Friday, 5 February 2021

Cuckolds in Chastity (Jonathan art manips and a tribute to Safeword Ignored)

It has taken me a long time to realise the merits of chastity as a kink, but it certainly offers a whole new dimension to cuckolding scenarios. Here, we see a dominant wife finally convince her shy, respectable (but secretly exceptionally kinky) younger sister of the benefits of chastity and cuckolding...

The younger sister’s husband doesn’t know what has hit him as his wife takes to her new role with relish!

These proud middle-class married men are utterly enslaved, as wives (and their bulls) happily take advantage of the unbearable male urge to ejaculate...

It's amazing! After only a few weeks of denial these faggots will do literally anything for release!

What changed my view of chastity belts is mostly the work of Safeword Ignored. In his artwork, which you can access at, when wives or girlfriends want to cuckold their men, sissfy them and otherwise humiliate them, they are quick to slap a chastity device on their cocks and balls (often using excessive masturbation as an excuse...)

With their cocks under lock and key, the unfortunate boyfriends and hubbies learn they are allowed to cum no more than once a month (if they're lucky...) and ANY sign of disobedience will lead to an instant loss of ejaculation privileges for that month. No matter if that disobedience is due to a wife deciding hubby needs to do all the housework (while dressed as a sissy maid), that he needs to be punished with regular spankings on top of his chastity, that she should take a lover to fulfil her needs while hubby is denied (often his boss or his old school bully), or that her fascination with gay sex should be satisfied by hubby sucking her lover's cock...

The implications of this are mind-blowing. I have always justified my fantasies of bisexuality, cuckolding etc by claiming that all middle-class whiteboys are secretly bi and submissive, but in this situation there is no need for this excuse - the husbands could just be doing whatever they are told because if they don't they know they will be forced to endure weeks more denial!

For a start, it's so realistic, it could easily happen to you or me. Our wives could slip on a chastity device while we are sleeping, and because of the torment that comes from being denied the release of ejaculation, from then on they would have our balls in a vice (figuratively, and, if they or their bulls wanted it, literally!)

For men brought up in a patriarchy, where women are still kinda expected to wait on us hand and foot, obeying every female instruction without question will no doubt take some getting used to!
I imagine that in the first month, not many of us will make it past a day or two before losing our ejaculation privileges. It's probably not until after a few weeks when the desperation really sets in... by which time we've probably lost our second monthly cum as well!
I estimate most husbands will have to wait at least six months before getting to cum, during which time god only knows what our wives will have made us do, now that they can make us do ANYTHING...

After a week, the typical slovenly male will probably be cleaning the house from top to bottom, daily.
After the second week, he will finally agree to wear the sissy maid outfit his wife has bought him...

By the third week, the man who has always insisted he is a top will be getting soundly spanked every time his wife is displeased (and if he's lucky this will be instead of losing his ejaculation privileges rather than in addition to!)

After a month, the man who gets angry when he sees his wife speaking to another man agrees that his wife can date other men...

After six weeks, even the straightest guy will be getting toyed with by men for his wife's amusement and sucking her lovers' cocks to get them ready for her pussy.

After two months, the chastised hubby will regularly be on all fours in his sissy outfits, getting his beaten red ass well and truly pounded by his wife's bulls and her gay friends!

And of course this will all be happening in front of any friends and family members the wife deigns to invite/videocall...

With all this buttfucking going on (with both real and rubber dicks), hubby will discover that, while his locked-up cock may be unable to give him a conventional orgasm, his prostate is certainly still capable of giving him humiliating yet almost-satisfying buttgasms!

You imagine even the meekest wife will have some pretty filthy fantasies that come to the fore when given this kind of power...

And once her friends and lovers get involved, the strapons will be strapped on and the sadism will go through the roof!

I find this idea of bi cuckolding being a product of chastity rather than middle-class whiteboys' inherent submissiveness to be so much kinkier, so much more taboo. These husbands don't want to do all the housework; get spanked by their wives and her friends and lovers; or get fucked in the ass in public - but they agree to it because arguing will only cost them their desperately needed monthly orgasm!

No matter how distasteful the husband finds being spanked, sissified, humiliated, cuckolded and fucked in the mouth and ass, he dare not show even the slightest hint of resistance, lest his wife remove his licence to cum...

And this can be taken away at ANY time...

After all, she won't be losing out, not now that she never fucks her husband and he is basically just her live-in sissy maid/fluffer. Just imagine how satisfying her husband's tongue will be when it is fuelled by 6 months of chastity. Not to mention her lover(s) cock(s)!

