out or seen suffering that which scares one the most. I think I would die if overpowered and soundly spanked or worse, yet only if it was known. Yet, say an intruder did it in full view of my wife, I'm not so certain!

    I suppose there is a lot that scares us, but not as much that titillates our psyche! Does that mean we want it? Are we closet bi-curious, or closet masochists? Some would probably say yes,but who knows. Humiliation is such a complex emotion and is tied to so many parts of what makes us. Is it a way to experience what we wouldn't normally do by choice and that's why it is so energized?

    I know the one being humiliated in my fantasies is me. I find no joy in the humiliation of others. So yes, you are right in that. I guess I fear what I want not to want as well!

    Whatever it is that so charges these pics with so much, I hope you keep finding them and fleshing out the wonderful stories you write! Keep up the good work!

    1. Can't we be bi-curious closet masochists? That would certainly make sense :D
      An intruder spanking a helpless husband (and more) in front of his wife is certainly an interesting idea...

    2. Or have a burglar be spanked and fucked by the couple?

    3. It seems to be a very common scenario in porn to have a burglar get spanked/fucked by the homeowners... but I much prefer it the other way round :D

  3. Interesting scenario and comments. I think that the new inmate will find himself with no choice but to accept his fate. He will probably experience confusion and a certain amount of Stockholm syndrome as he realizes his cellmates had experienced generations of abuse by whites, and here he is doing his part in making up for it. And the frequent spankings and paddling he finds does encourage him to do a good job. Maybe that will bring a reward in itself, doing such a good job that they require less frequent attention.

    I hope you don't mind a change of subject. Years ago i had a memorable session with a pro Domme that taught me a "size does matter" lesson. She started with a strapon somewhat smaller than the average dick, followed by one larger than a typical dick. I have thought this might be a good scenario for a story with real men giving the lesson to guys like us while our wives and girlfriends watch and cheer them on.

    1. I think he certainly will have no choice... and most of his new cellmates seems to be white, so they have no excuse of generations of abuse, they are just using him like this just because they can :D
      I love the 'size does matter' idea. Perhaps cuckolds could have to take a dildo up their ass the size of their own cock, followed by their wife's lover's actual much-bigger cock!

  4. That would be a good lesson, and it is surprising how many women would enjoy watching.

    I wonder if the new cellmate was caught in the back seat of his car with an underage gal. They pull him out of the car naked, the girl's father is an important figure in the community and he doesn't want it known. The chief of police is a friend and tells him he will take care of it. He didn't tell his men to spank him, but they know what is going on and know that tossing him in the cell naked with a red butt will expedite things. Meanwhile the arrest paperwork keeps getting lost. It could be 30, 60, maybe 90 days before it gets straightened out.

    Or maybe the chief of police has some background with the new cell mate. Maybe the yuppie had stolen the chief's girlfriend. It was unfortunate that he was pulled over for a minor DWI, resisting arrest wasn't mentioned until the arresting officer and the chief of police had a discrete conversation. The yuppie protests, and the chief suggests to the arresting officer and his partner to deal with it. Stripping him nude and spanking him wasn't what he had in mind, but then when they tossed him in the cell like that, he realized what a good idea it was.

    And yes, the pictures did look staged, the chief figured a few pictures would come in handy if the cell mate was considering complaining about his arrest and incarceration. He asked the guards to take some pictures if they saw anything interesting. They happen to mention it to his cellmates that the better the pictures, they would have more time outside. In just the first few days he had quite a collection. Just as he expected, the new cellmate did request to see a lawyer. He had him brought into his office and chuckled when he offered him a seat and he declined. Then the color drained out of his face as he saw the pictures, especially the ones where he is licking his cell mates most private parts and the chief told him who we was going to anonymously send the pictures to. The new inmate decided he no longer wanted to see a lawyer and was returned to his cell.

    And my goodness you are correct, most of the cell mates are white. I obviously didn't look closely enough at the pictures and wasted your time with my theory of how he would in part accept it out of guilt. I intend to visit a friend in a few days and i will be sure to mention my mistake.

    1. Mmm all your ideas are very hot... I particularly like the image of him licking his cellmates cocks, balls and asses... so humiliating for a straight guy!

