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Headmaster for Housewives 15: An English Gentleman in New York (erotic ebook)

Just what is a bored American housewife to do when her husband has left her alone for the whole summer, leaving her to manage two spoiled brats, and to attend to a handsome English houseguest who ignites desires within her that she hasn't felt for years...?

Well for a start, she will put her guest to work, using his skills as the Headmaster of one of Britain's strictest boarding schools to bring her two spoiled brats into line.

And afterwards, it would only be polite to thank him for taking charge... and no doubt also let him use those same skills to bring her some much-needed pleasure (and just a little bit of pain)...

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A long time ago, in my post about my book An American Billionaire in London, I posited that there might be an equivalent where an English gentleman travels 'across the pond' to bring much-needed traditional British discipline to a bored housewife and her spoilt American brats – well here it is!

The story is inspired by the classic spanking magazine story Taken in Hand (and its sequel Bringing Her On) which I have posted about previously. In it, a husband invites his old friend ('Colonel Carrington') to stay with his wife and daughter while he's away on business. And the husband is apparently well aware that The Colonel will be spanking and fucking his wife in his absence, and it's implied that he also doesn't mind him doing it to his daughter as well!

All jolly good fun of course, but my story is inspired specifically by these sections:

"He's been a friend of your father's for years", Wendy's mother told her as they waited the arrival of a visitor whom Wendy told herself she couldn't care less about. She knew only that he was Colonel Carrington and had just arrived back from India. He would be as dull as ditchwater, she told herself, but even so she had made herself up nicely, just as her mother had. A trim, grey skirt sheathed Wendy's round bottom, matched by a pearl-grey jumper that left her unbrassiered breasts bobbing beneath the wool. Charcoal-shade nylons and grey high-heeled shoes gave her a very fetching air, as her father had remarked before he went off to meet his friend at the station.

It must be said that Wendy's mother, Adrienne, matched her daughter's attractiveness. At forty-one, her bust was as firm as a much younger woman's and showed prominently beneath a pale pink blouse which barely concealed the jutting pallor of her tits. Her skirt, secured around a commendably narrow waist by a broad belt, was of matching shade, and – like her daughter – she affected dark stockings. Her husband liked them. Adrienne had no illusions about the sexiness of bared thighs above darkly-banding stocking tops. Neither she nor Wendy ever wore skirts below the knees, and Adrienne's legs – though plumper – were as finely-turned as the slimmer delights of Wendy's.

"Is he married?", Wendy asked, rather for the sake of saying something than out of curiosity. – "Yes – he married for the second time a couple of years ago, dear. He has two stepdaughters of about your age. No – I tell a lie – one is twenty-two, three years older than yourself. I hear he is very strict with them".

Wendy said "Oh?" in a disinterested sort of way, though the phrase stuck in her mind. – "More than Daddy?", she wanted to ask, but didn't...


The visit was all rather strange, anyway, Wendy thought, for the Colonel's arrival had been announced at short notice and her father was due to go away on a business trip the next day and would be away for a week. – "Oh well, he'll be all right in the guest room", Adrienne had said comfortably, and when her husband had said, "You will see to everything he needs, my love", she had replied – all too comfortably, Wendy thought – "You know I will, dear – everything".

As so often with visitors, one moment one is waiting for them, and in the next several hours seem to pass quickly. The Colonel was straight out of the book, Wendy thought – tall, a trim moustache, sunburned, and with a clipped voice. About the same age as her father. He showed them photos of his wife and her daughters. Lillian, he said, was eighteen and Felicity twenty-two. They were all shapely and attractive.

"They are coming on well, James?", Wendy's father asked, making her wonder slightly at what he meant. – "Very well, dear boy; discipline where it counts, y'know. Tawse-training, I call it. Had to have one made out there", the Colonel had replied.

I have to confess that I misremembered the facts of the story, thinking that the Colonel was visiting from America rather than India. But either way, I found the image of two 'shapely and attractive' stepdaughters being put through a strict regime of 'tawse training' in their late teens and early twenties to be extremely inspiring!

So in my new book, the Headmaster is invited by an old acquaintance to spend his summer holidays with a family in New York. And when the husband is called away on business, the Headmaster is left alone with the lovely Mrs Adrienne Baltzell and her two shapely daughters...

There is much discussion on the differences in views on corporal punishment in modern Britain and America. While spanking is know as Le Vice Anglais ('The English Vice'), corporal punishment in Britain is now almost exclusively a sexual act, with spanking as a disciplinary tool very much falling out of favour. Whereas in the good old US-of-A, parents, educators and clergyman still advocate and practise the pulling down of pants and the spanking of naughty bare bottoms whenever it is needed!

Her husband's lack of enthusiasm for 'properly' punishing their bratty daughters (he used to spank them, but only lightly, and never in their teenage years) is one of the factors that leads Mrs Baltzell to allow herself to be seduced by the Headmaster...

And after she's had a taste of his rod (in both senses!), she turns him loose on her daughters...

The Headmaster is well aware that the two grown-up girls are far too old for corporal punishment to have any effect on their behaviour... but that doesn't mean he won't have fun trying!

And like The Colonel, he has to have a tawse made... which he then tests out on the voluptuous young leatherworker's assistant!

The story also features a method of 'grounding' described in Strict Julie's blog post Tracy Asserts Her Rights, which I found intriguing. It's really a mixture of the old classic of 'being sent to your room' coupled with sensory deprivation, as the room is stripped of clocks, electronic devices and anything else that might help a petulant teenager pass the time. As a punishment, I imagine it would be extremely effective on today's adolescents, and just goes to show that there are effective alternatives to spanking.

Though of course, those naughty Baltzell girls are bound to find something to do when the Headmaster comes to their room to check that they're behaving...

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