Saturday, 20 September 2014

Endart spanking and cuckold manips: The Mother, the Daughter, and the Dirty Old Men

Time for my second attempt at creating new versions of Endart's work, and I've tried to push the boat out a bit more than last time:

There's something supremely hot about experienced older men taking flighty young (and not so young) ladies to task with a firm hand - and a firm something else too! Until recently, the bulls in my cuckolding fantasies tended to be young. Older women were fine – what’s hotter than a bored 50-something housewife getting her first orgasm at the hands of the pool boy –  but I never really considered the attraction of older men seducing younger ladies.
That was until I started reading the classic stories at Dmitry's excellent British Spanking Magazines blog. The majority of them contain dirty old men using their positions of power to spank students, nieces, stepdaughters, wards, and of course, other mens' wives. And in the latter case - much to my delight - they often seem to do more than spank! My love of dirty old men spanking and fucking young wives was born!
The dirty old men in this series of manips are even naughtier for me on a personal level, as the moustachioed gentlemen in the D picture looks an awful lot like my paternal grandfather - now sadly deceased. And by all accounts he was certainly a dirty old man who didn't spare the belt! If he was still alive I would probably have had a lot more first-hand experience of corporal punishment when I was growing up. And who knows, maybe he'd still be blistering my butt now, before sending me to the corner while he had some fun with my lady's pert little bottom!

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