Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Spanko Manifesto Part 8

Respect your elders
This is the cornerstone of my manifesto. Young people need to learn that if someone is older, they know better. If an older family member, boss, tutor, customer or just man in the street is displeased with them, they're going to get spanked. Instead of accusing them of being corrupt, reactionary or 'dirty old men' they should accept that wisdom comes in many forms and its reasoning is beyond their comprehension.
So whether your elders are caning you on little or no pretext:

Or getting a good look at your intimate areas:

Or offering marital advice rather insistently:

Couch Potato

Or spanking you just for doing your job:

Or making you perform tasks you think are beneath you:

Or paying a visit to your wife while you work late:

Or punishing you for a crime you didn't commit:

Or keeping you after office hours for a course of intensive dictation:

Just know deep down that they no doubt have your best interests at heart!

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