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Middle class gents spanked, middle class ladies fucked

I must confess that I mine my middle class upbringing for spanking and cuckolding fantasies. For me the term 'middle class' is riddled with associations of spanking, adultery and closet homosexuality. We are people for whom appearance and status are everything but who can't resist anything forbidden. Whose education practically hardwired us for sadomasochism and bisexuality. For whom the aura of respectability is worth any price, but who can't resist the things our class rules forbid. Here a Professor of Social Sciences from the University of Oxford further explains the middle class psyche.
With upper class gents re-living their boarding school beatings with their young trophy wives, and working class studs confidently keeping their (and other people's) women in line with thick belts and big cocks, what man would want to be in the middle?

Tavern Misbehaving

The answer is the men who are produced by our strict private and grammar schools. Independent education - with its culture of harsh discipline, bullying and survival of the fittest - prepares middle class males for life. Working 10 hours a day in a well paid but dreary profession. Wearing starched shirts and suits that somehow manage to be even more uncomfortable than school uniform. Being one of the lucky few who are arrogant enough to reap rewards, or joining the legions of shy and hardworking but unappreciated males who prop up society. And if you're lucky your boss won't believe in corporal punishment for the over 30s:


All those beatings you received at the hands of your parents, teachers and numerous other matriarchs and patriarchs are sure to have turned you into a hardwired masochist. Which is handy because the middle class lady is brought up to believe she should be the boss in her relationships

Even if your bottom doesn't get a pasting then your credit card will!


Your well-bred wife may have suffered the same strict discipline as you, but the result is somewhat different. As a middle class lady she is entitled to expensive jewellery, new clothes and swanky hotel rooms, and if you can't provide them then the flash wideboy from your office - who bullied you at school and who got promoted ahead of you after taking credit for your work - will happily use some of his not-so-hard-earned cash (probably what you earn in a month) to spoil her into bed. Cheaters always prosper!


Unfortunately most middle class wives' 'desires' occur while their husband is at work, and so they must be fulfilled by the aforementioned wideboy on a long lunch, or else by your wife accepting (both literally and figuratively) visitors through the tradesmen's entrance (remember those working class types with thick belts and big cocks?) throughout the afternoon:

If you're lucky her desires may not have been completely quenched by the time you get home:

This sorry state of affairs has come about because middle class society incorporates all the snobbery and depravity of the upper classes, and all the raw carnal desires of the working classes, with a healthy dollop of repression, ambition and desires on top. So the husbands work like slaves because the neighbors will turn their noses up at a man who can't keep his wife. Their educated wives are soon bored with housework and gossip and entertain themselves with armies of lovers while hubby's at work.

Of course, those same neighbors suffered through the same strict schooling you did, so don't be surprised if the older lady next door wants to keep your wife company during working hours, or if her husband has more than just football on his mind when he invites you round while the girls are at a show:

Turning 18 or even 21 is no mark of adulthood anymore. Grown up sons and daughters are still packed off to private schools and tutors and music teachers and sports coaches, lest they fall behind the surburban standard (and also so they aren't around to witness mummy's little liaisons):

Taught by the Tutor
New Trainer in Town

There are none of the pleasures of the working class man for you middle class males. You spend your short evenings either doing chores or in the houses of more well heeled couples you want to impress - the husbands of which will no doubt soon be joining your wife's list of visitors.

The only power you ever have is over your own children. Make sure you send them to the same finishing schools and subject them to the same discipline you suffered under. Otherwise your own parents may have to pay a visit to punish your betrayal of middle class values!


Anyone failing to confirm to suburban standards can expect punishment. Christianity may be what most people claim as their religion, but corporal punishment is what they really worship. Idle husbands, flighty wives, rebellious sons and dissenting daughters, can all expect to be thrashed with a severity formerly reserved for medieval horse thieves. Everyone else is at it of course, but that's kind of the point - no one is harsher on others than a hypocrite, and the middle classes are the ultimate hypocrites. If you're unsubtle enough to get caught... well, in middle class eyes that's the greatest crime of all!

Flirt Penalty

Daddy's Little Girl

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