Friday, 12 December 2014

Endart manips: A Walk In The Woods

When Christmas season comes, young couples all over the world return home to their parents, in-laws and family...and get bored out of their minds. Plenty will head for the privacy of the woods for some fun, but they better just be careful their elders don't follow them in...

In these tight-knit communities where everyone knows everyone and all the adults have had their watchful eyes on your since you were born, what makes you think you're allowed to sneak into the woods for a bit of hanky-panky? No doubt your wicked old uncle, your former headmistress and teachers, the town constable and concerned neighbors will be prowling around hoping to catch you out and punish you severely!
And yes, it's yet another example of a manip series where I've made patriarchs and matriarchs take command! I love the idea of pretty young wives getting an education in spanking by dominant older men who aren't their husbands. Like Sasha here, one minute they're getting love-taps from their partners, the next their bare bottys are experiencing true leatherings at the hands of experienced older men. Maybe one day her partner will be able to light such a serious fire, but only after he's watched plenty of his elders do their work! And of course all young ladies also secretly love to get rogered by experienced older men, just like they secretly love getting their bottoms smacked!
Al fresco spankings also throw up lots of tasty scenarios. I have quite a fetish for hiking boots. Picture if you will a firm-bottomed boyfriend or girlfriend out in the woods, stripped naked below the waist except for their stout hiking shoes, ready for a taste of master or mistresses' whippy switch... Mmmm!
Although Sasha's shoes don't look too stout – perhaps complaining about her footwear getting ruined was what earnt her a spanking in the first place!


  1. I really loved this picture series and story. The only way I could make it better would be that after the older couple had finished, they switched so that the man spanked the boy and the woman spanked the girl. And then there would be man/boy and woman/girl sex.

    1. Thanks, it's nice to have comments on my Endart manips as I haven't been doing them for long. I was going to show the older man having fun with the boyfriend too, but I haven't quite managed to work out how to do MM stuff with Endart's drawings yet. A sequel is in the offing if I do ;)