Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Spanko Manifesto Part 5

Making them work
After five years of intense corporal punishment at home, in the military, and at finishing school and university, even the most rebellious youth should be ready to accept a junior position at one of our country's great institutions.
But discipline mustn't end there. Where there is seniority, there should be severity, and so bosses and managers should be trained to wield the rod just as mercilessly as the parents, sergeant majors and teachers that came before them.
Male graduates may have the job title 'assistant', and females may have the title 'secretary', but their roles are much the same. Assistants who make typing errors should be spanked:

Secretaries who are too slow at dictation should be leathered:

Taking Dictation

And if a promising young employee is given extra responsibility but is foolish enough to make a mistake that has even slight repercussions for the whole company, well then their punishment should be both public and humiliating:

Melted Software

Of course, the very act of visiting corporal punishment on a bare young posterior may make a boss want to keep an employee late for extra 'practice', or even take certain other 'liberties', but I see no reason why this should be discouraged (even if they claim to have families to get home to):

After Hours


There is no consensus on when an employee becomes old enough to no longer be subject to corporal punishment, but given that spanking is effective throughout a marriage then my advice would be - never! After all, I know many female executives in their 40s, 50s and even 60s who respond extremely well to a good spanking on their bare bottoms:

The Office Brat
Janine and Jill

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