Monday, 3 February 2014

A Spanko Manifesto Part 6

Bring back the church
The country has lost its moral compass and this must be regained through compulsory religious attendance on Sunday morning for everyone under 25. Priests, vicars, ministers, pastors, nuns and other faith leaders can step in to provide godly retribution where parents fail:


Clergymen and women can provide a stopgap between domestic and judicial punishment when grown but immature men and women have graduated beyond the disciplinary reach of schoolteachers. An adulterous wife would be well advised to take the discipline of her vicar rather than face the humiliation of the whipping post, and her liberal husband would be better served with a lesson from the local nuns on how to properly run a household rather than be outed publicly as a cuckold:

The integration of church and state should know no bounds. The clergy should be encouraged to set up finishing schools that encompass all the traditions of the great old monasteries and convents:

Traditional denominations only of course. Recusants will be forcibly brought back to the flock by the newly empowered clergy. Atheists, New Ageists and other happy clappy types will be whipped through the streets alongside the youth they have spawned:

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