Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A Spanko Manifesto Part 7

Embrace the lessons
I'm not going to pretend that the current liberal zeitgeit hasn't had some good effects. Studies have shown that all young men have homosexual urges of some kind, which in the past would have been repressed, and women were sexually repressed entirely.
We should embrace and encourage this sexual experimentation, and it would be an inevitable result of the strict National Service, tough tertiary education and pernicious judicial punishment our young people would be subject to:


All this would be within the boundaries of a corporal punishment-led society of course! So if a graduate intern wants to find out what it's like to be buggered across his boss's desk, by all means. If a housewife wants to entertain herself while her husband is away, that's her prerogative:


Just as long as the intern knows he'll still be getting spanked by his boss for the slightest infraction, and the wife knows that if word gets out then her husband will spank her soundly:


Unless she's the one who spanks in the relationship of course, in which case I, or any other of her elders, should be willing to take her in hand:


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