Friday, 31 May 2019

Jonathan art manips: From Bullies to Bulls

There's nothing a dorky schoolboy fears more than the big tough school bully. So imagine his terror (and excitement) when, ten or so years later, the now fully grownup bully turns up on his doorstep. And just because they're adults, it doesn't mean their roles will be any different. Which means beatings for the victim, before the bully fucks his wife... and then him as well!

Obviously the bullies in the first pic have tricked their way into the cuckold's house by telling his wife they are old friends (unless she genuinely misheard). Needless to say, the poor husband would get quite a shock when he realised who the guests are! Perhaps the bullies have had a snoop around and discovered his porn collection and/or internet history dominated by gay and cuckolding stuff. So as they were planning to give him a good old-fashioned beating anyway, they might as well give him what he so obviously craves as well (hence 'We always knew you were a fag Perkins!')
This fantasy has much resonance for me: as an outwardly straight boy the very fact that I enjoy gay porn and have sucked a cock could be used to blackmail me into committing all sorts of depraved acts...
Or maybe things just got a bit out of hand when they were re-enacting their schooldays, and they are using the fact that he isn't resisting them too much (just like when he was at school) as justification to make him suffer even more!

The second manip is an almost exact reproduction of a scene in my erotic ebook My Husband and the Bully which features many, many other occurrences of a cuckold husband getting beaten and humiliated by his old school bully in front of his wife. I've written before how school bullying almost seems to be a training ground for dominant males: many classic bullying techniques would work very well in a BDSM dungeon. And verbal humiliation – getting mocked for the size of your cock, or for running/throwing/having a bottom like a girl – works equally well in either scene, as the husband in the second pic is finding out!

Maybe you're wondering how the cuckolds in these manips came to be wearing their old school uniforms (no doubt while the bulls mock them with lines like 'Ours would be way too tight but his still fits perfectly, the runt!') Did the bullies force the cuckolds to wear them, as just one more humiliation? Was it wives' the suggestion, as they think it's cute (and takes them back to their own schooldays secretly enjoying watching the weaker boys get beaten)? Or was it a fantasy of the cuckold all along?

I think if I was the cuckold in the third manip, and two of the rough, tough boys who used to bully me at school turned up fresh out of jail, I would quickly revert to doing anything they said and taking any punishment they wanted to dish out. I'd probably make out like I hated when they beat my naked ass with their thick studded belts, tortured me with swirlies and lit cigarettes, pissed in my mouth and made me suck their big hard dicks. But I would probably happen to mention that I still had my old school uniform upstairs, and the bullies wouldn't have to work too hard to convince me to put it on so I can feel ultra-submissive in my tight white shirt and tie and dorky grey knee-socks while they plow my well-spanked ass!


  1. My favorite: a cuckold husband getting beaten and humiliated by his old school bully while his wife enthusiastically approves.
    I hesitate, however, between two directions :
    Either the humiliating comments are concentrated on his round, soft, like a girl's bottom, who reveals his softness, his cowardice, his natural taste for submission. His girlish butt must, therefore, be submitted to very severe and repeated spankings in front of his wife.
    Or the humiliations are to reveal that he remained a little boy "Little Willy still have a little willy" and then his tiny thing must be completely shaved as if he was a child below the age of puberty (they possibly can throw him outdoor, naked, shaved and red ass, until they have finished fucking)
    In the first case (a butt like a girl), his wife might consider to cut off his penis and small nuts for the humiliation to be final.

    1. Haha Mr Stern you always go too far!
      As sadistic and corrupt as the authorities are, I doubt that the wife and lover will be able convince them that the husband 'transitioned' to womanhood willingly!
      So the wife will spend the coming years in prison servicing merciless bullydykes. Though her lover will probably appreciate the steady supply of middle-class white-collar inmates!

  2. OK. Willy's wife does not plan to actually remove his testicles. She only likes the idea of describing, in front of him, the operation and its result.

    Some tips in verbal humiliation for a william's wife.
    First, remind constantly your husband that he has a girlish butt,
    At the restaurant, remind him to be careful not to spill the glasses with his derriere when he gets up and turns to go to the bathroom (mock him because he always needs to pee)
    Point out a guy on the street with a pair of muscular buttocks and insist on the difference with his butt. Take him to buy summer trousers from the women's department of a store on the pretext that they suit better his big bum (so much the worse for the fly, he will only have to restrain himself and lower his pants at home). Remind him that his last male pants were so tight that they cracked in the street (he blushes! - notice aloud that he blushes!)
    Constantly talk about his ass, tell him his underwear can be seen under his pants. Laugh when he falls and tell him that his buttocks serve him at least as a cushion.
    Make him sashay his ass, left, right, left, right, in the living room. Ask him to turn around so you can compare his buttocks with those of his school « old friend ». Burst into laughter. Add that the view from behind will suffice, as on the front view there is not much to compare ... When it is necessary to go up a staircase, always insist to be behind him when going up, if he is in short shorts, notice out loud that one sees his butt hanging out. Call him « Guillemette » and if he tries to rebel by saying that he is not a girl, give him a sound slap in the face and tell him to get on all fours and go to the corner while you suck his « friend ». After a moment, order him, without even looking at him, to take off his trousers.

    1. Some excellent ideas here, but what really sticks out is the idea of wearing women's trousers. It would allow for a form of sissification which could be carried out in public, but the husband would certainly be aware that he was wearing women's clothing, as would his wife, anyone she cared to tell, and anyone who cared to take more than a cursory glance!
      I wonder how far you could take it...

      Underwear - how about a nice skimpy thong to bisect those womanly cheeks beneath his trousers?

      Accessories - so many ladies' belts, watches etc are similar enough to their masculine counterparts, but with an undoubted femininity that would make hubby extremely uncomfortable!

      Shirts - is anyone really going to notice that the buttons are on the wrong side?

    2. In this fiction, I don't like the concept of sissification, I prefer that willy's wife forces him to wear woman's pants and that he hates that. He obeys because his wife and her lover blackmail him (they threaten to publicly reveal something about him).
      On the other hand, I am entirely in favor of the nice skimpy thong.
      I really like the connotations of the verb "bisect". Section, sex, bisexuality. I love the idea of "bisected cheeks", « bisected nuts ».
      Those words « hubby's womanly cheeks bisected beneath his trousers » are titillating.

    3. Yes I love to use 'bisected' to describe the effect of a thong on a bottom, or a tie between two breasts etc. It is very titillating, and I use it a lot in my writing.
      As for 'bisected nut', I find the idea of of dominant woman looping a thin piece of rope between by balls to be extremely erotic...

  3. I don't think that bullies change. If we look them up or run into them later in life, it is easy to slip back into our earlier roles. And the same is true for us. Takes two to tango. Inviting them over to meet our wife or girlfriend would be a natural thing to do.

    1. It is such an unbearably humiliating scenario to imagine, inviting your old school bully home to meet your wife... perhaps that's what makes it so erotic.

  4. I have never missed a high school reunion. The guys that bullied me are always there too. Over the years situations change with divorces etc., but our relative roles haven't changed at all. And i do look forward to them, never knowing where it might lead.