I think my favourite of Safeword Ignored's series is 'Megan Owns You' (particularly the middle eight pages). Set in an office where the all-male sales team has their targets enforced through chastity, corporal punishment and sponsored cuckolding, it certainly satisfies my fetish for submissive men in suits...

I've lost count of the times I've wanked myself silly imagining myself as one of Miranda's unfortunate employees!

There's a delicious irony in the idea that, when young men agree to get married, one of the reasons they do it is that they expect a guarantee of regular sex and cumming once per day.
Yet here, 'married man' is shorthand for someone who is not supposed to cum at all!

Safeword Ignored must surely be a candidate for the greatest creator of cuckold and bi art active today.
Much of his work is focused on celebrities and excessive sissification, which may not be to everyone's taste, but so many of his scenes are such excellent erotic portrayals of cruel cuckolding, even if you ignore the fact that the characters in them are celebrities.
This panel supposedly shows Emma Watson, but even if it wasn't her, I can't think of many better illustrations of the ultimate cuckold fantasy of being fucked in the ass by your wife's big black lover, and the use of the ballgag is deliciously cruel!

Even with the celebrity angle, Emma's description of the unfortunate sub as 'her cuck' suggests he really is her husband - presumably a nice middle-class British boy who followed her to Hollywood - unaware that Los Angeles is probably the premier location for Big Black Bulls!

The following pic shows celebrities supposedly leading the way in Femdom antics (Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez dominating Justin Bieber - which seems to be a very popular fantasy!)
I love the expressions of despair on the cuckolds' faces, and the submissive way the middle subby is draped over Miley's lap...

But it could equally show the progression of this kind of cuckolding (from right to left): first you're locked in chastity, then you're spanked into submission, then you start sucking dick...

I also love the little pink sissy collars that the cuckolds often have to wear along with their chastity belts:

They are also also seen in the excellent and extremely kinky scenes on the Subby Hubby site, and it's a great way of marking out cuckolds without them having to go on full-on sissy.
Check out these scenes where both husband and wife have to wear such collars... aren't they cute! I imagine it would be extremely exciting/terrifying to wear one (and nothing else) at a swingers or fetish club - just imagine the kind of attention you would attract!

Safeword Ignored's extensive archive is available for a small (and extremely reasonable) fee through
I have subscribed myself and I thoroughly recommend it!

And getting back to my own work for a moment, I couldn't decide whether I preferred the cuckold in my second manip in full sissy regalia or just in his collar. Here is the alternative version... which do you prefer?


  1. You deserve a good punishment for making us scroll up and down looking for the differences between the two pictures! Up, down, up, down ...
    Definitely, I prefer her with the pretty necklace, the fishnet stockings, the high heels, the little crop top that expose her midriff and navel.
    Some things do not change: the lover's cock: stiff, the woman's nipples: erected, the husband's butt: stinging red and his dick : it's another month in lockdown for it!

    1. Apologies Mr Stern. Feel free to propose an appropriate punishment. You are always so creative in that area - you should start up a consultancy service for exasperated wives and mothers :D
      Yes, whether the cucks are sissified or not, the locks on their cocks don't change!

    2. Since you imagine me advising dissatisfied and exasperated wives, it seems to remind me that you live with a woman and that you share the same tastes.
      This scenario is therefore more for her.
      I suggest that she takes you for a ride, walking around town.
      You will be completely naked, with the exception of shoes, gartered socks and a long raincoat.
      You will be forbidden to look at the women, on the other hand you will have to make eye contact with all the men that you pass on the street. With a little coquetry. As your GF will tell you : your gaze will have to go from their eyes to their crotch.
      It will be up to your girlfriend to grope your butt from time to time if she feels like it. The length of your raincoat is left to its discretion (it's not about getting arrested for exhibitionism!). She will also decide whether you will receive your beating before or after the walk.
      From time to time she will comment on such or such a beautiful tool guessed under the pants by telling you in a clear voice and in no way restrained "You would like to take one like that in the ass, honey!"

      Do not forget to give news ... :-)

    3. The news is that your instructions were followed to the letter! Our walk took us past a gay bar where my eye contact and sock garters (plus my girlfriend's announcement) attracted the attention of a leather-clad ballbuster. She invited him home with us to administer my beating, which consisted of a No Way Out Spanking-style punishment with a thick leather strap. Of course she let him have his way with me after.
      And then he announced he was actually bi and fucked her too!
      Suffice to say I am typing this while sitting on a cushion and my girlfriend has recommended your services to her sister, who is having all sorts of trouble with her husband and two boys...