  5. You wouldn't think a straight guy would do that. His cell mates must have been quite persuasive. It did help that the chief as he watched him being introduced to his cell mates, had one of the guards "accidentally" leave a strap in the cell. He smiled as he heard the distinctive sound of strap against bare skin as he was returning to his office.

    The guards were nice enough to loan their new guest a jumpsuit to wear for his discussion with the chief about that nonsense about seeing a lawyer and of course the pictures and how they could accidentally get into the wrong hands. Before they returned him to the cell block, they gleefully explained that they were still waiting on his jumpsuit and told him where to hang up the borrowed one.

    It was just a small county lockup, usually 50 - 100 "guests" so pretty much everyone knew what was going on. He got quite an earful from the other inmates as they walked him naked back to his cell. He was surprised when he saw the web cam that was being setup. The guard confided, "its just for us guards and our wives and girlfriends of course" He was going to protest, but couldn't get the words out as he watched one of his cell mates smile and pick up the strap.

    1. I'm sure after a long enough application of the strap by his merciless cellmates, a straight guy would do anything!
      I love the idea of the strap being left behind, and the sniggering guards listening to the crack of the leather and the howls and pleas by the inmate as he is spanked. I'd definitely watch that webcam footage when it inevitably escaped onto the internet :D

  6. Several days later, his wife visits and talks to him as he stands on the other side of the glass, even though a chair is handy. Immediately, she notices his his face is a mask of pain, his body is gaunt, and his eyes are swollen and rimmed with recent tears!

    They converse, and she finally relays a message she got to report to some slimey bond-bails man to discuss her husband's case! Crestfallen, he suggests she keep the meeting. As the buzzer goes off, and they weep their farewells, she goes to leave, and he watches her exit the door. He turns to go and is unaware she has returned for her purse. She sees his jumpsuit has been altered, the back has been neatly cut out to reveal his bare backside, which is presently thoroughly welted and almost purple from a recent strapping. Worse, she sees the subtle glint of wetness between his cheeks as he walks away. She knows why he is wet back there! Ashamed of the feelings she is having, she tries to lower her eyes, but is driven inside to look again, and, as she does, he turns and their eyes make contact. His face becomes a mask of instant and pure humiliation, her's, one of sad pity! It is that look of pity that hurts him the most, and the one he'll see each and every time he thinks of his wife!

    Two days later, in the back office of a smokey and seedy Bail business in the worst part of the hood, a white wife lays bare naked across the old wooden desk, a strap, similar to the one used in the prison, lay, recently discarded, nearby. Behind her, drilling her a new one, is the fat, squat, and overly well-hung proprietor of this establishment, sweating and panting like a pig! His dark black skin is pure contrast to the little white thing draped at his disposal!

    True to his word, the Bondsman provided some protection for her husband. He would be used and owned by only one of the inmates, and true to her word, she would visit the bondsman once a week until her husband's eventual release in two years!

    Such is the fate of a white couple in the judicial system of my twisted mind!

    1. This is an extremely alluring scenario. Rather reminds me of one of my favourite throwaway lines about shenanigans that went on during the Russian Revolution: According to Edvard Radzinsky, "it became a common practice to take a husband hostage and wait for his wife to come and purchase his life with her body"

      Of course, a wife with a hubby in jail may be rather less sympathetic: teasing him on visits about how sore his ass must be (inside and out), and taking the opportunity to catch up with plenty of male acquaintances while her husband is inside... these wives will be getting fucked at least one a week too, but it won't be of any benefit to their husbands!

  7. I had read Rasputin, himself, used such tactics to bed wives of High ranking officers in the military, using his closeness to the royal family to "persuade" women to see things his way, which allegedly included a sound whipping!

    The fact that a wife would actually look down on her broken husband never occurred to me! I'm not sure which would be worse, pity or ridicule? Ouch-v-Ouch! Wives can be that way, can't they!

    1. Ah yes, the delightful corruption of Tsarist Russia, where wives are whipped until they cheat on their husbands :D
      Ridicule I think would be worse... though the husband will have much bigger things to worry about... like those thick convict cocks in his tight ass!

  8. Nice,im looking for some of Johnathan comics like this do you have more :3

    1. If you click the 'Jonathan' label there are almost 100 posts with his original art and my manips of it on this blog. And of course I am planning to create more comics like this in the future :)