    4. Not one word about the incredible sensual experience that is a walk right in the city, bare naked under a raincoat, at the mercy of your girlfriend! You are so jaded! :-)

    5. Experience is the right word - humiliating, exhilarating and terrifying in equal measure!

  2. I loved both versions of the pic. Of course sissyfication only adds to the humiliation of the cuck. It's almost implied in not being able to keep your wife faithful or satisfied. But, you miss the real omission in both pics. The cuck says he "allowed" the bull to spank him and fuck him. That alone merits more of both from the enraged Alpha. "Allowed", give me a break, any Alpha would pound his fanny into the next year for daring say such a putdown to the cuck, as if he had any choice in the matter. Love the belt hanging from the bull's hand, he would surely wear it out that minute on the cuck's already red and sore backside!

    As for the rest, it's a cornacopia of all that is cuckoldry. Great pics, great scenes. The one's where both hubby and wife are getting action at the same time are my favorite, either anal or spanking, or both!

    Wonderful post!

    1. Wife and husband being spanked and fucked together is a great fantasy and actually fairly rare. I know you usually like to give the wives almost as much punishment as their hubbies :D

      That certainly is an unfortunate slip of the tongue. I'm sure the bull was planning to use that dick on the wife so hubby was looking forward to a little respite (if not relief). But you're right that wife and bull will no doubt decide that hubby's ass needs pounding into next week (love that expression) to teach him a lesson). The wife will accept merely being satisfied by hubby's tongue afterwards - oh the sacrifices a mistress must make ;)

  3. What I love about chastity is that it removes the last little bit of a cuck's power. He has already lost the right to sex with his girlfriend or wife and now in chastity he's not even able to pleasure himself. He's completely at the mercy of the wife or girlfriend and the bull and if he ever wants to touch his little dick again he better do everything they command.

    I also really love the scenario behind the manip with the wife going away on a business trip, leaving her husband locked-up to be baby-sat by her black lover. I'm sure the lover will call all his friends and invite them over for some fun. I'm sure the cuck's ass will never be the same again.

    1. It is an incredibly cruel move by the wife. At least she will have some idea of her husband's limits and perhaps subconsciously try not to exceed them too much. But her bull and his friends will have no such qualms. They know cucky is desperate and will do anything they want - and even things they wouldn't normally want, but they will make him anyway because of the power!

    2. Aye, I mean who even knows if the cuck husband is there when the wife gets back from her business trip. Maybe one of the bull's friends took such a fancy to the desperate little guy that he brought him home with him to take dick for the foreseeable future.

      I'm sure that the wife would be upset that her bull had given her obedient little servant husband away, but a spanking and assfucking from the bull would soon remind her that he can do as he pleases with her just as he can with her cuck husband.

    3. Ooo what a cruel fate for the poor little cuck... I love it! :D
      The wife certainly looks like she is the type who is used to having things done her way, so I'm sure this sudden assertion of dominance by the bull will come as quite a shock... it'll probably take him a whole week to train her properly!

    4. Baby sitting is pretty common with age regression play. I like it best when i don't know if it will be a female or a male baby sitter. Sitting there in my thin cotton pajamas, not knowing who is going to be my baby sitter. And yes they do like to bring their friends along. Nice embarrassing ending, having to pay the baby sitter, by the hour, plus a tip.

    5. Ooohh I love to imagine coming downstairs in my pyjamas to find that I have a male babysitter for the evening. My knees tremble as I look upon the sadistic sneer of one of the big rough men from the neighbourhood. He has permission to spank, but he'll do much more than that, especially when his friends get here...
      Hours later I'll be lying face down sobbing into my pillow with a very sore bottom (in more ways than one...)

    6. We certainly deserve the pajama bottoms down spankings, and the site of our blistered bottoms difficult for the baby sitter and his friends to resist. With all these incidents of male to female sexual harassment and worse, these experiences will help us to reflect back when they were in that situation. And of course for some of us, it would help us to accept our roles and not even consider being the sexual aggressor. Either case it will make the world a better place. It certainly won't be an experience easily forgotten. And same for the "big rough men from the neighborhood", difficult for us to avoid them, but we can take solace in that their attentions are redirected from female targets for their sexual releases.

    7. Indeed, a hard male-to-male spanking is a natural precursor to hard anal sex!
      The women have certainly pulled a masterstroke redirecting attention from themselves and their daughters to the weaker males of the neighbourhood...

  4. That is perhaps the scariest possibility a cuck could ever face and I love how the bull solves the problem with the wife. Great scenario. Takes my ideas on a whole new direction.

    1. I think this is a reply to Feinstein's comment, and I agree wholeheartedly :D
      I'd love to do a sequel manip showing this, but I'm not sure if Jonathan's artwork would stretch to the wife being spanked and fucked as well.